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ProBlogger the Book 2nd Edition – Available Today!


Today I’m pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd Edition of ProBlogger the Book! It’s a book designed to help you take your blog to the next level – so make sure you grab a copy today.

Chris Garrett and myself put together the first edition of ProBlogger the book back in 2008 with the goal of putting together a resource for bloggers that would walk them through many of the aspects of setting up and growing of a profitable new blog.

Between us we’d written literally thousands of tips and tutorials on our blogs about blogging – but a book put the best of them together in a logical order and in a way that a blogger could take and set up a blog.

Since that time it’s been used by many many thousands of bloggers.

Time for an Updated Edition

However 2 years is a long time in blogging and so it was time for an updated version – hence when Wiley asked us to do a 2nd edition we were only too pleased to do so.

This is an update of the 1st edition and not a complete rewrite – however there are a few significant updates including:

  • there have been many many small updates and changes throughout the book. New examples, screenshots, updates of new tools, a few deletions of references to old tools, an update to our stories in the intro etc.
  • we’ve removed a chapter on blog networks – things have changed a lot in this space and many networks are not hiring any more or have changed their models significantly.
  • Chris has added a significant chapter on social media and how it impacts and can be used by bloggers
  • I have added a case study chapter that goes through the first 4 years of my main blog – Digital Photography School. I work through how I launched it, what I focused upon in years 1-2 and then in years 3-4, how I monetize it and share the secrets to how I drive significant traffic and income through email newsletters, social media etc.
  • Bonuses – we’re offering anyone who buys the book a series of bonuses (some interviews with successful bloggers, some extra teaching etc)

Grab Your Copy Today

The update brings the book into the new decade and we’re excited to see people’s reactions to it.

If you’re going to grab your copy – make sure you do so today because when the first edition was released it sold out pretty quickly and it was a week or two before more copies were available! Amazon have it on sale at 34% off.

PS: this 2nd edition will be available on Kindle in just a few days – you can pre-order your kindle version here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Great news!

  2. Cool! I’ll grab my copy. And…just out of curiosity, how much do you generally make from selling eBooks like this? I know this is nothing more than an update on the first, but a lot of people will buy it regardless…how much do you think you’ll be making?

    • Aaron – to clarify, this is not an e-book, but a hard cover ‘real’ book.

      In terms of how much authors make on real books – it depends upon the deal you get from a publisher but it generally isn’t a great deal as you’re sharing revenue with publishers (and their expenses) and retailers. I don’t really do it for the money but for the credibility and doors it opens.

  3. Loved the first edition, one of the best books I read last year. So, I’m ordering my copy of the 2nd Edition today. Any plans to offer it in a native iPad version? That would have been my first choice.

    • Chuck – not sure what Wiley (publishers) are planning in terms of an iPad version. No plans at this point as far as I know but it is on the Kindle with the kindle app.

  4. Just placed my order with free shipping after reading this post. I hope to learn all these simple and practical tips in one place and don’t repeat the same mistake I did yesterday. After I posted a new entry with a title “How to reduce belly fat?” I went to google it and found that there were 761,000 entries. :-( I changed the search words to “1 more secret on how to reduce belly fat” it reduced to 136,000. I hope you have all those practical tips in the book.

  5. I like paperback books because I can toss them into my messenger bag as I’m headed out the door. This gives me great reading during traveling or any downtime I have throughout the day. Definitely going to pick this up when I get out of work today!

    Thanks Darren!

  6. Already have an edition of 31 days to build a better blog. But this book really help out in taking the blog to next level?
    And one of the most important thing how much we get benefit form this ebook and how much will be you getting in your pocket?

    • Vivek – 31DBBB was much more a practical set of exercises to do. This book looks more at the theory and principles of good blogging.

  7. I’m looking forward to the book. Curious about the details of the bonuses. Thanks Darren and Chris!

  8. I too wasn’t sure if it was an e-Book or hard copy. Thanks for the clarification.

  9. Was waiting for this!! Guess its filled with the best secrets, but I don’t think Darren believes in secrets, but whatever they are I’m sure they’ll be very useful. Can’t wait to grab my copy.


  10. i bought the first one but i hope this release will do well. peace.

  11. I have just grabbed my copy, looking forward to see what’s new in the book and how the changes during the last 2 years are effecting the blogging world!

  12. Darren, do you know when the 2nd edition will be available in Europe?

    • JP – we have heard its on the way to the UK but there may have been some delays with the Volcano issues. Not sure how wide spread it’ll be availabe in Europe but last edition went pretty much everywhere.

  13. Hey Darren !!
    Just readed the news on Chrisg and Dailyblogtips blog. Can’t wait to grab my copy :)

  14. Is this book is available in Pakistan, Darren i am waiting for it.

    • bloggerchamps – at this stage I’m only aware of it hitting stores in the US and Canada but know its going wider than that in coming weeks.

  15. Loved the 1st edition – buying this edition right now! Thanks Darren.

  16. Crimey! I just got the first edition a couple months ago :)

  17. Don’t suppose it will be available in eBook form anytime soon. I don’t have a kindle and eBook is the cheapest and easiest way for me to buy and download anything.

    • Andrew – Wiley had the first edition available as a download on their website last time. Not sure if its up yet in the new edition.

  18. Was a great surprise to open up my RSS feed reader and find out you have published another book for the public. I purchased your other book quite late but really enjoyed it. I think many of us need to swallow the fact we don’t know it all and learn from you and as well from others. Your tips just happen to be in a form of a book. Kudos to this as well.

  19. Hope the book will be in Malaysia book stores soon :)

  20. Looking forward in getting this updated version. I really loved the first edition. Also, glad to see paperback is still an option.

  21. Darren, I have been following your posts for the last 12-18 months, and I thought it was time a gave a bit back! So I have just ordered your book. Thanks for all your help.

  22. Darren, do you know when the 2nd edition will be available in Europe?

  23. I have ordered my copy and am eagerly awaiting delivery!! Really look forward to reading it, and to hearing about any bonuses etc available.

    Hope you’re having a great birthday.

  24. Hey Darren, is it possible that your ebook published in other language??? Not all of us are good in English :D

  25. Vivek – 31DBBB was much more a practical set of exercises to do. This book looks more at the theory and principles of good blogging.

  26. I just got mine….booyah!
    It should be on my doorstep by May 3rd. Hopefully sooner. Thanks Darren.

  27. is it for just in english. not in spain or russia?

  28. i bought the first one but i hope this release will do well. peace.

  29. Great ! Where do I get a copy in Australia?

  30. And if I want to get a copy for my sister in the UK, how can I get a copy shipped to London?

  31. awesome – I am going to check this out, didn’t know about the first edition, so this is great THANKS! :)

  32. I’m really looking forward to this second edition. I’ve been going through the 31DBB and although I haven’t kept up with everything, I’m archiving them for a new blog I’m starting.

    You have great advice and obviously know how to create a great blog. Buying the book is a no brainer!

  33. We all LOVE your daily updates and are excited to read this book! Come on Amazon!

  34. Because your book is definitely not in Asia, I would only follow the crumbs through your valuable writing on this blog. Anyway, congratz for your launching.

  35. Hi Darren,

    I just received the book today, it has 220 pages index included and 209 pages of text.

    The reason I may be one of the first people to get your book is that I was on Amazon buying John Chow’s book and I saw yours there too.

    It looks like a good read just from leafing through it.
    What I don’t like is that the pictures and everything inside the book is in black and white only. That shocked me.

    Will have to use more imagination and add the colors in that way.

    Look forward to reading the book.


  36. The book is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon UK and it will ship on 5 May.

  37. I ordered this a couple of weeks ago. I finished reading it last week. I am planning to build a new blog and this book helps me have the right foundation to start with. (I’ve been a “casual blogger” going 3 years now). I don’t usually buy this kind of books but I got convinced when I saw a review of the first edition in a technical blog.

    I’m glad I decided to read this book. I am reading this again the second time to make sure I absorb all the ideas. I know understanding the key ideas in this book will be critical to the new blog I am planning to build.

  38. Leon Aldrich says: 05/01/2010 at 1:48 pm

    Of course this would be released after I bought the previous version for $24.95 at Barnes & Noble.

  39. I want to get one, but does it have to be from amazon?
    I would like the hardcopy version as well, but would love to have an electronic version to read right away.

  40. David Clifford says: 05/02/2010 at 9:27 am

    Morning guys,
    I bought this book as something to read on the plane a couple of days ago and it got me hooked. I am one that does not read very much, so this book did a great job of keeping my interest and also giving me an insight into something I had only heard friends speak about (blogging).
    Again I just thought I would say congrats on the book and thankyou.

  41. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since the first one!

  42. Great ! Where do I get a copy in Turkey?

  43. I have heard lot abut your book. So big congratulations for big launch..

    I m from India so is it available in India? How can I get it and for what prices.

    kindly inform me please.
    Thank You.

  44. I have ordered my copy! Now if only ordering and reading the book alone were enough to get me to the 6 figure salary ;)

    By the way, I was recommended to this book by another blogger who spoke at my university yesterday: @heatherhuhman

    I was thankful for the point in the right direction.

  45. Cant wait to read,

    Hope its as good as the first one.


  46. I hope to order a copy in a day or two

    Hope to find something really good like the 1st Edition

  47. i have in the past had to be “on stage” and say a few words at various times

  48. Oddly enough, never lower your price. There will always be competition and someone is always waiting to sell their products at a price lower than yours, but the key to success is not all about having the lowest price. Instead, it is about having the best deal and this can be achieved by offering bonuses, free newsletters or simply offering the best quality product on the market.

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