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More Blog Tips from Blog World Expo – Part 3

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of December 2008 Video Posts 0 Comments

Here’s the final part in a series of tips that I’ve been showing over the last couple of months from Blog World Expo where a number of bloggers share some quick blog tips.

This video features Lee LeFever (Common Craft), Josh, Matt and Nate (UniqueBlogDesigns), Tim Flight (Shopzilla) and Rick Calvert (BlogWorldExpo).

The Video was shot on a Flip Mino.

See this video at full size at Revver,, Viddler and YouTube.

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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Thanks for featuring us, Darren. It was great meeting you at Blog World.

  • Quoting Rick Calvert: “If you’re not passionate about it. Don’t do it.”

    Sooner or later, it starts to show. The quality of your content starts to dwindle, and the truth starts to seep out. Besides, when you write from a place of sincerity (where passion comes out), it’s all so much easier! Don’t you thinK? Just sayin’…

  • I love the tip about solving problems! Two of my sites stem from information I was unable to find online. I realized that they don’t exist because it can be a lengthy or difficult process to, say, wait a couple of years for a plant to grow so you can talk authoritatively about how that subspecies differs.

    It really works because there are usually other people out there who are equally as frustrated as I am. Its usually a win/win for the reader and site owner.

    Also liked the tip about passions. I take something I’m passionate about and try to really expand it. I try to get a domain thats niche, but not to niche. That way, I can build up a blog while writing about a hobby yet have the room to bring on additional writers, and different opinions, down the track.

    That relevancy comment reminded me of things that was mentioned in yesterdays search engine bootcamp post :)

    I really enjoyed these video posts – hope you feature them again next year when you go overseas!

  • I get two free useful video today…..thanks for information

  • Hi Darren,
    I’ve just set up a new blog about netbooks. I felt that the netbook related content already out there was overwhelmingly technical for those who are not so technically savvy.
    It’s been going for just over a week now, and the response has been good. Bounce rates are fairly low, and already 50% or more of my traffic is coming from search engines.
    Although there is more work and growth to be done, I’d like to thank YOU, because your articles and advice have been so useful.
    I know you probably get hundreds of comments and emails each day, but if you do get a chance to have a quick glance at my blog, I’d welcome any feedback.
    Many thanks once again!

  • Cool! I think we need more videos on this site.

  • JCL

    I especially enjoyed the tip on blogging about what you’re passionate about. For us, even if our blog flops we’ll keep going because we enjoy coming up with the content.

  • Thanks for featuring us, Darren. It was great meeting you at Blog World.

  • Great Tips. Especially the “passionate blogging” and “problem solving”.

    Having those two combined will give you a valuable asset with hundreds of followers.


    What’s up with the aweber tip, though? Could’ve been a bit more specific..

  • wooww

  • Great Video Darren , thanks for sharing with us

  • Oh wow, Darren that is so cool. First, I didnt even know that they had a blogging expo! Awesome!

    Your site has inspired me to become a blogger! I finally got around to setting up the blog!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Tai Zejan

  • Really useful post.

  • Where are the women? I don’t mind an all guys tips video, and I’m not familiar with the conference, but….. I wonder if blogging is gender segregated? maybe self-selected that way? Personally I’m very interested in a conference like BlogHer, which is obviously geared towards women and mom bloggers. Anyway, thank you for the tips, guys!

  • This is a really awesome video. The tips are really good and I know they will help me to improve on my blog. Thanks.

  • I would recommend you to add your logo to right cornet at video. It wil support your brand ;)

  • Thanks for these! I just watch the video to find out about active bloggers. I figure someone going to these “conventions” must have serious content up and be passionate about their topics.

  • Thank you for sharing. Its very helpful especially to many new bloggers like me.

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  • Happy new year

    Thank you for sharing. Its very helpful especially to many new bloggers like me.

  • I like the advice of the Expo’s CEO. It rocks.

  • Just wanted to thank you for all you do! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  • my tip: write link bait for social media once a week, once a month:

    – top 10 lists
    – wtf posts
    – offbeat topics on your niche
    – ensure that they resonate with the community in which you wish to promote it

    campaign it!

  • Hi Darren,

    Thanks for making the video, and informing me of the Blog World Expo!. Very Exciting! Just started blogging a month ago but planning to be there for 2009 in Las Vagas!

    And Congratulations on the Number One Spot for the Internet Marketing Top Blogs!!!

    Happy New Year!

    Derrick (Blog Newbie)

  • hi,

    I like the advice of the Expo’s CEO. It rocks.

  • 1, Great site
    2, Brill article
    3, Thanks

  • Your great nice post about blogging. thanks for sharing your knowledge. This video is very informative about blog world expo. Very exciting to visit your blog.

  • I totally agree with Rick. That applies not only to blogging, but to most things in life. If you do something with passion then you will most likely succeed. Good luck to everybody.