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Like to travel? We sure hope so…

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgPlease pay VERY close attention to this 8 hour special, gang.

We’ve got some travel related stuff to give away, and I can’t stress enough how important it is that you are sure you can and will be able to use the prize if you should win it. Please don’t enter if you’re not going to be able to definitely use the prize, okay? There’s still a lot more coming up, and plenty else for you to win.


None of these include airfare or any other necessary travel arrangements.

The subscription to the Home Exchange Site provides you the opportunity to “swap homes” with others on the site located just about anywhere in the world – just like in the movie The Holiday (romance not guaranteed!).

In this giveaway, you are actually REQUIRED to tell us in the comments which prize you’d like (because not everyone can travel to all of the given locations), and if the random number generator happens to choose two people who have chosen the same prize, we will award it to the first person and re-draw for another number.

So leave anything you like in the comments, but include one of the following:

  • HouseSwap
  • FloridaCondo
  • SedonaRetreat
  • PuertoRicoBB

If you’ve already won a prize in the giveaway, you may not win one of the above unless we’ve already said otherwise in that prize post.

This one ends on Saturday October 6 at 8pm (EST – New York, USA).


Winners and sponsors have all been notified by email. Thanks for participating, and keep checking the Birthday Prize Giveaway category for more chances to win!

  1. PuertoRico …Muchos Gracias!!

  2. FloridaCondo sounds inviting!

  3. HouseSwap

    Great blog contest!!
    I will post about this blog contest!

    Lara Says: Simon, are you entering for any of these in particular, or doesn’t it matter? You need to make sure you’ll be able to manage the airfare and everything to whichever one, and please pick only those you’d be interested in. It just looks like you copied and pasted, that’s why I’m asking – for clarification in case you’re selected. Thanks!

  4. SedonaRetreat

    I love the Arizona Desert.

  5. Three nights in Florida sounds great!

    FloridaCondo please!

  6. Sedona retreat. Thanks.

  7. Valery Sykes says: 10/07/2007 at 3:56 am

    In order of preference:


    Great prizes! :-)

  8. Florid a Condo.

  9. Justin says: 10/07/2007 at 3:59 am

    Great prizes, get people out of the house for a few days, SedonaRetreat sounds nice with winter coming

  10. SedonaRetreat would rule!

  11. Jared says: 10/07/2007 at 4:05 am

    I would love the PuertoRicoBB, but if that’s taken, the FloridaCondo would be great as well!

  12. Chris says: 10/07/2007 at 4:08 am

    This contest is a self indulgent irritant. Please end it soon.

    Lara Says: I’m sorry you feel that way, Chris. This particular one will end at 8pm New York time. There are plenty of others you can enter if you’re not keen on the travel one.

  13. FloridaCondo

  14. FloridaCondo

  15. Florida condo, please

  16. SedonaRetreat

  17. SedonaRetreat. I grew up in the Phoenix area and have had the pleasure of visiting Sedona a few times. I’d love to do it again!

  18. HouseSwap

    otherwise, SedonaRetreat.


  19. I certainly wouldn’t mind some time in Florida so I could catch a shuttle launch before those are over.


  20. SedonaRetreat

    I would gladly take any of these, Lara…can’t do the house swap since I don’t think anyone would want to swap for a dorm room ;-).

    Thanks again!

  21. Hi Darren,
    Congratulations on your amazing run with ProBlogger!
    Ok, so I live in Prescott AZ, about an hour and 15 minutes from Sedona. So, yes, beautiful SedonaRetreat it is.Thanks!

  22. FloridaCondo will be awesome. I’m going to start packing my bags right now.

  23. SedonaRetreat please.

  24. I’m not entering this one because I can’t afford the airfare. I will enter one of the others that interests me. I just want to say to all those who are expressing discontent that if you don’t like the contest or the way it’s being run, you’re free to not enter. It’s Darren’s blog, Darren’s contest, Darren’s prerogative to run it as he sees fit. We should applaud him and the prize donors for their generosity.
    I’m sure there are more gifts coming that you may find more suitable, so stay out of the ones you don’t like and stop trying to sour the place up.

    Thanks, and good luck to all!

  25. PuertoRicoBB

    Would really dig the Peurto Rico trip.

  26. 1 year subscription to Home Exchange Club

    Woot! I live in Hawaii. I’m sure I won’t have issues finding people wanting to swap! :)

  27. * PuertoRicoBB
    * HouseSwap
    * SedonaRetreat
    * FloridaCondo

    *** Lara / Darren: I love to travel and I’d be happy to win any of them. And I do have a small 2 BR house, so I’m able to Swap. I put them in order of preference. (Florida being last only because I’ve been there before.) But, like I said, I’d be happy with any of them.

  28. Time for us to take a family trip now that the youngest is 4 and guess where the best place to go is? Dat’s right! Donald Duck country!


  29. I would love the SedonaRetreat. Never been out west and desperately need a vacation!

  30. Sedona Retreat Sedona is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

  31. I love Disney! Would love the FloridaCondo please!

  32. SedonaRetreat

    It’s great to be a blog rock star like Darren, but this contest does highlight some of the draw backs of success, even when you’re trying to do something as fun and cool as giving away a large volume of cool prizes, people are still on your case.

    Isn’t human nature grand? Keep up the good work Lara and try not to take it personally.

    Lara Says: Thanks for your support, Jon. Like you, almost everyone has been extremely fun and light spirited along the entire giveaway! It’s truly been a blast to work on this project for Darren!

  33. PuertoRicoBB te quiero

  34. SedonaRetreat

  35. That FloridaCondo would be a really nice treat for my family.

  36. Great site. I’d love to send you a postcard from the SedonaRetreat !

  37. Darren,

    Are you sure those prices are NOT also timeshare related vacations? Because looks to me they are…..

    if they aren’t I would like to enter FloridaCondo if they offer 90 minutes presentation than ignore my entry.

    Lara Says: All of these prizes were donated by the owners of either the condo or the resort (except the Home Exchange Site – which is a subscription to their online service). The Florida condo is a vacation home, and as far as I’m aware, not a timeshare. There are no presentation viewing requirements, and no one’s going to try to sell you anything. I’m sure they will need a credit card for possible damages, just like with any hotel or resort, but it won’t be charged unless there are damages.

  38. FloridaCondo please :)

  39. Tom Tucker says: 10/07/2007 at 5:44 am

    3 nights in Sedona. Keep up the great work Darren. Love Probloger, the re-design and your use of video clips.

    Best, Tom Tucker

  40. Florida Condo sounds like a great trip for my family. My three children would love that.

  41. 3 nights in Sedona, AZ would a great escape from Canadian winter!

  42. SedonaRetreat sounds nice :)

  43. Sedona Retreat, please! ;)

  44. SedonaRetreat – Arghhhh

  45. SedonaRetreat

    This sounds great..

  46. Bob Lebel says: 10/07/2007 at 6:17 am

    FloridaCondo would be real nice.

  47. Send me to Sedona – I need a vacation! =)

  48. houseswap

    why cant i sell the prize??

    Lara Says: Because we want people to enter who are going to USE the prize. The point of this is not for you to win something you can make money off of, and I’m quite sure that the sponsor doesn’t want you charging a profit on their business.

  49. If I’m chosen, I’m happy with any of these (in this order):
    1. FloridaCondo
    2. SedonaRetreat
    3. PuertoRicoBB

    House swapping creeps me out. =}

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