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Like to travel? We sure hope so…

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgPlease pay VERY close attention to this 8 hour special, gang.

We’ve got some travel related stuff to give away, and I can’t stress enough how important it is that you are sure you can and will be able to use the prize if you should win it. Please don’t enter if you’re not going to be able to definitely use the prize, okay? There’s still a lot more coming up, and plenty else for you to win.


None of these include airfare or any other necessary travel arrangements.

The subscription to the Home Exchange Site provides you the opportunity to “swap homes” with others on the site located just about anywhere in the world – just like in the movie The Holiday (romance not guaranteed!).

In this giveaway, you are actually REQUIRED to tell us in the comments which prize you’d like (because not everyone can travel to all of the given locations), and if the random number generator happens to choose two people who have chosen the same prize, we will award it to the first person and re-draw for another number.

So leave anything you like in the comments, but include one of the following:

  • HouseSwap
  • FloridaCondo
  • SedonaRetreat
  • PuertoRicoBB

If you’ve already won a prize in the giveaway, you may not win one of the above unless we’ve already said otherwise in that prize post.

This one ends on Saturday October 6 at 8pm (EST – New York, USA).


Winners and sponsors have all been notified by email. Thanks for participating, and keep checking the Birthday Prize Giveaway category for more chances to win!

  1. Amphon Luxamimongkolchai says: 10/07/2007 at 2:07 am

    I would like 3 nights stay in FL condo near Walt Disney World


  2. I, I mean we, would like 3 nights in Sedona, Arizona. With five children, we really need a peaceful retreat.

  3. Trip to Florida? It sure is nice this time of year. :)

  4. FloridaCondo

    Random numebers pick me!

  5. Florida Condo

    I Heart Disney World!!!

    Good Luck everyone!

  6. SedonaRetreat

    Sedona, AZ is beautiful.

  7. Florida Condo for sure!

  8. Awesome Giveaway Darren!

    I’d like to enter for the FloridaCondo!

  9. What a great prize!
    I would LOVE to win:

  10. These are awesome prizes!

    FloridaCondo for me!

  11. FloridaCondo would be awesome.

  12. cool

  13. I’ve never been to Arizona. Have never taken my wife on a honeymoon. This retreat would be perfect!


  14. I’d love to go to disney world!

  15. FloridaCondo definitely!

  16. Florida Condo would be fun

  17. HouseSwap

    No, I’m not crazy. I would never swap my real house. We own a 3 bed/2 ba vacation home in Aruba, with a pool. Not a bad swap!

  18. SedonaRetreat for sure – my old stomping grounds! You’re doing an awesome thing here, Darren. Gives me lots of good ideas for contests of my own!


  19. Time Check says: 10/07/2007 at 2:37 am

    Eh, all four of these prizes are pretty lousy without the accompanying airfare.

    P.S. All of these contests of yours keep closing an hour early. I tried to enter the last one ending Noon EST a few minutes ago. Since the U.S. is on Eastern Daylight Time now, that means the contest should’ve been open until 1pm. Noon EST = 1pm EDT.

    So can I count this entry for the previous contest instead? Thanks!

    Lara Says: “Lousy”? Way harsh, and way untrue. But whatever… no one’s forcing you to enter anything, right? Good thing, huh?

    And no, they’re not closing an hour early. I’m in New York, USA, and given that the time in NY is the time in NY (my deepest apologies for not being overly anal retentive about whether I’m calling it EST or EDT), when the clock on my wall says “12:00” that means it’s either noon or midnight. Regardless, they’re 8 hour competitions, you can check that by the time the entry is posted and the time it closes – that’s all done in Melbourne time, since that’s where Darren’s located.

    And no, I’m sorry, the previous contest winners have already been chosen and notified. Since you’re not interested in any of these “lousy” ones, why not keep your eyes open for the next one?

  20. SedonaRetreat !

  21. Sharon says: 10/07/2007 at 2:42 am

    I would love the Sedona Retreat!

  22. Christine says: 10/07/2007 at 2:43 am

    I’d love a SedonaRetreat

  23. SedonaRetreat – I’ve never been to Arizona, but I would love to go :)

  24. FloridaCondo YES PLEASE I haven’t gone to disneyworld in 1 year to the day from today, I am freaking out!

  25. FloridaCondo

    Pick, me, pick me!

  26. SedonaRetreat please!

  27. I could use the PuertoRicoBB!

    If that’s taken, the SedonaRetreat would be nice :)

  28. FloridaCondo

    Man I haven’t seen these many giveaways ever!

  29. 3 nights in Sedona, AZ – Retreat and Heal

  30. Me? Like to travel? I’m a travel blogger, so of course I like to travel!


  31. Ooo, SedonaRetreat sounds neat! (oh wait, this isn’t the poetry post…I’ll stop rhyming)

  32. I’d love the Sedona Retreat!

  33. PuertoRicoBB

    I could use a little Rest &Relaxation. Great contests ProBlogger.net.

  34. I would love to go to Arizona. SedonaRetreat sounds awesome.

  35. SedonaRetreat

  36. FloridaCondo

  37. CyberStrike says: 10/07/2007 at 3:05 am


  38. SedonaRetreat

  39. FloridaCondo | It sure would be a dream come true if I won the condo stay and finally visit DisneyLand.

  40. Wow there’s some negativity going on in the organisation. It’s true that these prizes are very US-centric, which is ironic.

    Given the global nature of the blog, it actually *is* important to ensure that the correct time zone is being stated. Anally retentive? No, just attention to detail, which is legally required when running competitions.

    Lara Says: The only difference between EDT and EST is the time of year. It says in ALL posts that it ends at a specific time in terms of New York, USA.

    In regards to the prizes being US-centric, not much we can do about it when no one offered up a prize in China or Europe or Africa (or any other continent/country). You could always go for the Home Exchange one, as that one’s quite international.

    We also can’t do anything about the fact that the sponsors didn’t offer to pay all travel expenses. If you know someone who wants to donate that, I’ll be happy to update the post.

    As far as negativity goes – I apologize, but I’m quite proud and honored by the sponsors’ offers, as is Darren I’m sure. When the prizes are called “lousy” I feel I have a responsibility to defend them. When I am attacked for making an error in terminology, and accused of mis-running the competitions, I also feel the right to defend.

    What bothers me is that instead of everyone really enjoying this whole thing (and don’t get me wrong, most people are absolutely grateful and wonderful about it) there are people who have felt the need to tear something apart no matter what, and they tend to bring down the whole point in this entire thing… which is to have fun and celebrate 3 years of ProBlogger.

  41. Oooh! SedonaRetreat please!


  42. PuertoRicoBB

    We go to PuertoRico often, this would save us some money!

  43. SedonaRetreat please!

  44. As i live in ISRAEL going to the US would be crazy (costs of flights) so i would LOOOVE winning the Puerto Rico one !

  45. FloridaCondo


  46. I recently drove through Sedona, but couldn’t stay more than a few hours. Would love to return for a longer stay. :)

    SedonaRetreat please.

  47. Lenners says: 10/07/2007 at 3:29 am

    FloridaCondo please :]

  48. boyscout says: 10/07/2007 at 3:33 am


    Oh, i’d so love to visit Puerto Rico!!!!

  49. boyscout says: 10/07/2007 at 3:35 am


    i haven’t been to Sedona yet, but would love to visit for the photo opps…

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