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Learn How Leo Got 100,000 Subscribers to His Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of August 2009 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Leos-Report.jpgIt’s been one of those weeks where some great free reports from bloggers have been released.

This one is from Leo Babauta – a blogger who has guest posted on ProBlogger numerous times over the years and who has built for himself a wildly successful blog – Zen Habits – which has 130,000+ subscribers.

Leo has release a great free report – How I got 100,000 subscribers in Two Years which is well worth a read.

What I particularly like about Leo is that he doesn’t shy away from hard work. He’s certainly talented, refreshing and creative but he’s also worked at building an amazing blog over the last couple of years.

I’m also really excited about the program that Leo is launching off the back of this report – A-List Blogging Bootcamp – partly because what I’ve seen of it so far is really good but partly because Leo’s asked me to be involved as a guest expert in some of the live components of the course. The training isn’t available to sign up to quite yet so I’ll leave you to read the report today but stay tuned for more details of his bootcamp training in the coming days.

Get the free report here

Update: the course is now open for people to join with some special free bonuses for those who do so early.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • I might have to pick that one up. I’m not sure if I see my traffic ramping up that fast, maybe in two years I could see 10,000, but that seems so far off now.

  • I will sign up to get his ebook. Thanks Greg Ellison

  • It’s a great book! I’ve already read it and I found a lot of useful tips. I’m glad I saw your link to this on Twitter.

  • I’m going to have to read that report! I’m always interested in ways to improve my health blog Salad Sticks.

    Thanks for the advice!

  • It’s nice to see a real blogger share their insight as opposed to all those other bloggers whose first blog is a blog about blogging.

    A few months ago I may have signed up for the course, because I am a fan of Leo, but at this point in time it’d just be procrastination. Really need to just keep taking action.

  • Leo is always great, I like to read his articles. I’ve also been following him since more than a year now. Any why wouldn’t anyone try to follow him or subscribe him.

    He’s just an awesome guy.

  • If you able to get 100K+ subscriber than this is for sure that you will be able to get regular visit once you post a new entry and this will be done without even spending a single penny.

  • I still have a long long way to go to get there. Great advice. Definitely going to check out that ebook.

  • its happiness to read

  • Awesome post Darren.I will take the free report to increase my subscribers

  • Zen Habits sounds really familiar I need to go take a look and who could turn away a free report teaching how to get 100,000 readers. Personally I don’t struggle with G position at all, but my subscription has always been low compared with organic traffic. Anyway thanks Darren for giving us the heads up.


  • Thanks for sharing this , problogger.

  • Downloaded and a nice story, but I found one thing unanswered and downright frustrating: 100,000 subscribers OF WHAT? RSS, email…or is he talking about page views or something. I can’t find any context at all in the download.

  • I just saw Brian Clark on copyblogger talking about this report aswell so after seeing it here I thought I better download it and read it. Thanks for sharing it.


  • Yeps, good book but I would also like to know to what the “100 000 subscribers” refers. SY

  • Leo’s report is an eye opener.

    The Zen blog is not a blog about Blogging – so I tend to relate to his success story more so.

    Looking at all the comments left by people here, I am amused at the number of blogs about blogging. Guys, give it up! The market is saturated!

  • I’ve read the ebook and it’s great. Leo gives his personal story on how he got 100k subscribers in 2 years. Granted, the internet landscape has changed since then, but some of the principles of what he has shared inside are timeless (branding for one).

  • This looks an interesting read, but to be honest I’d be happy if I only got 100 subscribers never mind 100,000.


  • Do you still think that it will take two years if someone starts a blog today? Due to the changing marketplace and the possibility to promote through social networks?

  • wow I like zen habits because its good quality post, and I agree it has many subscribers

    thank you

  • Got it and read it, its a fascinating story about how things worked for Leo as he built his blog up and not necessarily about how one should go about doing it now. Still, great ideas.

  • Thanks for the heads up Darren.

    It looks like Leo worked really hard to get his brand out there and it paid off. I still have a lot to learn if I am going to swell my own subscriber base to that level!


  • This is really a best report which I have got 1 copy from Leo.
    Amazing ways to get more traffic and blog readers more than 100000.

  • You’ve got to have some people with power lending a helping hand in order to get 100,000 subscribers in two years.

    Sometimes it is who you know that will get you ahead in this game…..


    To all that are interested in this report read this first:

    I don`t know how much information in that so called “report” is actually true, but part of it is just plain lies!

    Here`s some proof:

    On page 19 he writes that when his website got popular he hit several times the digg frontpage wich would tage his website down, which he says was at that time hosted on the free platform
    what he obvisiously did not know is that runns on googles network and is impossible to take down. Digg frontpage traffic cannot take down blogger. Not even the whole traffic from digg could take down blogger!!! Thats a fact!

    Then he writes that after switching to a $8 hosting plan on Bluehost this problem was gone….
    YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! he claims that a low end $8 SHARED HOSTING PLAN can handle the digg traffic better than which runs on the google network..

    This is beyond ridiculous.

    If you still want to read that report, go ahead. But in you own interest, do not blindly believe everything that Leo Babauta writes.

    To me this looks like all lies!


    PS: he started his blog in 2007. at that time goggle had already aquired!

  • Barry

    I agree, it is not an easy job to get so many subscribers when it is just you who is ‘promoting’. Anyhow, a very intersting read!

    [email protected]

  • Gin

    I got the ebook for zen habits and loved his presentation and can see how he got so popular with his friendly writing style. I am looking forward to this bootcamp info also. :) great info.

  • fas

    Zenhabits is the neatest blog I have seen. With some awesome tips. A must read for all and thats the reason why Leo has got so many subscribers in no time.

  • Really awesome.
    I have almost all major articles of your blog and i found every one very interesting.
    I also own a blog dealing with blogging:

  • Sid

    Hi there,
    Just downloaded your e-book,hope it will be quite worthful for beginners like us. Thank you for the stuffs!

  • Darren, you started up blogging in 2004 right? Well, at that time it must be easy to be number one on Google because there is not so much blogs talking about make money online, but now you can find this kind of blog everywhere in every language. For me who has just started blogging in the end of 2008, it’s very hard to get massive traffic except you already have a very good traffic blog and post about your new blog.

    • Reza – While blogging was new in 2004, it wasn’t the only kind of website around. People have been trying to make money online since the beginning of the internet.

      People will continue wanting to learn how to make money online.

      I agree that the “make money online” niche is highly saturated, so you have to be the one of the best in that niche, or you need to choose another niche where you can be the best.

  • I downloaded the report earlier this week and it really got me fired up to work hard on my site.

  • Its a must read for every blogger who dreams to be like Leo.

  • Hi Darren

    Thanks for sharing this report with us. I have just finished reading it and was blown away.

    As with anything online you have to put in the hard work yourself. People are too quick to jump on the “Its a scam” bandwagon.

    Take Care


  • KB

    Fantastic! Signing up now… thanks Darren.

  • Wow!This is great.I’ve read the report earlier..still need to work more things to follow her..i wish i had more time to do so..

  • Great source. Thanks for the tip. I saw the A-list bootcamp over at copyblogger and thought it looked really good. Wish I could go.

  • Again an awesome post, Darren.I will take the free report to increase my subscribers

  • going to start now. superb idea…..

  • Thanks for the post.

    Thanks for putting this together, Leo. I’ve read many of the blogging tips you’ve already posted here and look forward to seeing them compiled in this ebook . . . and evidently, expounded on. Your story is certainly inspirational . . . and surprisingly simple.

    You make it easy. Of course, the only issue with anything “easy to do” is that it’s also “easy to NOT do.” That’s where determination, passion, and patience come into play, and you’ve certainly demonstrated all three.