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Killer Domains: a Resource for Finding the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of April 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Killer-domainsI am really excited today because Daniel Scocco, regular contributer to ProBlogger and a wonderful blogger in his own right, has today launched his first ebook. It’s called Killer Domains.

Daniel sent me a copy of it a few days back and I think it’ll prove to be a very useful resource for quite a few bloggers who want to learn how to select the perfect domain name for their new blog.

The chapters/areas that Daniel covers include:

  • The 7 Characteristics Of Good Domain Names
  • The Process Of Researching Domain Names
  • Keyword Research
  • Prefixes And Suffixes
  • Tools And Resources
  • Registering And Managing Domain Names

I’m constantly asked for information on how to choose a great domain name (and name) for a blog – Wendy wrote about her struggle with it in an interview earlier in the week – this ebook will save a lot of people the pain that she went through.

The information and suggestions that Daniel gives are solid. Anyone who knows him from his blogging will know that he’s a thorough, genuine and sincere blogger – this caries over into his ebook.

Daniel isn’t into fluff or hype and the result is a simple, easy to read and to the point resource for those looking to learn a thing or two about how to choose a great domain for a new blog.

There’s a full money back guarantee on the product also and Daniel is someone I trust to honor that.

See Daniel’s launch post for Killer Domains here or buy it directly here for $17.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Looks like a good one; but isn’t this a too talked talked about “thing” in the blogosphere?

    All the best to Daniel….

  • Thanks bonchibuji.

    Well yes people talk a lot about domains names, but so far I have not seen a website or ebook that puts together all the information and resources to find good domain names.

    In fact in yesterday’s post here at Problogger Wendy said that she went through “domain research hell” when trying to rename her website.

  • Hey sound’s like a nice read, I’m always struggling for days trying to come up with a domain for a new blog and I know a hundred other people with the same problem. Look’s like it’ll do well. Congrat’s Daniel on your book release and thanks for the heads up Darren.

  • Well at least it’s not make-money-online…

  • wow.. pretty cheap.. it’s a very important fact to know how to choose your domain name. I wrote a post few days ago about this and if you want to know what are my opinions you can check them here :

  • lol @ bonchibuji with blogger domain like me – but is still essentially a fact of blogging life.

    A good domain more often than not can and will attract traffic.

    Although i prefer the notion of quality content, post titles and backlinks.

    I will tell the truth – i tend to avoid these and “million dollar profits” although i will give this one a spin and read the post at the very least

  • We.Code, good article. I am just not so sure about going with .net or .org domains, especially if you are brainstorming ideas for a website.

    My advice is to always aim for the .com no matter what.

  • I’m afraid my blog was named long before I put it into the blogosphere, but as I prepare to spin out some new threads I will definitely do my research. There is certainly a psychology to naming, and as we know it is a nightmare to change that name in mid-stream.

  • I have a comprehensive list of 18 Tips for choosing a good domain name. They are not specific to blogs, but applicable to all types of websites. Please check them out at …

  • i think all new bloggers who jump into the bandwagon needs to first spend some time on deciding the importance of the domain name in establishing their online identity.

    This book and other resources like that will help them greatly in managing to get a domain name which serves the following purposes

    1. Get a good domain name of choice
    2. The domain name actually link relevant keywords to the area the website caters to.
    3. Get a domain name with greater recall value.

    And many other tips which would be there in the book, i bet.

    PS : to all new bloggers, the domain name holds more importance than you think. Think carefully over it before you register and get going.

  • My theory is always create a brand with your name. For me it should be easy to remember, easy to spell, and unique. I’m still thinking about the domain name from yesterday’s post: Great name..

  • Good for people who currently blogging under subdomain and want to updrade to domain…domain can be the key to top ranking sites.

  • @Masked Millionaire

    Thanks for pointing that irony out to me – quite hilarious!

    And although i do agree with you to a great extent that a domain should be more about brand than SEO (hence and, Seth Godin recently wrote a cautionary piece on branding. Something to the effect of “Jewelry World – you can do better.”

    Honestly though, this ebook is just another one of those things that is freely available online which someone got the bright idea to charge money for putting together. And I say “bright” with heavy sarcasm.

    I guess it’s not a bad idea for a newbie foot-wetting exercise, but I would really rather see -original- stuff promoted on such a prominent site.

    Darren – you can do better.

  • @Masked Millionaire, it looks like you just misspelled Wendy’s domain :).

  • This might be an interesting topic of conversation: Nowadays, with rise of social bookmarking and rss readers and the like, is the domain name really such a high priority?

  • Rex, I would say so.

    Especially if you are in the game to make money. Most effective monetization strategies work almost exclusively with people visiting your website.

    Social traffic is hard to be monetized, and the same is true for RSS readers.

    That is why having a good domain is essential.

    I don’t have the data (will look around) but I think we all would be surprised to see the percentage of visitors that still just memorize domain names and type them around.

  • I think it should be nice to learn more about domain names and creating it before checking the existent of name and what which name really suits our products needs. The ebook should be a interesting guides. Congrats on the ebook and all the best to you Daniel. :)

  • Once you have decided your domain name I don’t think this book is much use
    Plus can they really fit enough information about choosing a one-two word domain name in an entire book?
    I’ve written a page on it on my blog…but not a whole book

  • It depends if the domain is available or not. there are many good domains that are now registered and parked somewhere. By turning to the domain name aftermarkets you can snag a decent domain name that was once registered by someone else. The Domaining for Firefox plugin helps you see additional information about a domain name such as PageRank, links, exposure etc. Things that bloggers do enjoy!

  • Dave westin

    People are asking too much. Had a chat with owner of who wanted 7 figures. ridiculous, when the domain isnt even branded and does not have 7 figure hits. You need to write a book on irrational expectations for such people to read!

  • Dan

    Thanks for the link. The classic question here would be whether to go for a brand name or a domain with keywords. There are a lot of books on buying domains in the market. Will check out this one for any good info. Besides getting names for your own sites there is money to be made in the domains itself. I hope he touches that one too.

  • I know in the domain market that people are paying ridiculous amount of money for good domains.

    This topic is not that saturated yet so congrats to Daniel for being among the pioneers to put the ebook together.

  • @ Daniel Socco – I already planned for that. :)

    Bought up already and then bought the other day when two (unrelated) people slipped and called the new site that by accident.

    You bring up an important point, though. If you are going to build a brand ‘from scratch’ with a relatively unknown word (i.e. Twitter, Oovoo, Lijit), it is really important to try and choose a name with which the misspelled domains are also available.

    Not only do you not want people to be confused, but you leave yourself open to allowing someone else to exploit your brand (think JohnCow). Now I like the JohnCow guys and all, they just wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for John Chow.