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Joel Comm Releases Book – ‘Click Here to Order’

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of September 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Click Here to OrderA couple of weeks ago I received a package in the mail from internet marketer Joel Comm. The package contained his new book – Click Here to Order.

With a new baby in the house it’s been difficult to find time to read the whole book but having got halfway through it I’m happy to say that there’s a lot to like about the book so far.

It features the stories and techniques of some of the most successful internet marketers going around and while the topic isn’t ‘blogging’ and focuses more upon internet marketing – what I’ve been enjoying about the book is simply hearing the stories of some of these pioneering marketers and how they have made livings (no, make that millions of dollars) online. As someone who came to online business relatively late (I’ve only been at this 5-6 years) it’s fascinating to read about the ‘early’ days and to see both the progression in online marketing but also some of the timeless truths that remain to this day.

The book includes stories from people like Mark Joyner, Mike Filsaime, Yanik Silver, Perry Marshall, Rosalind Gardner, Eclan Dunn (plus quite a few more) – all people that have many years in this game. In reading the book I’ve both ‘discovered’ the stories of people I’ve never heard of as well as hearing the history of people I’ve admired for a long while (and a few that I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person).

In the chapters I’ve read so far I’ve appreciated just how normal the people are that are featured in this book. This is something that reminds me of the time I met Joel himself at Yanik Silver’s Underground seminar a couple of years back. Both Joel and Yanik are brilliant at what they do – but they’re just normal people like me – but people who’ve tried a lot of things and who have persisted at this online marketing game for the long haul.

Will you use EVERYTHING in this book? I highly doubt it – as I read I saw techniques that both resonated with me and others that I shied away from – I saw techniques that I immediately began to use (one or two that have begun to convert already) and others that I’ll leave for others to do – but all in all it’s a great introduction and back story to the internet marketing game.

Joel’s offering a $1 bonus pack deal at the moment.

You simply order the book on Amazon (make sure you get a ProBlogger book while there) and then add the order number that Amazon gives you to get a download of two chapters of the book (so you can start reading it while you wait for delivery), a ‘missing’ chapter (Joe’s personal story), seven audio interviews with people featured in the book and a set of pdf notes. Get full details here.

Whether you go for the bonuses or just get the book – I hope you enjoy the read and come away more knowledgeable about and resourced to tackle the online marketing game.

Update: Thanks to those who noticed the broken links – They’ve been corrected now. :) – Lara

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • I just saw this book reviewed on another site. It must be making a pretty big impact to be reviewed on two major blogs. It looks really interested, but I am going to pass.
    Stick to reading blogs and writing on my own financial blog.
    Love your work though Darren

  • Getting , Ooops looks like a little problem error , first comment done by the Chrome browser :) .

  • Since I made quite a bit more money following his adsense tips book, I will definitely give this book a consideration!

  • Thank you for notice!
    I will try to get one!

  • I thought I saw his name (Joel Comm) somewhere on Digital Points forum, saying that he’s a scam or something.

    I don’t know him so I don’t want to judge whether it is true or not, but maybe it’s worth having a look at the forum first to see what others say..

  • I am going to pass this one. Busy reading the problogger at the moment :-)

  • I love that kind of stuff. Anything that let’s me see ‘the early days’ of something in technology is always a fascinating thing. It let’s you see how those in the beginning stumbled around in the dark trying to find out what works and what doesn’t. I’ll have to check it out.

  • Grant Hopkins

    Just bought it and went for the $1 bonus to get the first two chapters and they are really great. Took me an hour and a half to devour them and now I’m listening to the interviews and am learning so much already. As someone just starting out in making money online (or about to start) this comes at the PERFECT time and considering I’ve only paid $13 for it I’m amazed how much I’ve learned already. Thank you for the recommendation.

    By the Way – just noticed Joels book is in the top 20 books on the whole of Amazon, it looks like he’s got a best seller on his hands, glad to be part of that.

  • Another waste of paper. When will people wake up and stop buying into this junk? It’s widely known that this book is a scam and contains nothing of any value.

  • Added to the Xmas wishlist so we’ll see if it makes the cut I guess :-)

  • Getting an error when I click the links in the article… looks interesting though. I’d like to check it out.

  • I believe the correct URL (that doesn’t give the OOPS error) is:

    The URL that Darren posts has a & in it which breaks it.

    Lara Says: Thanks Shane, it’s all fixed now, and the proper links are in there.

  • Book looks cool – but IMO his website is completely spammy

  • It’s a must buy in a couple of weeks, hope Its worth it..looking for the reviews first though

  • This looks really good actually. Signed up for sure.

  • I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but this book is ranking NUMBER 16 in ALL OF AMAZON!!! That is huge!

  • is it by chance or by default,
    that three greatest blogger of out times,
    have all carried out review of this book,
    that too at the same time????
    yaro,darren and john chou?

  • Joel’s emails got on my nerves, and now go straight to my spam folder every day. From my experience, I’ve had no benefit from his techniques.

  • Dan

    I read the book in one sitting, it tells the back stories of famous internet marketers and the history of the internet and online marketing. It’s not an adsense book or another “make money online” guide. Truly fascinating and inspirational stories of a lot of very successful internet marketers.

  • ive tried some of his techniques….they weren’t that great…but idk…i think ill pass on this book

  • too much controversy for me right now. I will wait until the dust settles. Besides as a “BloggerNewbie” I have about 43 other articles and books to read first!

  • I’m still not completing reading my Problogger…..(focus one book at a time..)