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It’s Movember – Please Sponsor Me

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of November 2007 ProBlogger Site News, Video Posts 0 Comments

Today is 1 November which means that like thousands of other Men around the world I’m starting to participate in Movember (see my page on Movember here).

Movember is an event that originally started out of Australia and New Zealand (but which has gone international this year) where men (Mo Bros) grow Mustaches as a way of raising money for charities around Mens Health issues.

Here in Australia the charities are for Prostate Cancer and Male Depression – two causes that I’m very passionate about as they’ve touched the lives of numerous people that are close to me.

Please Sponsor Me

The reason I’m participating in Movember this year is to raise money (no, it’s not just for your amusement) and I’d like to invite you to sponsor me.

You can Sponsor me Here (or by clicking the button to the left).

All sized donations will be gratefully accepted but I’m going to add a little extra incentive for those who can sponsor more than $200. If you sponsor me $200 (AU$ – which is $185 USD as of today’s exchange rates) or more I’ll let you put a button with a link back to your blog on my special Movember page as well as in a thank you post at the end of the month on the main blog. The button can be any size under 125 x 125. You’ll need to supply me with the button, a link and proof that you’ve made a donation (a screen shot of your receipt would be fine). No offensive content or affiliate links please – if in doubt ask first.

Follow My Progress

As part of Movember I’m going to be documenting my journey of attempting to grow a Mo here at ProBlogger. Not on the main blog (although my weekly video posts will obviously feature any ‘Tash’ that emerges from my upper lip) but on a special Movember Page.

On that page I’ll post pictures of me every day or two, am running a Poll to see what sort of Mo I should Grow and it’s where I’ll feature buttons and links to those who’ve donated more than $200 towards sponsoring me.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I tried it but I am going to pass this time. We will see the progress on you upper lips as the Movember moves along

  2. I think I’ll pass on growing a mustache myself. I’ll look like a creepy old guy. :)

  3. Darren: I want to see you with a ZZ Top-like beard! Now that’s something I would sponsor you for :)

  4. What a funny way to raise money :)

  5. I’m tempted to throw myself in as a late participant, I need a bit of excitement for this mo…nth ;)

  6. I sen’t you $1500 !!!!

    Justtt kidding! Well I would if my father would be Bill Gates :) , anyways this is a great thing you are doing!

    I will promote.

  7. Hehehe…! Funny local custom. I guess Australian men will look like Mexican men this month.

  8. Hehe this should be fun! I voted for the trucker mo, looks like I’m not the only one!

  9. Haha! Nice pics.

    I think you should grow a handlebar mo.

  10. Great idea and great cause. Way to go Darren!

    Please accept my small but sincere donation.

    Will be following the updates, can’t wait to see your mustache at the end of the month… [tip] make like Borat’s one ;)

  11. Man I was shocked at how much you like like Borat!



    If you can grow a mostache that connects with your sideburns I will give you $150 cash money! Promise.


  12. Thanks Ades – you’re the first donation!

    Rt – unfortunately it’s against the rules of Movember to let your mo grow to your sideburns – because that’s a beard :-)

    The Rules (written largely in jest…) are:

    Once registered each Mo Bro start 1 November with a clean shaven face.

    Then, for the entire month of Movember each Mo Bro must grow and groom a moustache according to these rules:

    01 – You don’t talk about Movember outside of the month.
    02 – Movember runs for 30 days. No more.
    03 – There is to be no joining of the Mo to side burns—That’s a beard.
    04 – There is to be no joining of the handlebars—That’s a goatie.
    05 – A small complimentary growth under the bottom lip is allowed (aka a tickler).
    06 – You must remain clean shaven apart from your Mo for the entire 30 days.

    Failure to conform to any of those rules may, at the absolute discretion of the Movember Committee result in instant blacklisting from further participation in Movember and entry
    to the Gala Parté.

    The Movember Committee accepts no responsibility for lost jobs, lost girlfriends/boyfriends, rashes to you or your partner or any other such mishaps caused by a Movember Mo.

  13. Darren I am both hurt and appalled that a moustache that connects to your sideburns is a beard. :)

    In actual fact, the beard is defined as any facial hair of the male and as such a mo would be included in this definition. I plan to travel to the Himalayas to sit with the founder of Movember in his secret monastery and challenge him to a battle to the death over this issue.

    Okay so I’m getting carried away.

    *** thinking up some abhorrent mo style to offer cash for***


  14. when I first watched this video in the morning “progres” was spelled with one S, that made me wonder if that was on purpose, but now that he changed it, I may say it was a mistake.. Aleluya.. even the pros make mistakes like that, and I sometimes slap myselft when I find mistakes on my posts… I should got to bed more relax now.. .. you should go with a pancho villa type of mo instead Darren.. you will scare the crap out of us…

  15. Lol, too bad when I grow a mo, it looks more like dirt on my face :(

  16. Nice work getting behind such a great cause Darren. I can say i have proudly been a part of Movember since it’s beginning in Australia as Charity in 2003 … we only had 35 guys growing back then. In 2004 i took out the covetted title of “Man of Movember” and there were some 400 guys growing around Australia. It was amazing to see this grow into what it did in 2005 … i didn’t take out the big prize but i did get “Best P*rn Star” and then the madness that ensued in 2006, raising well over 1 million bucks! … unfortunately i could only watch from a far as i have moved to Japan.

    As for this year i intend doing some fundraising …. i threw a post up last night to kick things off, it features the promo poster for 2005 with my mo in full flight… i’m not sure if i’ll flash a Mo up yet or not ….. your post has inspired me to grow again though. I’ll add a few more pics of Mo’s from years gone by shortly.

    I’m looking forward to a great month of Movember!

  17. lol can’t wait to see the stache grow in, interesting to hear about this charity event, I’ll try to promote it to my friends here in Canada.

  18. Have you been training for this competition? Good Luck. I think by looking at your picture you are going to need it.

    You don’t seem to be the hair above the lip growing type of guy. Are transplants legal? Didn’t see it in the rules.

    Anyway, here is my receipt. Happy Growing.


  19. I’d join in with this one, if only I could grow a mo-tah. ;)

    Good luck with it, Darren.

  20. thanks Max I appreciate it.

    Come on everyone – I think the ProBlogger community can come up with more than a total of $30 in 18 hours! :-)

  21. Well Darren,

    You have got the power and you as the brand can easily achieve that target, don’t you think?

  22. Darren, I forgot to mention this,

    you look quite funny in the pic.


  23. Hi Darren,

    good to see other people are taking part as well. I am in NZ and last night I put up a Movember post. My work mates and I are going to try and raise as much money as we can. I will donate something when I get home tonight but it won’t be as much as $200 (I have a young family to look after). Please do stop by my MOVEMBER post –




  24. I think it’s great to see events such as this that bring attention to worthy causes such as male depression and prostate cancer.

  25. Thanks for this post Darren. My nephew emailed me yesterday and asked me to sponsor him for Movember and I had no idea what it was (big on asking, not so big on explanations). Now I so I’ll happily sponsor him.

  26. Go for the Merv ‘trucker’ mow…

  27. In the US, we grow our beards in November as the cold weather sets in although we don’t do it for a good cause. In researching some beard facts for my beard page, I came across Movember, and I didn’t think it was real! Now I know.

    I’m supporting you in facial hair growing this month from halfway around the world, and if you need a little humor, I shave my beard off in stages every year.

  28. It’s okay Darren- i’m growing one too, and my wife hates it also. Women are just jealous that they can’t grow facial hair :-P

  29. The pic remind me to, the ‘funniest home video’.

  30. lolz.. your picture is kind of hilarious! :D It’s movember!

  31. Hey Darren I don’t really have a huge amount to give right now so I thought I would try and help by writing a post about your Movember, oh and I drew my own little interpretation of what you may look like :)

    It’s great to see a big money blogger doing some great charity work.

  32. This is helarious. Does it have to be a mustache, or would a goatee work? I can’t stand what I look like with a mustache.


  33. Prostate cancer is a scary thing, I have already had some issues at 31 so, I donated without thought. The gala’s look like alot of fun. I just wish Aulstralia was closer. Good luck with your cause.

  34. Glad to be a sponsor of this event. BTW, BlogWorld just ended and it was awesome. Very cool b5 media shirts and stuff all over the place. The b5 media poker games during the expo were great too!

  35. Not true Lemmy. We get to a stage in life where it happens whether we want it or not.

  36. Nice Mustaches darren :) I really like the video presentation. Nice work . really entertaining.

  37. Who knew?! I’m going to have to track the progress, here. Maybe stick you on a post even (meaning link to this) since it’s for charity and all.

  38. Hey mo bro!

    It’s great to see how your moustache is coming along!

    If you get a chance, please check out an Aussie Mo Bro’s ‘stache if you get a chance.

    jazzy jeff

  39. Are you still taking donations for the next Movember?

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