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On this page I’ll be updating my progress in the Movember project that I’m participating in this month.

Links to Learn more:

Note: if you can’t donate via credit card at the Movember site you can shoot me your donation via Paypal and I’ll pass it on using the ‘make a donation’ button at the bottom of my right hand side bar.

Become a Premium MoSponsor

Our Premium Sponsors so far include (please visit them):

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If you donate $200 or more I’ll include a button with a link (maximum of 125 x 125 pixels) above the fold on this post. I’ll also include that button and link in a post at the end of Movember as a thank you.

To do this you need to make a donation of $200 ore more (that’s $200 Aussie dollars or around $185 USD), send me proof of your donation (a screen shot of your receipt would be fine), the button ad (125×125 pixels maximum) and the link to your site that you want me to point the button to. No offensive content and no affiliate programs please as the links.

My ‘Progress’

Here I’ll be updating pictures from my progress (or attempts at it).

Day 3 (slow start so to distract you from the lack of growth I thought I’d try a groovey camera technique)
Movember-Day-3Day 5 – it’s taking shape (and V’s not happy about the look that is emerging – she’d rather something a little less ‘trucker’).


Day 7 – just a quick update – we’ve just passed the $1000 donation level. Actually we’re just a smidgen under $1400 that’s $200 a day! Thanks everyone – looking forward to see if we can keep that level of donation up!

Day 17 – at WordCamp Melbourne – via Nina

Picture 2-20Day 23 – on vacation

Img 3134