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Introduction to Blog Carnivals

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of November 2006 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Blog Carnivals are one way for bloggers to get their name out there and make connections with other bloggers.

Over at fivecentnickel today nickel has posted Five Questions (and Answers) About Blog Carnivals which some bloggers will find useful.

“For newer sites, the biggest reason to participate is exposure. It’s frustrating to pour your heart out on the pages of you blog if nobody notices. No matter how good your stuff is, you won’t attract a readership until people know that you’re out there. One possibility is to network with other bloggers. Exchange links, leave (on topic) comments on their posts, link and use trackbacks, etc., etc.”

I’ve not really participated in any official blog carnivals – but when I first started blogging did interact with different bloggers running similar sorts of projects and found them to be well worthwhile and a great way to practice my blogging as well as finding new readers.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Yet another great reference to learn about

    this is nice way for every blogger to show his own articles and see what others can offer too

    it’s something like a conference then :d

    just nice

  2. I am liking all these outsourced articles of late, it is helping me to find bloggers who know what they are doing and giving me advice.


  3. The carnivals is actually one of the key things I have done to increase traffic to my site. My first month I received about 300 unique visitors but then I began to participate in carnivals, even hosting the Carnival of Debt Reduction, and my traffic has increased to about 1000 unique visitors.

    While not earth shattering traffic, it has been a nice increase in traffic. In addition, the carnivals have provided me with links to new sites that I may have otherwise missed.

  4. I once organized a blog carnival a few months back. It was fun and a big success. Too bad I failed to find fellow bloggers to help with maintaining the blog carnival, it’s quite tough to manage it on my own.

    Still, blog carnivals are positive sources of exposure and traffic.

  5. I think they are a fabulous idea, but I’m probably screaming “AMATUER” here when I say I find them kind of confusing (well, the ones I know of anyway). So far they’ve scared me off, but once I have a chance to sit down** and read through the criteria etc I’m sure they’ll be great :)

    **oh, if only…

  6. I found blog carnivals useful to get some free links for my blogs. Once I even had the surprise to get a lot of traffic from one of those carnivals (usually, they did not generate too much traffic, at least in my case). Besides, I discovered some really interesting blogs via some of the carnivals I watch.

  7. Hey Darren,

    I’ve been running a Work at Home blog carnival for 5 weeks now, every Friday.

    I think carnivals are a great way to offer new and interesting articles to my readers that I probably would have never found without it.

    They also help in building relationships with other bloggers in in my niche.

    It has worked for me to build readership slowly, with each new edition.


  8. I heard about blog carnivals from another blog but didn’t understand what it was until you posted, thanks for clearing it up! I’ll have to try it out.

  9. I’ve also been hosting a carnival called the Carnival of Family Life. It started out small but now has an average of 35 submissions every week. I agree, it’s a great way to get to know other bloggers with the same interest.

    Thanks for spreading the word about blog carnivals!

  10. They’re always great for climbing up the TTLB list and for short term traffic. You can also develop relationships with hosts and other posters that will strengthen your blogging for the long haul. I’ve hosted several carnivals and they’ve always been very helpful, worthwhile, and fun.

  11. This Idea is great.We can grow the commmunity even stronger.I had started a page on my blog too which is called as Blogger’s Pool.If i get a good response i have some more ideas that can be implemented.


  12. […] Ah! one more thing…i was going through problogger(my fav blog site) and darren(Th guy behind it) has mentioned about Bloggers Carnival.I was happy to read about it coz its similar to what i am trying to do.Do read about it! […]

  13. I’ve submitted to blog carnivals before and have found it a good way of increasing traffic and telling me who else is posting about the areas I’m interested in.

  14. […] I have no idea how useful blog carnivals are, but it’s worth at least reading about.  Or perhaps you just want to jump in and try it out.  Who knows, perhaps it can help your blog.  […]

  15. i participate in the carnival of cars weekly. it has been a consistent source of new links and readers.

  16. Was there an article buried somewhere amongst all those ads? I got tired of scrolling down to find it…

  17. Darren…I will try this but anyone who blog canival against the adsense???
    or even the blogexplosion???

  18. […] So, to encourage everyone to write out their own list, I’ve decided to run a once-off sort of blog-carnival (if anyone really knows what it’s called, please let me […]

  19. Blog Carivals are a great tool and a powerfull one. I run one myself, we acepet pictures, bio’s, and do our best to promote your blog. It’s been sucesfull so far have a look at

  20. Blog Carnivals are a great way for New Bloggers to leverage some traffic. I run a Carnival for Bloggers, Blog Tips, Twitter tips, webdesign and anthyting bloging related. Submit your site if your having trouble getting traffic.
    Have a look at SpotlightBlogger.com

  21. can anyone tell me how to submit a website for a blog carnival, i tried in blogcarnival.com but it is not accepting my website. the error appeared is something with links …..

  22. I have just submitted my first article to a blog carnival :)….Will update here about the progress

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