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Integrating Digg Within Your Blog Gets Easier

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of July 2006 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Digg is making it easier to add ‘digg this’ buttons on your blog. I’ve not worked out how to do it yet but apparently you can set it up so that the number of diggs an article has can be shown and people can digg an article directly from your page. Full details at the Digg Blog.

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  • You’ll need to hack the code Digg provides a little bit in order to make it work with WordPress posts.

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  • Thanks.
    I actually really looking for this.

  • I tested it a week ago already and it does work quite well…

    The only ‘big but’ is that your article needs to be dug first before being able to see the diggs and before you can insert the dig code. As a result it cannot be automised into your template set and it creates extra work afterwards.

    I wonder why digg is not able identifying an url that is dugg to grab the done diggs automatically from there. Because now you need to digg the story yourself in order to get the url and still it can not be added as an automatic tool… rather annoying really… But I guess they will figger out a way.

  • I hacked it! I cannot believe it. Should I send you the code? I only did it for Word Press though.

    But I even made one blog so that the Digg link would only show up for one category, because only one fits. (That worked, too. ;-))

    I used their link structure + Word Press tags + encoding tags I found on’s forums.

    I feel really great!

  • This really isn’t new, though them coming out and saying exactly how they want it done may be. “Digg This” links have been around a long time.

    Note that you do NOT have to enter the description or topic: I leave that for the person doing the Digg. Also note that unless the person has a Digg account and is already logged into Digg this doesn’t work very well.

  • Why does this require the digg URL instead of the original URL?

    This just creates extra work for everyone. The script should be smart enough so that when a non-submitted URL is sent over, it shows a “not submitted” or something and when a submitted URL is sent, it does the standard behavior, showing the number of links.

    As it stands, we have to somehow code in each individual URL for articles submitted to get it to work. Seems silly to me.

  • exactly my point above as well Dharmesh. you’d think the digg guys to be a little bit smarter… In the end it could lead to a massive influx of new diggers if this was better implemented.

    Wait and see…

  • I agree about checking for already-submitted URLs, Dharmesh.

    But if we have a blog, we’ll probably be able to put in the code for a permalink the way it’s inputted into the template files (almost) just as long as there’s a URL encode tag option. It’s so easy for Word Press. That’s what I did.

    Well, I did register on Digg to test out my code, but I won’t use it much because it doesn’t have all the categories I’m into. Celebrities, sure, and some of the others, but no fashion. I know it’s supposed to be a site for tech guys, and probably only guys, too. But it still doesn’t work that well for me.

    I’d also only use it more if more blogs had the little icon or a link, because I’m not going through the hard way. ;-) So then … it needs to be even easier.

    Still feel so great I worked with the code! I’m adding it to another blog!!! :-D