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Infographic: The Brain of the Beginning Blogger

Posted By Guest Blogger 28th of February 2012 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

This guest post is by Infolinks.com.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a blog. But creating a successful and popular blog isn’t as easy as simply getting a domain name and ranting away on whatever comes to mind on a given day.

Here, we take a look at some of the common misconceptions that beginner bloggers have on issues ranging from content and SEO to graphics and URLs. For instance, have you ever done a double-take when a URL can be read two different ways (one being not so favorable)? Or have you been completely turned off by someone’s “About Me” page?

By debunking some popular myths, we hope to enlighten the burgeoning bloggers out there and help them avoid these potential pitfalls.

Infographic: The Brain of the Beginning Blogger

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  1. Its great infographic, but the quality just bad, no much bigger resolution?

    • The quality isnt bad. Not at all.

    • Jenny Reiswig says: 03/21/2012 at 3:34 am

      The original image is good – IMHO jpg isn’t the best format for images with a lot of vector art, but in its original resolution (600×7341) it’s pretty good. However, the template for the post uses a width of 500, so the image is shrunk and that introduces fuzziness.

  2. Witty and relevant. So true about the hunt for domain names =)

    I think this will serve as a great reminder to everyone starting out that placing the emphasis in the wrong areas can really veer you off track.

  3. Money on the mind but SEO at the back of the mind…LOL…not good for bloggers but very true…

  4. Cracked me up :)

    I like pink! without the cupcakes, of course…

    great…now I’m hungry…

  5. great idea for a Infographic. I think my brain would have loads of blog post ideas shattered all across :-)
    useful tips with a sense of humor!

    This post actually inspired me to get try out a Infographic on my own! I don’t want to outsource it but would like to do it myself. Any tutorials/tools you can recommend?


  6. I LOVE the graphics, and they seem to accurately represent the thought process of a newbie blogger.

  7. I second Erin’s point and add that it also perfectly resembles the brain of a repeat blogging dabbler like me. I start blogging, get some traction, put it down, pick it back up and feel like a newbie all over again.

  8. That had me having a few laughs!

    There is so much truth in the info-graphs, of which I have seen many examples at other sites(Hey! Mine included).

    You could probably add a fair number of other options for each category, as there would be so many decisions to be made, not just in the beginning stages, but often even much further down the road.

  9. Lovely graphics and it actually picks the mind of bloggers.
    I’ve been using infolinks for some time just that it does not convert well like adsense


  10. I really want to hire a graphic designer to make a comic strip of me, however somehow I suspect I’d be the sidekick ;)

    While the infographic is generally true of most people who are just starting blogging now it’s important to remember that not thinks the same way – though I suppose everything in life leads back to money in the end?

  11. Really nice infographic, yeah that was me when I opened my firs blog :)

  12. Actually, I think that is an infographic of my own brain! LOL

  13. Pretty much everything instead of writing quality work for an audience with a need comes first! lol.

  14. Great and really funny! Is it available to share elsewhere?

  15. There are a lot of tangents in this infographic, but it was a fun read. Sometimes learning what not to do is the best way.

  16. This cracked me up, because I was all over the place when I started blogging. I love pink!

    So, Bloggers!
    How may of you have friends and family who now want to be bloggers? I get a call from someone who wants to start a blog and make money. I’m not sure where they get the idea from, but I love the opportunity to answer questions. It’s a great source of inspiration for my blogs!

  17. Definitively something similar to all bloggers, specially when you’re just starting up. In my case, I think it’s a little bit different because of my way to think, but still laughed when looking for domains.

  18. It’s true that all of those ideas are in my head when I just had my first blog. I just didn’t thought that there’s more to it. You don’t just blog, you need to make great content with it, because there is a SEO saying that “content is king”. Great content attract readers so that means more traffic and money for you and me. This is same as my blogging strategy.

  19. This cracked me up, because I was all over the place when I started blogging. I love pink!

    So, Bloggers!
    How may of you have friends and family who now want to be bloggers? I get a call from someone who wants to start a blog and make money. I’m not sure where they get the idea from, but I love the opportunity to answer questions. It’s a great source of inspiration for my blogs!

  20. This is very true, but beginner Bloggers get great advice from experienced Bloggers which mostly tell them content is the key to success and moving forward – and then money


  21. I do not think domain creates that much problem. But it’s a h4ead start if you have a nice one. I have seen plenty of ridiculous domain and domain on bloggers name that do not sounds good, but still the rank top.

  22. Definitly nice comperhensive intro for newbi blogger like me…really funny and awesome infographic.. LOL..

  23. Good infographics by Infolinks. I can relate to what it says.. I had the same thoughts a couple of years ago when I started blogging.

  24. Excellent infographic :)

  25. That’s really a cool infographic! Blogging would be the most easiest as well as toughest for some one who chose blogging to be their profession. The infographic has projected the confused state of mind of users who wish chose blogging as their profession. My simple tip is proper planning and paper work would definitely help! And remember it always is a try try and try for a longer time!

  26. Love this infographic, I would love to print it, but the quality isn’t very good, is there a better one available?

  27. I really really enjoyed that! What a fantastic bit of art work mixed with information and yet all of it is so true! I’d love to see more of these if you can get hold of them! Keep up the great work!

  28. That’s an excellent infographic! Thank you very much. I need to bookmark this page lol.
    Thanks again :)

  29. I love the infographic post! Such a cool idea, makes you look at it a bit differently. I found that i made it to the end of the post before I even realized I was committed to reading it.

    • I agree. Great infographic! It really does pinpoint how the typical beginner thinks. I’d love to see an infographic post about how a professional blogger thinks as well. It would make for a great comparison.

  30. Great info-graphic. The information are so true about the struggles blogger goes through. Also, the manner it was done made it interesting and memorable. Classic piece i would say!

  31. Nice infographic :)

  32. This is 2nd Infographic posted by Infolinks, one was posted on Mashable Blog it was great, now this is really COOL and good for blogger! no new ideas in this Infographic but preety looking good.

  33. I was expecting it to make a comment about how the double-underlined links spam up your blog, but then realized that this info graphic was created and posted by info links!
    One or two infolinks on a page is fine, just don’t over do it. It makes it really hard to read when there are too many double-underlined links on a page.

  34. Love the infographic.. the funny thing about it all is, you never get anywhere! So much work for 1 person! Where do I start?! That’s what goes through my mind while reading this.

  35. Be a full-time photographer to provide images to our blogs would work for certain blogs. But, I guess it won’t work if you write about Korean boyband or girlband while you live in the USA..lol. Or when you write about Oscar award. But, the point is good.

  36. I still do not understand, exactly what the function and purpose of the Infographic?

  37. Great Infographic – A couple of ideas that I know most Amateurs will be able to use productively.

  38. Its a great infography and its true that nowadays everyone has a blog.

  39. I heart this! I found myself either nodding my head ruefully because I have done this/thought this, or nodding because I have seen others do this. too-long url? -done that, but it was too late when I realized the problem… I had a friend call me asking how to get into blogging because she heard you can earn easy money doing it- I had been blogging 4 years at that point and had only lost money…I had to laugh. I helped her, but she has already quit.

  40. really great info i love infolinks and I am making money with it…….:)

  41. This cracked me up, excellent

  42. This post was very helpful and very cute. I am going to take some advice from here and change a few things on my blog. Thanks!

  43. I was trying to embed this, but couldn’t make it happen. huh..

  44. Very Interesting Information here. This Graphic really help me to improve my blog. It also give the importance of Infolinks. Thanks

  45. quality over all, well theme look should matters, but good seo= good content.

  46. Very good infographic. Even as a long term blogger, some of these questions still come up from time to time.

  47. Ha! Great graphic and great starting point for a newbie

  48. it happens with new comers

  49. Info graphic outreach is possibly the next big thing!

  50. In this days InfoGraphic is playing a great role in the web world.

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