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Improve Your Blog with Networking

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of December 2007 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Improve-BlogIn Answer to My question – ‘What did You Do On Your Blog in 2007 that Improved it the most’ – David Peralty from xfep.com answered:

The answer to your question boils down to one word: networking.

With everything else I have done in my blogging, networking is really the only thing that has really given my blogs a huge push in 2007. Talking to people from different backgrounds, connecting with them and learning from them. It is really amazing what kind of effect it can have on your productivity, as well as traffic, resources, and even monetization, all from making a few friends.

Without developing my networking abilities, I probably wouldn’t be a full time blogger anymore, and I can’t stress enough the importance of connecting with your peers.

I have met all kinds of great people this year, especially in the second half, where my future in blogging was uncertain. Because of my efforts in reaching my hands out, everything else has quickly continued to fall into place. So once again, I highly recommend bloggers of all skill and expertise spend time refining their abilities in networking.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. For people who try to get to the top of search results by what ever means, try networking instead… it is a lot faster and shows more results.

  2. BINGO!

    Networking is one of the best thing to do to get people checking out your blog, website, whatever.. Make sure you comment on other peoples blogs, write thoughtful replies to their blog posts, subscribe to their RSS feeds so you can keep up with new blogs posted, involvement is key!

    The only other thing you need to do apart from network is write quality content..

    If you do both of those things then you’re well on your way!

  3. Networking would be my answer as well. I am naturally quite reserved, so it felt unnatural to send that first email off to someone I admired. But it has made all the difference…. or to be more precise it’s what took my blog from 100 subscribers to 1400 in the space of 4 months.

  4. Networking is fine for getting INITIAL visits, but there has to be consistently worthwhile content to keep them loyal.

    Also, does social bookmarking sites and search engines bring a substantial amount of new visitors for this blog?

    It certainly does for some!

  5. Darren, Wow.Great tip. Thats why I added you and many others as my facebook and StumbleUpon friend (I know you cannot add me on SU because of the 200 limit). I am glad to say that I am reaping the results as my blog is becoming more and more popular and that I am making many friends from all over the world in the process. I am looking forward to a day when when I will at least one great friend from each and every nation of the world. It is possible :)

  6. I agree with social networking completely and with it’s effectiveness…. but, I have found that like with the massive Myspace epidemic, if we spend too much time away from our blog and just on the networking websites, which in themselves are quite addicitive, they sometimes tend to allow us to sway away from our blogs, which are our source of income.

    To keep me from falling into this trap as what i have done plenty of times before with different sorts of websites, I’ve given myself a stick 30 minutes of time a day max, along with my 15 minutes of checking the rss feeds.

    If I’m able to keep my internet status checking to a maximum of 1 hour a day, i’m happy, and see myself far from falling into addiction :D

  7. Networking can also increase your motivation while decreasing the isolation vibe that blogging sometimes leads to.

  8. networking = our formula to make NET money (at the end of month) is WORKING :)

  9. Well, that’s nothing new to me.

  10. Blog Carnivals were my first move to get to know and work together with other bloggers. I guess you could call that kind of networking. Blogging is about “people for people”. — John

  11. Yes.. Networking is important.. That’s why Darren get 36K rss readers..
    He is good at networking..

  12. I tried networking by ringing up Darren. I rang him asking about a guest post, which in my mind, would stand out rather then just an email.

  13. I also agree that a blog is a great way to build relationships. As someone who has written, spoken, and provided resesources for people on networking for many years, I can tell you first hand that blogs are an excellent way to grow your network. With a blog, you can show your expertise so you will further brand yourself. By commenting on other blogs and responding to comments on your blog, you are able to develop relationships that you may not have the opportunity to before. It is still important to meet people face to face from time to time. Don’t rely on blogs and other social media as your only networking techniques.

  14. Networking is important for any kind of idea, business to succeed. If you don’t have a good networking, chances are your idea will not be heard.

    Likewise, as you have also said, Networking is important in the case of Blogging as well.

    It is a proven fact for me.


  15. Got to agree with this completely. Attempting to expand my network at the moment as just recently I began communicating with a couple other bloggers/siteowners and I have been seeing the benefits.

    I’m always looking to expand though.

  16. Well, I do both, networking and good content. One without the other is useless. No Matter how you are good in networking, and your content is dull, it is nothing. If your content is good, but nobody knows about you, it is also nothing.

  17. My blog just started in December, let my networking adventure begin.

  18. networking is always key, you can preach to all , but when others agree and help you preach then your words will get more paowerful

  19. Thanks for that tip. I’ve just recently started up a new blog (http://www.theattentionproject.com/) with the sole intention of seeing just what it takes to attract and keep readers. Your blog is as close to a how-to as I could hope for.

    Thanks Mike

  20. Yes, yes and yes! Networking can do wonders for a blog! One of my goals for 2008 is to network with more bloggers (especially ones in my niche) and make that big push to take my blog to the next level.

    Of course, as others have commented above, writing great content is still very important. If content is King, then networking with fellow bloggers is the Queen. If that makes any sense! :-)

  21. I enjoyed reading all of your insightful comments. if networking is posting on other websites by writing thoughtful replies, I better get busy.

    I always have include a link on my posts but have only reached out to other blogs a couple of time.

    My blog is about five weeks old, I’ve been doing lots of writing and love it but am disappointed with the response which has been lacking, according to ad sense.

    New Years resolutions are things I hate to make. But if there ever wasr a resolution to be made by this blogger, it’s to make time for networking. I’ll try to do what Chris Vincent does — allow a 30-mintue “stick” of time for networking.

    Thanks all for the push. And Happy New Year.

  22. networking is for me the absolute best thing that I did for my blog till now … My blog is new and was getting traffic from my networking activities even before Google was ranking it …. That should say enough about how important networking is ….


  23. Carmelo Lisciotto says: 12/31/2007 at 10:31 pm

    I agree networking will do much for your blog.

    Carmelo Lisciotto

  24. Networking is the key to success not only for bloggers, but for businessmen and for developing companies :)

    Good post shared..

  25. Darren,
    I have tagged you to post an Alternative New Year’s Resolution.

    Check out the details here

    An Alternative Resolution

  26. Networking is hard!! I’m in the early days of my blogging and I can’t get any connections.

  27. I also believe that networking is the most important thing in blogging. Especially earn on when you have to rely heavily on others for traffic. Not only does networking help you in making your blog known but also makes you meet such wonderful people and makes you befriend them.

  28. Networking is alot easier if you use something to get the ball rolling. I use Arkayne to get relevant links on my blog and have made several good connections with fellow bloggers that way.


  29. sounds about right!

  30. I have been trying to join networks for a couple of weeks now, but I can’t find one that A.) you don’t have to enter your social security number (I don’t feel safe submitting it to anything) and B.) one that allows blogs about airsoft. It has been rejected due to “innapropriate” content, airsoft, but in my opinion airsoft is nothing at all like real weapons. If anyone knows of a site please tell me about it!

  31. For a good few months in a row, I was networking, and it gave me the largest increase in traffic over the shortest period of time that I experienced all last year. With the holidays and being busy with everything else, I got away from it and traffic has suffered as a result.

    You don’t really know the effect that a little marketing will have until you do it consistently for a while, and then stop. Trying to create quality content is still my first priority, but networking with other relevant sites is quickly becoming my No. 2 priority. So I completely agree with you on this point.

  32. I’m Trying to find people, but where the heck are they?

  33. The internet being the new consciousness,is the only answer to bringing the world together. Imagine, only 10 years back, we did not have this much access to information as we do now. Independent blogging and independent media are the key factors that would bring the world together and no longer do we need to rely on the truth that is twisted by the monopolies.
    we need to connect and that is the magic word..since we are all connected!

  34. Networking – one of the skills you cant leave out of business. Blogging seems to be no exception

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