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Improve the Photography on Your Blog with these Great Resources [48% Off This Week]

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of December 2012 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

201212070935.jpgOne of the elements that can really lift a blog is to include images in your posts.

The benefits of having great images on your blog are many, and include:

  • drawing RSS readers into your blog: a great image will stand out in your feed and make them take notice
  • drawing in readers from social media: particularly sites like Pinterest and StumbleUpon which are very image focused
  • giving your readers a visual point of interest: this can both get them to read your post but also draw them deeper into your article if you place your images down the page at strategic points
  • illustrating your points: a good image can help your readers to understand a point you’re making
  • higher converting reviews/affiliate promotions: a good image of a product you’re reviewing can be all the difference between someone taking action or not
  • images make your readers “feel” something about your blog and will often evoke emotion.

Images can be sourced from many places, but in my opinion the best source of images is your very own camera. Your own images will be unique and personal and can really add a lot to your blog.

Most digital cameras on the market today are capable of amazing photography. However most people just don’t know how to harness the power in their hands and rarely take creative control over their camera, leaving it in Auto mode.

Over at Digital Photography School we’ve put together a bundle of 3 eBooks that will help you to understand your camera and get creative control of your images. And for the next few days only they are 48% off their normal price.

The bundle is our best-selling Photo Nuts series and will give you:

  • Photo Nuts and Bolts: a comprehensive look at how your camera works and how to get it out of Auto mode. Written in everyday language, so you’ll have many “Aha!” moments with this ebook.

  • Photo Nuts and Shots: techniques and tools to get creative control over your camera. Building upon Bolts, this ebook will help you to get creative control and start taking the shots your camera is capable of!
  • Photo Nuts and Bolts: a guide to post processing your images. Again this builds upon Bolts and Shots which teach you to take the best shots possible to show you how to process those shots to take them to the next level. This guide comes with some great video instruction too.

By themselves, each of these ebooks is a great guide to different elements of photography. But together they are a little library of ebooks that has the power to transform the images you’re taking. They’re written by Aussie photographer Neil Creek and have helped thousands of beginner to intermediate photographers to make significant improvements to their shots.

I think they’re an ideal guide for all bloggers.

Get them today at 48% off the normal price as part of our 12 Days of Christmas Promotion at dPS (there are also some other great deals on offer this week).

Note: I’m also excited this week to announce that our iPhone Photography ebook (which is another great resource for bloggers) has just been released for Kindle over at Amazon. Check it out here.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Hey Daren
    Nice post… The old saying… a picture says a thousand words. Having “the right” image on a page makes all the difference. If place properly it can set the tome straight away. A good image creates emotion and feeling. It can give your readers a sense of warmth and welcome. Nice post. Thanks!

  • Hi everyone,

    it is true that image in every post is essential! And I will agree with you that if it would be your own photo it would be great.

    I will be honest I didn’t use my own photos at my blog very often, rather very rarely.

    But I think it is a good idea.

    Thank you

    And see you on top.

  • Dear Daren,
    Good point and especially using your OWN material! Way too often bloggers and other social media outlets are using other people’s photos. Not adhering to proper netiquette. That is called plagiarism and I for me ditch such bloggers soon enough…
    Enjoy your writing and the fast exit of this way too short year!

  • I agree ! What we did was get a account at pro-photo storage and it allows us to send our pictures directly to our blogs. It allows us to store our photos for later use as well. We dont use the stock agencies anymore as there is so much you can do with digital photography that why pay for photos.

  • Thanks, this is definitely something I’m working on and now that my site has been redesigned I’m working on editing the last 2 weeks of community events to blog about lol.

  • Images Gives shine to your post.By adding image to your post it become easy for your readers to understand your post ,and when your readers understand your post,definitely their trust on your blog become more reliable.This also help you in making loyal leadership.
    Many sites takes money for images.We have started a studio where you can collect almost all kind of images related to blogging for free .here is the link
    Thanks for this nice post.

  • I just got a new camera and I’ve promised myself I’m going to get out of auto mode with this one.

  • Great post Darren! I always try to choose nice images for my posts. And it really helps to attract a visitor to the post.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Darren – I absolutely agree with you 100% that images bring more visitors to your articles and it improves the look and feel of your blog.

    Recently I listed out the top 10 ways to edit your pictures online here –

  • Yeah no doubt I could use some help with my photos they say pictures tell a thousand words. On the internet it seems like a million. Pinterest and instagram are proof of that.

    I can’t say how frustrating it is trying to try and figure out image finishing on your own. It’s like mastering a music track.

    Darren, I may have to take you up on this offer TOO come on man STOP IT I’m running out of money ALREADY lol :)