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I’m a Six Figure Blogger

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of September 2005 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

It just hit me – like a truck – that I’ve just become six figure blogger.

When Andy and I selected that name for our course on entrepreneurial blogging – earning over $100k from blogging in a 12 month period was more of a catchy name and a dream than an achievable thing – but sometime in the last month or so it actually became a reality.

August is over and my monthly Adsense figures were a new record – the daily average was $511.27 with the monthly total coming in at just a stones throw from $16,000 (USD). The following picture is a screen capture (with my personal details blocked out) of the monthly total. It actually ended up being 0.36 cents higher than the total you see there (it all counts I guess).


As you’d expect, I’m pretty happy with that total – but what made me even happier (and made my heart skip a beat) was to look at the total for the past 12 month period and realize that this month’s total took me over the magical $100,000 since 1 September last year. In fact it took me over that mark considerably.

I wasn’t planning on an announcement of earnings this month – but I guess in the lead up to a course on six figure blogging it might be a good thing to actually let people know that it’s possible for a one person show to hit that kind of mark with enough time, luck and honest hard work.

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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Wow this really is something that will inspire me

    Iam still struggling to get my earnings over $10-15 a day, its a tough business but iam slowly noticing that putting in the hard work = results :)

  2. This is photoshopped. Why do I think that?

    If you are getting $500 a day in clicks.. thats a massive amount of clicks. So at any given time of day your “Today’s earnings” should be something more than zero. Unless They waited till midnight to take this screen shot but even then… i dunno.

    Anyhoo… if its true congrats, if its not, shame on you.

  3. Huey – you got it in one. I waited until the end of the day and then took the screen shot. At the time that this happened AdSense only updated once every 30-60 minutes so it wasn’t hard to get it at $0.00 – that was actually my intention as I didn’t want the daily earnings to be a distraction from the monthly ones. Of course it ended up backfiring as so many people got distracted by the $0.00. Oh well – that’s life!

  4. woow! amazing! hope i can be like you sir!

  5. Amazing! I just began blogging to get information out so that people can make informed consumer choices. I wonder if AdSense would have ads for environmentally and human-friendly products on my blog, once I have more content. If it was that, and not just random products, then I might consider it, at least for a trial period. How interesting.

  6. what a great earnings! incredible. i couldn’t believe it!

  7. […] you can make a claim about your own achievement. I still remember the impact that this post had on establishing ProBlogger as an authority site. The opening line […]

  8. wow. its so amazing! we’re so inspired with this post. you’re so great!

  9. Sometimes i envy you, sometimes i adore you. Humans!!!! Great job you are doing. Wish i could be as consistent as you. I am planning my website as a free blog to users. I will be providing free review services, free seo services, rss submission etc. I dont want to charge people for my services. However a few extra bucks like adsense earnings wouldnt hurt

  10. Thats just awesome, I would love to make that, right now I’m at 57.00 for the year, and it’s only December!
    I know wow right!

    So what’s the trick, how do you get people to click ads, I click peoples ads just to help them out :)


  11. I consider that amount as spectacular income. Congratulations! I hope that I could make it one day.

  12. Congrats Gents, please share us your success story step by step so I also can learn from it.Thanks a lot

  13. wow man that is great. I only wish I could have such success with my online marketing

  14. Darren thank you for letting us know that is it possible.
    Christine Groth

  15. Wow you get me excited. I have just started SIx figure yearly income” click on me and check it out” and only a week I am seeing results, this thing is real

  16. Hoping that I can earn this much someday. :D I was so inspired with this post :)

  17. I don’t need so much…I just need enough to get by without working :D

    But it’s hard when I write stuff I like but not what people like to read XD

    Congrats and cheers!~

    Vicissitudes of Life

  18. Thanks for the inspiring post and congrats on this great achievement !

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