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I’m a Six Figure Blogger

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of September 2005 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

It just hit me – like a truck – that I’ve just become six figure blogger.

When Andy and I selected that name for our course on entrepreneurial blogging – earning over $100k from blogging in a 12 month period was more of a catchy name and a dream than an achievable thing – but sometime in the last month or so it actually became a reality.

August is over and my monthly Adsense figures were a new record – the daily average was $511.27 with the monthly total coming in at just a stones throw from $16,000 (USD). The following picture is a screen capture (with my personal details blocked out) of the monthly total. It actually ended up being 0.36 cents higher than the total you see there (it all counts I guess).


As you’d expect, I’m pretty happy with that total – but what made me even happier (and made my heart skip a beat) was to look at the total for the past 12 month period and realize that this month’s total took me over the magical $100,000 since 1 September last year. In fact it took me over that mark considerably.

I wasn’t planning on an announcement of earnings this month – but I guess in the lead up to a course on six figure blogging it might be a good thing to actually let people know that it’s possible for a one person show to hit that kind of mark with enough time, luck and honest hard work.

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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. […] Darren Rowse is a six-figure blogger. Last week he celebrated ProBlogger’s second birthday by “giving something back”. He raised over a thousand Aussie dollars to buy 110 ‘pairs’ of chickens for families living in poverty. That’s more than just chicken feed. […]

  2. Its great. My way is 99 Cent taler. But i will make it better.

  3. […] So again, I was reading my daily reads, and once again, I’m inspired by ProBlogger Darren Rowse, in his post I’m a six figure blogger. This is way cool. $100,000K from blogging! Now, as Darren put it, this road is not going to be easy, its not a get rich quick scheme, but its really exciting, and its way what I love to do! Besides, I think blogging is a really awesome way to hone your skills to express yourselves in words, and in critical thinking when leaving your two cents worth about the things going on in the blogosphere. […]

  4. […] His ProBlogger site is averaging about 120,000+ visitors a month, and that, in addition to his other blogs he runs, earns him enough to make him six figures a year! In one of his articles, he talks about becoming a six figure blogger – the article is called: “I’m A Six Figure Blogger!”. […]

  5. Whoa!! I’m jealous. But reaching this height does take a lot of hardwork and dedication i’m sure.

  6. Hi,
    You are my inspiration!

    One day I will also be like you–>My Dream.

  7. […] Successful bloggers can make a serious living from blog advertising. Steve Pavlina has recently posted that he is making over $1000 per day from his blog. Darren Rowse is another great example. […]

  8. Nice! My goal is to make somewhere $100 a day at FreeSubject.com and my other sites. You’re really an inspiration Darren! Good luck and keep it up! :)

  9. Congrats Darren!!!

    Sure it requires a hell lot of time and committment to earn that figure.

    But i always wonder, Is adsense (for that matter any ad program) a long term cash cow. Or we wasting time for short term gains.

  10. […] $60,000 per month: Michael Arrington $30,00 per month: Steve Pavlina $25,000 per month: Amit Agarwal $16,000 per month: Darren Rowse […]

  11. Wow…I’m always happy to read about other people’s success stories. As you pointed out, the six-figure income is from 20 sites, you must be a hard worker, too. This is important to know because blogging, like any other line work, requires time and dedication, to succeed.

    Congratulations. I wish you continued success!

  12. […] For example, Darren Rowse, over at ProBlogger.com is a “Six figure blogger.” He’s also a full-time blogger with multiple blogs. I don’t think I want to be a full-time blogger, but I find info on his site incredibly helpful. […]

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  14. 10 mauvaises raisons de bloguer…

    1) Bloguer pour devenir riche.Certes, les médias nous parlent de blogueurs qui ont fait fortune, qui gagnent plus d……

  15. […] Denn 15.849,60 U$ macht Problogger Darren Rowse aus Melbourne / Australien im Monat mit seinem Blog – sein Screenshot mit den Zahlen ist schon beeindruckend. Und zwar nachhaltig – seine Einkünfte sind kontinuierlich gestiegen, was dieser Chart belegt. […]

  16. […] One of the first blogs I read was Yugatech. I love techie stuff. A link in one of Yuga’s entry I’m a Six Figure Blogger opened my eyes. Whoa! Oh my God. I knew about monetizing blogs in 2003 but at that time, Google did not consider blogs for their Google Adsense Program. After reading that entry, I immediately optimized and monetized my blogs. All I can tell you that it is possible to earn quite well from blogs. How much? Hmmm…. Just keep reading Abe and Darren Rowse. Learn , learn and experiment. […]

  17. respect man! congratulations!

  18. […] Then, there is the case of at Problogger.com.  He’s one of the top 50 in Technorati, so he’s certainly not representative of the average blogger.  According to him, he made over 6 figures in the past year.   I’m gonna assign him a conservative income of $200,000 a year from all his online activity.    According to him his take from AdSense revenue is about $15,000 a month (or at least it was back in August).  That’s a nice piece of change. […]

  19. […] Then, there is the case of at Problogger.com. He’s one of the top 50 in Technorati, so he’s certainly not representative of the average blogger. According to him, he made over 6 figures in the past year. I’m gonna assign him a conservative income of $200,000 a year from all his online activity. According to him his take from AdSense revenue is about $15,000 a month (or at least it was back in August). That’s a nice piece of change. […]

  20. […] Darren Rowse claimt tonnen per jaar te verdienen met zijn specialistische blogs en het daarbij overkoepelende Problogger.net. Hij raadt […]

  21. Oh well I think ill make more then that this year with my blogs, ps I just open new one lol http://www.bontb.com

  22. Nice to see that google check. I’m receiving something similar piece of paper for 18 months of my blogging career, but never those digits. wish I had started to reah Problogger much earlier. But no regrets, I’m here and wishing good luck for you future dreams, Darren.

  23. […] Rowse, an Australian blogger who makes six figures doing what he does, is the co-founder of the b5 media network of blogs, and truly inspires other […]

  24. Great Check, keeps me motivated.

  25. […] I don’t think I’m being biased putting him on the top of this list. I mean, look at this earnings report. And that was a while back. Surely revenues must’ve gone up […]

  26. […] daugiausiai uždirbančių blogų statistikos nėra, tačiau jei kam reikia iššūkio – 100 000 dolerių per mėnesį galėtų būti pirmąją stotele pradedant gyventi iš savo […]

  27. $16k may sound great, but… not less important thing, is how much $ did you spent for achieving that? (advertising / promotion cost, in other words)

  28. 6 Figure.. Its Just a dream for me.. But you are really Great… Just Great

  29. mycuterose says: 07/16/2007 at 2:19 am

    This article is fine and teaching many money making ideas

  30. That is simply amazing. I wish I have found your post before and I had no idea that Adsence can bring a profit like that… Congratulations!

  31. I am surprised that bloggers are making such a huge amount of money out of their blogging and this may attract others to join this bloggers trend. But it is not simple as it sounds. I, myself has started my little effort to enter into new venture to share and enhance my knowledge. Only time will tell the effect is useful or not. But what can I say this point, is that it is not a simple as it sound.

  32. Wow–Amazing! You are an inspiration to everyone to keep working hard in hopes of earning that kind of money! Great job & keep up the great work!

  33. This is a great blog for bloggers. I keep seeing advertisements that tries to sell something that is suppose to increase Adsense revenue a lot. I didn’t think it would be possible to earn that much with Adsense, but probably is for most people. You are one of those top dogs out there with a thousand+ traffic per day. I didn’t realize this was a post from 2 years ago. I bet you are making a lot more now. Keep up the fantastic work.

  34. I have no doubt that you know what your talking about so please don’t be offended when I ask this.

    I was disturbed at your snapshot of your Google earnings. So you earn 15,000 or more dollars however in the top left corner it said you earned 0. How do you get to the point of 15,000 dollars when you have earned nothing that day? Is this a real snapshot?


  35. not offended Christine.

    The screen shot was taken right at the start of the day when Google changed from one day to the next with their tracking. So there had not been any earnings for that day yet.

  36. Excellent! Mabye one day we will all be like that!

  37. wow, that’s awesome!!!!!!!!! congrates for yr nice earning. I hope i could get such ammount too :(

  38. Hey Darren,

    I have been a big fan of yours for some time. Those adsense earnings are fantastic. I would scream if I ever saw earnings like that on my acocunt. Just seeing results like this onyl gives bloggers like us out there the drive to work even harder. Keep up the great work!

  39. digin says: 09/21/2007 at 4:59 pm

    i just want to say, that is not a “honest” work, you are filling the internet with stupid webpages just to put ads without have a really useful site, making lose to the surfers valued time watching spammed sites with google adsense, here and anywhere is not a honest work, dont say it.

  40. have you read my blogs digin? I spend hours and hours every day writing useful and quality content.

  41. Awesome..I wish I had the same earnings ;) Hm.. I earn only about 100$ on month. Not much but more than nothing, for my 16 years. Maybe you can help my Pagerank comming higher and maybe I will earn more xD


  42. An amazing story that motivates all of us. Keep up the good work!

  43. Great content for motivation and something to aspire too. I just started blogging. If anyone has any other tips I’m all ears.

  44. I think you are right, but it is not good solution for me :)

  45. What a great inspiration!

    I will have to check out your problogger course!

  46. That is normal you’ve worked to achieve that success, congratulation.

  47. Congrats, this are some high earnings!

  48. The screencap was taken a long time ago and there have been many AdSense changes since then so how about some more recent months?

  49. Hi Darren,
    Your all posts are very much informative and useful for the blogger who has just started blogging.I have read your many posts from last six months,which will help me a lot.thank you for the same.Your earning will definitly inspire to many blogger to achieve this much success.
    Thank you once again.

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