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If you have a spare 55 minutes and 33 seconds this weekend….

Posted By Darren Rowse 12th of October 2008 Social Media 0 Comments

Produced by Dr. Micael Wesch and his team at Kansas State University – via David.

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  1. Just watched this video. Very informative. Talks about history of the internet, You Tube, and so on. I recommend it. Thanks for mentioning this.
    A Dawn

  2. Thanks to David for sharing this video and to Dr Micael Wesch of KSU for making this wonderful video. Cheers.

  3. Darren, you beat me to the punch. I had this in my editor set to go live next week. Dr. Micael Wesch is an amazing prof and he is on the cutting edge of using social media in education.

    I am a KSU alum and wish I had had Dr. Wesch when I was in college.

  4. What’s YouTube? lol jk, pretty interesting video

  5. Just finished watching the video. Amazing. There is nothing necessarily ground breaking or additional information, but it somehow puts it all together in a way to comprehend the overall meaning of what has occurred during the past ~5 years on the Internet.

    It is really amazing.

  6. Thanks for sharing this. It puts a great perspective on social media and how it all ties together. And really gives a feel for how strong of an impact it has on media, pop culture, communication and so much more.

  7. Excellent video! Thanks for posting.

  8. This is a really fantastic video. For those of you considering to give an hour or not, this is definitely not a waste of time… its a good step back to consider what it is that we are all creating on the web.

  9. thank you again…

  10. Thanks for sharing this. It was a very interesting video about community and social media. Simply loved it!

  11. I love when we begin to start seeing beyond that which stays on the surface of the digital connectivity “scape” and start considering how it defines who we are.

    The concept of identity, self, privacy, entertainment, and all that we know are in flux right now. It’s an interesting time to be alive, isn’t it?

  12. Awesome… thanks :-)

  13. Great video, thanx for sharing

  14. Video looks promoising. I am going to watch it now!

  15. Good one, thanks ^^

  16. A quote on distraction I read the other day:

    “America is addicted to wars of distraction”

  17. Thanks for posting this – timely – fascinating. I will pass the link on.

  18. Education is only a distraction if it doesn’t provide any tangible benefits for the student. My contention is that while the concepts of identity, self, privacy, and entertainment do change during the progressions of time, they are not in a flux, instead, they are simply being revealed from another perspective, a perspective that was simply not available earlier, allowing for new discovery.

    Anthropologists are among my favorite teachers. According to the late Marvin Harris cultures take on their characteristic forms in response to the available resources. As the demands of the growing population eventually exceed these resources, cultures undertake increasingly intensive forms of production until the original resources reach the point of depletion. Then, if the culture is to survive, it must create a new technology, and the cycle of production, overpopulation, intensification, and depletion repeats itself.

    Understanding this cycle, and how it impacts you is a key to your continued prosperity.

  19. Hi Dave,

    Well, I only have one thing to say – fantastic!!!
    You know, we all know the potentialities of internet (youtube in this case), but few of us realise what it really means. Few of us, maybe even working ”in it” don’t quite understand the strength and power this kind of ”participant collaboration”….

    Thank you for this and also a good work to Michael Wesch

  20. Two other videos worth taking a look at about kids that are funny and I think you would enjoy when you get a chance.


    I didn’t want you all to think I am into videos about kids kicking people, but they are worth a look when you have a rough blogging day. :)

  21. mihla says: 10/13/2008 at 4:53 am

    How I wish all of this had been available at the beginning of my life instead of now when I have so few years left to participate. Regret is probably not the emotion Michael Wesch expected to evoke with this exceptional video.

  22. The video is really very interesting. Yet it made me think about the issue of quality on the web. OK. So you are right, Mike, that Youtube has original content. However, is it really interesting? Is it really new?

    Read more of my thoughts of this video here:

  23. Wow I am a reader, not a video person, so I rarely have the attention span to even watch a 3 minute video, let along a 55 minute video, but this was really well put together and explains a great deal about why people spend so much time on the internet. Thanks for sharing this!

    Producing videos is a lot like blogging. We all blog because we want to be connected, and the need for connection is stronger than the need for food, water, shelter, safety– or any other basic human need.

    I am working on a guest post right now “Why we Blog” and have sited an extremely unethical experiment done on baby rhesus monkeys.

    The babies were either given a wire mom monkey with a bottle attached, or a snuggling soft mom monkey with no food.

    The baby monkeys all curled up next to the snuggly soft monkey and died of starvation.

    They had the option to get food, but they chose connection above and beyond that.

    The basic human need for connection is so strong that it surpasses every other need.

    Everyone is truly disconnected in our culture as stated in this video and that is the root problem of what is really going wrong with our society.

    The family unit has been disrupted by the new standard for the dual income family, and as a result we have a whole new neglected generation of teenagers fighting for someone to pay attention to them on Youtube.

  24. Wow, thats amazing. I started just to watch a couple of minutes and wound up watching the whole thing. I love studies like this, and I learned so much.

    I never really grasped what Web 2.0 is, but now I get it. Posting on youtube to help people live in the world, the lights are coming on. This has SOOO many applications in business, thank you for helping to understand people.

  25. Social media means you do not have to be responsible – you can quit at anytime.

  26. Social media is exclusive – only those who have the means can particiapte.

  27. I came across a blog the other day that did not have comments. It was an opinion piece too but no option for discussion.

    A blog belongs to the person who created it and if they want to throw info out without letting people discuss it then it’s their business. However, it does draw a negative toward their character in my opinion.

  28. I have that time… ;)

    Thanks for this posting and the video too.

  29. Thanks for sharing a great video which shows the power of social media.
    By this video we can understand how social media has changed our internet experience and some what our life too.

    Today with social media sites we can connect to the world very easily and show our work and knowledge.

  30. This was a very very interesting watch. I caught it last night when I was checking out my reader and ended up getting to bed an hour later.. haha

  31. Thanks for sharing this, Darren.

    Great video! I feel like making my first vlog now. :)

  32. thanks for nice video…..I am very enjoy….I love the music background….thanks for information…..

  33. I think I stumbled your web 2.0 video a while ago. Just like I stumbled this~

    I didn’t watch the whole video but I plan to later, very good! That’s about all I can say. =3

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