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If Marilyn Monroe was a Blogger What Would She Do?

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of December 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Today Mara Rogers from Secrets for Money looks at how Marilyn Monroe would blog.

If Marilyn Monroe was a Blogger, what would she do? Here are some quotations from famous classic silver screen stars, and what I imagine their advice to all us bloggers would be.

So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

(1) “I just want to be wonderful.”—Marilyn Monroe

marilyn-monroe.jpgFor bloggers: I highly recommend that among the goals of your blog should be that you “want to be wonderful.”

At http://www.SecretsForMoney.com  I want our visitors to say “I want more of you!” I want them to be excited for the next post, and I always want them to want to read more content from us, more, more, and more!

How do you get to hear from your visitors “I want more of you!” at your blog? There are several internal-world mindset shifts and external-world actions that together can change the “silver screen” of your blog!

Here’s how~

(2) “Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.”—James Stewart (Jimmy Stewart)

Jimmy StewartFor bloggers: This is a crucial mindset to have. Even if your blog is monetized, your visitors—who make up your audience—are your “partners.”

Always ask yourself: What do my visitors need? What benefits can I bring to them?

Know the difference between a fad and a trend. A fad comes and goes very quickly, but a trend lasts. You want to be positioned and ready to ride the trend as it rises. Become a ‘trend-forecaster’—know a trend is coming before it arrives so you can take advantage of it with your blog.

One way to learn how to do this is by analyzing certain online resources such as Amazon —what book subjects do you think will become popular in the future based on what book subjects you see are popular now? Book subjects and topics are also blog subjects and topics.

If you sell products on your blog go to http://www.pulse.ebay.com and see the section on the Home Page of the most “Popular Searches” on ebay.

I also recommend researching “Keywords” and how they apply to your blog’s URL. You can type in your blog’s URL using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to do this: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

When you review the “stats” of your blog what articles are people responding to? In the “comments’ they post on your blog, what are they asking you for? All of this is very revealing and tells you what your “partners” want and need.

At http://www.SecretsForMoney.com I ask the visitors what kinds of articles they would like us to report on. That doesn’t mean every suggestion a visitor makes will be appropriate for the vision or branding of my blog, but it is very important that I evaluate what the visitors—my “partners” say.

After all, as you will read in the “About” page of my site, the entire purpose of the blog is for the visitors. Of course the blog is monetized with ads, but I wouldn’t be setting a very good example if my personal development blog about making money, saving money and getting wealthy wasn’t also monetized!

(3) “The more things you do, the more you can do.” –Lucille Ball

lucille_ball.jpgFor bloggers: The importance of stretching your comfort zone cannot be emphasized enough. When you do stretch your comfort zone, you can accomplish much more since you are taking more of what you perceive to be risks—”stretches”—not avoiding them

As a result, you will then act in spite of discomfort, and try something new, whether that is a new way of writing, or learning a new piece of technology, or approaching a very famous person to interview for an article.

Once your comfort zone is stretched, what used to be new, scary, and uncomfortable to you, is now something you have done before, therefore it has become comfortable, so you end up achieving more. Your world becomes bigger, because you are not keeping it small.

The more you stretch your comfort zone the wider it becomes, therefore you end up doing more, easily and effortlessly.

(4) “It is up to us to give ourselves recognition. If we wait for it to come from others, we feel resentful when it doesn’t, and when it does, we may well reject it”–Spencer Tracy

spencer-tracy-sized.jpgFor bloggers: Your reason for blogging and your mindset cannot come from a place of insecurity, with the goal of getting recognition and approval from others. The most popular blogs are those that are spearheaded by empowered bloggers, bloggers who blog because they love it.

Yes, you should blog for your audience and your future audience, and your blog should have a market value—it should fill a need and supply benefits to your audience and also have timely posts—but you must avoid the ‘recognition trap.’

How do you avoid the ‘recognition trap’? Don’t seek approval from others, this is trying to people-please and it is a dead-end. Why? Well, first of all, it is impossible to please everyone or convince everyone of your perspective. Secondly, if you are blogging and looking for positive feedback in order to feel worthy then it is a waste of your precious energy. Your self-esteem cannot rise or fall based on whether or not you receive positive recognition, or you are in for a miserable rollercoaster ride as a blogger.

You want to be an information-specialist with your own strong position and voice and have a backbone, not a blogger who twists themselves into a pretzel and alters their stance and written words or opinion each time they get negative feedback—this will influence and taint your performance. No one can avoid disapproval and criticism. Be unflappable.

(5) “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”—Judy Garland

Judy-Garland.jpgFor bloggers:   Do not be afraid to buck the trend, to have your blog look different in terms of design, layout, color palette etc. from others blogs, or to have your blog read differently from other blogs.

Stop comparing your blog to other peoples’ blogs, let your blog be different, that is what will make people be drawn to it.

You want to be unconventional, not mediocre.

Who knows, maybe what you do and write in your blog will actually set the latest blog trend!

(6) “An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.”—Mae West

Mae_West.jpgFor bloggers: ‘Over deliver’ in your blog posts, but I do not mean adding superfluous words. Be concise, and make each word count.

Ask yourself: How can I add overwhelming amounts of value to my site visitors and blog subscribers?

How can I influence, effect, and inspire other people?

Providing value is the key factor that determines the success of your blog.

Ingrid-Bergman.jpg(7) “You must train your intuition — you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.”—Ingrid Bergman

For bloggers: Do not listen to the “noise” around you.

Listen to the inner voice within you; your heart’s wisdom.

(8) “Is there anything better than to be longing for something, when you know it is within reach?”—Greta Garbo

Greta-Garbo.jpgFor bloggers: O.K. So, you might have to forget the ‘microwave-mentality’—your blog may not get the following you want in a microcook second. But it is the journey after all, not the destination.

I bet all these timeless silver screen superstars would say the same to you—you can do it! And the anticipation knowing that you can achieve all that you want and have a great time along the way is everything—believe in yourself! It is just a matter of time!

As Marilyn Monroe said: “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”

Go forth and shine bright fellow bloggers—you are unstoppable!

Copyright © 2008 by Mara Rogers of http://www.SecretsForMoney.com

Mara Rogers is the Founder of http://www.SecretsForMoney.com where she and her team work to empower you to freedom by helping you increase your capacity for all the wealth currencies: money, time, health, and love.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Ya I want to be wonderful..
    Learn’t a lot from this post..

  2. There’s actually a lot of people who blog for blogging sake and to keep up with their undying fans.

  3. Now that was one of the most original, interesting, and entertaining blogger advice articles I think I have ever read!
    This puppy will be printed off and taped to my desk!
    Thank you!
    Christy Jordan

  4. What an interesting way of getting your point across!

  5. I scanned this post and loved the bullet points. Without reading the detail, I stumbled it as one that I liked.


  6. Well, I was expecting to read a synopsis of Marilyn Monroe’s escapades, but this was better. Who would have thought that movie and stage celebrities would have made such meaningful statements about life that we bloggers can use, especially Marilyn Monroe? Inspiration when you least expect it, from surprising sources.

    My favorite…

    “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”

  7. Now that’s a wonderful post, with great writing!

  8. I want to know what Dennis Hopper would do if he was in character as Frank Booth (Blue Velvet).

  9. Yeah, interesting comparison of Hollywood stars and the world of blogging.

  10. Thank you Mara ! Great post and great quotations .

  11. Very creative use of the collective wisdom of classic screen actors. I find a lot of wisdom and discipline comes from those who master any art form, including acting.

  12. Great article I found it on twitter

  13. wow, wonderful post! :-) reminds me of starbucks, who refer to its crew as “partners.” too bad they closed down so many of their branches :-(

    nice post!

  14. Mara,I thought that your use of images and quotations as they relate to blogging and your opinions of blogging were great.
    I also enjoyed Daniel’s remarks as it poses a question all in itself. Very nicely done.


  15. Really interesting and creative article. We want more of theese.. :)

  16. Thanks, Mara, for such a great, creative post! You’ve answered a few things I’ve been wondering about the way I blog. Inspired, I am, to start thinking differently. :-)

  17. I really needed to be reminded that my blogging can’t come from a place of insecurity and that I blog because I love blogging!

  18. This was a fun read.

    If you don’t mind my taking a turn, I think John Candy’s blog would have been called, “Like Takin’ Candy” and Gilda Radner might have created, “It’s Always Something.”

  19. Very interesting point of view! Thanks for sharing this interesting article with us!

  20. Wow, Mara, this should keep me busy with new focus throughout all of 2009. I always knew I adored Lucille Ball but your take on her reminder to stretch is great. There are some things I keep saying I’ll do when I’m ready…I’m so busted:) Guess it’s time to stretch NOW.

    @Sarah Jo – yes, I’ll join you in that self reminder:)

  21. Very creative post! I love how you presented your points. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. An interesting new angle to approach the age old problem of how to attract an audience

  23. Fantastic article. I wish I could make it my wallpaper to constantly remind me of those great words of wisdom and how to apply them to what I’m doing.

  24. Inspiring and well-written post. I love how you’ve intertwined the quotes with blogger wisdom. Thanks for this!

  25. I agree with Ms. Monore. My goal with my blog is to inspire people to want to cook more. The more I’m inspired to more my readers become inspired.

  26. The best tip is to look at the style of this blog itself – intriguing to click on, concise, and full of wisdom. Well done

  27. You had me at Marilyn Monroe! Is there a reason you put her first or was this by chance? Thanks for the great read.

  28. Quotesome post!

  29. Nothing like having a little bit o’ fun!

    Hmmm. Whimsical and practical post. Probably the first time I’ve been able to say that!



  30. I like Judy Garland and Ingrid Bergman. It’s like they are saying, “Use your intuition, or whatever resources you have, and dare to be different. You don’t have to be like everyone else — even in content. Just come up with a good idea and go with it.

    Which brings us to Jimmy Stewart. He believed in making his audience partners, and giving them what they wanted. As bloggers we should do that! We shouldn’t just go with what we want, ignoring our readers. Nor should we post the same content day after day, just because we need to fill in space in our blogs, just because it is content just like what our blogger friends are doing.

    Let’s give our readers fresh content and fresh ideas. Let’s give them what they want. Let’s be fun yet classy like Judy, Ingrid and Jimmy!

    Krissy :)
    visit my main blog: Sometimes I Think
    visit me at twitter: http://www.twitter.com/iamkrissy

  31. I love your suggestions, and I too feel that any blog should above anything else provide useful, entertaining or though-provoking information for its readers. Yes, many of us are blogging to promote our business or make money from the blog itself, but that doesn’t mean you have to hit your visitors over the head with your products/services. Its kind of like being followed by a salesperson in a store you know works on commission; annoying. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.


  32. If Marilyn Monroe was a blogger she’d do videos and lots of Flickr.

    Great job leveraging heroes as a way to change perspective and gain insight.

    Napolean Hill had an approach which was basically “emulate the great.” I’m a fan of model the best.

  33. haaa…. nice idea, I will say hellon and take her picture on my blog

  34. Mara, that was such a fantastic post. I sat staring into space (consuming far too much caffeine for a health blogger) this morning whilst waiting for inspiration to strike. I tried to make use of my inactivity by scanning a few feeds and your article came up. I must say a huge thank-you on two counts:

    1) for making me smile and giving me some extremely useful and also entertaining blogging advice

    2) for inspiring today’s article. I hope makes my readers think as much as yours did me (yes, I stole your idea but full credit to you!)


  35. The answer to the title of this post is obvious to me: she would show her breasts with a link to her blog at the bottom and watch all the traffic stampede her way!

  36. This is one long post and a lot to have to think about. thanks

  37. wow, wow, great post,

    “The more things you do, the more you can do.” –Lucille Ball

    it is great…….

  38. LOL…..this post is awesome, love the quotes for (2) (3) and (7). Maybe they just hit my minds of what I’m thinking. Always love to find interesting quotations by famous pplz, never came across with celebrities’ quotes. Nicely done post!

  39. Stevie says: 12/23/2008 at 7:47 pm

    All I can say is bravo! Brilliant post! It got my attention because I’ve loved Marilyn for years; it kept my attention because like the woman herself, it had more depth than the headline would betray. This one is definitely a keeper-you have my Plurk!

  40. This is a great post! Very helpful tips and I love the title,very creative. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  41. Awesome post! It’s all about being original and blogging from your heart’s source.

  42. Fantastic post. Very unique.

    As for what Marilyn would really blog about – considering her life wasn’t as glamorous as some people liked to think, I think she’d use her blog to talk about the downsides. She was secretly unhappy, but kept a smile on her face for the cameras & her fans.

  43. I dont know I think she would post a lot of photos of her and her movies.

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