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Hundreds of Bloggers to Interact with On Digg and StumbleUpon

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of July 2008 Social Media 41

It’s time to release into the wild another two of our Social Media Love-In lists – this time it’s all about social bookmarking.

The opportunities for collaboration and cooperation on sites like Digg and StumbleUpon are amazing. They can be powerful tools with the potential to drive significant traffic to a blog.

One of the keys that I’ve found to doing this is to have a good base of friends on the sites. As a result the following two lists could be quite significant.

Didn’t make it on the lists?

Unfortunately we were hit so hard with people submitting their social media profiles that we could only take submissions for 24 hours – however all is not lost if you missed out for two reasons:

  1. I’m hoping to do this again (it won’t be for a few weeks as this has taken a lot of work to compile)
  2. If you befriend the above people you can still benefit. I find that when I befriend someone on a site like Digg or StumbleUpon that it often comes back to me with the other person friending me. This is less so on SU where there’s a limit to friends (200 last time I looked) but there are plenty of opportunities for collaboration even if you’re not on these lists.

Keep in mind – these people are bloggers – they’re influencers – they’re a part of sites that are incredibly powerful and networking with them can be a powerful thing.

PS: don’t forget our list of 538 Twitter using bloggers.

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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
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  1. Bah…

    Meant to come back and post these two, but only got my Twitter up.





  2. Very nice! I missed the 24 hour deadline by about 20 minutes. Guess I’ll need better luck next time.

  3. Ahhh finally…
    I was really waiting for them those two (especially digg)
    I hope the FriendFeed will be next..

  4. Aw shucks, too busy to keep up the last few days. I’ll join the next one. In the meantime, I’m fairly new to twitter and brand new to Digg & Stumbleupon, and I’d appreciate some new blogging friends, so add me and I’ll of course add you back! :)




  5. I’m waiting for LinkedIn personally

  6. Which other sites are you going to be compiling lists for?

  7. Sorry I was late to the party!

    I have quite a following on SU. Happy to join in!


  8. Hmm, if we didn’t make the list, I guess we could comment and get on the comment list.

    Twitter is: http://twitter.com/Jeffr0
    StumbleUpon: http://jeffr0.stumbleupon.com/

  9. ifindtrends says: 07/26/2008 at 10:52 am

    pEOPLE. This is awesome.. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would not add 500 people in one day especially at DIGG and Stumble .

    Your accounts will prob be deleted.

    Are all of these friends worth it?

    Not all 500 are going to digg your stuff.

    Make it random. Add 70 today etc

    Just a suggestion.

    This will be an interesting experiment to see how many people get banned !

    I hope I am wrong :)

  10. Thanks for Darren and Lara for the idea and compiling the list! the words are out :)

  11. Wow, what a fantastic resource for networking. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. Great List. I’ve put together an imacro script to add all the Diggs friends for you. http://promote-my-site.com/index.php/246-Add-the-ProBlogger-Friends-List-the-Easy-Way.html

    I’ve already had a half dozen people become mutual friends as this is running, and it’s 12:40AM EST.

  13. Also, people, unless you’re digging content (to focus on Digg, for instance) on jewelry sites or blogging or tweeting about jewelry, it would be nonsensical to have a Digg friend who only diggs, tweets, and blogs about jewelry.

    There are approximately 250 million bloggers in the world and it’s ludicrous to be “friends” with all of them; seek out people who share an interest with you or who you are stimulated by and see where things go. Randomness works but sometimes it’s better to be representative than random.

  14. Social Media love in

    Hi, I’m Tamal Anwar and I run http://www.tamalanwar.com for business people and http://www.blogkori.com for new bloggers

    I love to share my knowledge to help people around me, you could be a part of the good work if you add me and stumble couple of my pages..:)

    Stumble Upon: http://tamalds.stumbleupon.com

  15. Ok, Digg and StumbleUpon, I will dig and Stumble the good ones, please let me know if you find some or have some.

  16. I twitter quite often and I’m always eager to do so. You can catch me here:


  17. You guys know that on SU this sort of thing is explicitly prohibited by the Terms & Conditions?

    You will get your accounts deleted and this site blocked from SU if you keep this up.

    Lara Says: I’d LOVE for you to show me the part in the User Agreement/Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy where it says that you can’t collect a list of users who willingly give you their account names, that are not secret or hidden in any way in the first place, and publish that list so that others can add them as friends on StumbleUpon, a social media website that encourages adding people as friends.

    At first, I thought, “Oh, maybe he’s right,” and I went to check. I read the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy, and NOWHERE does it say that anything going on here is against the rules. It does say you can’t spam people, but making a list of willing participants isn’t spamming, and I’m quite sure that those who agreed to put their usernames on the list are aware that they may in fact, get spammed. Again, that could happen to anyone with an account… ANYWHERE.

    Not for nothing “Kal”, but if you’re going to make accusations and assumptions, you might want to actually READ the very thing you’re proclaiming is being violated. Show me exactly where it says we’re doing anything wrong… because I sure can’t find it.

  18. Please consider following me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/tusharm

  19. I don’t digg much (if at all) but do stumble quite a bit:

    Digg: http://digg.com/users/drivenmg
    Stumble: http://drivenmg.stumbleupon.com/

    Hope to see some good sites from this ;)

  20. I’m suprise that everyone takes the love INS and social communities so seriously… I guess I got to dust off the accounts

  21. Darren,

    I am continually impressed with the value you provide to your readers and how you share what is working for you now. I know you make a lot of money from your blog but as a viewer who gets the information for free thanks to your sponsors it seems like you are defining a new role for yourself that I would define as “bloganthropist” – someone who makes money by giving away free info via blogging.

    Thanks for the social networking info. Great timing for some things we are going to launch in a couple of days!


  22. After the Twitter Blizzard of followers I am not sure I could handle this…off now to add friends!
    Thanks Darren,

  23. Hmm, looks like I missed the party too.

  24. And it looks i too missed it…!

  25. Great idea.
    It can be so hard for my wealth/entrepreneur blog to get any attention on digg. Befriending people could help me get some more attention (and traffic)

  26. You missed me in the stumble list… user: smub

    You got me in digg though ;) so thats cool.

  27. Ive been a loyal reader for 2 years and the couple of days I dont read the site I miss out on this opportunity. Dang!

    Maybe, those of us in the comments section should get our own list going!

    Here are mine:


  28. Thnks darren for your info.

  29. I missed it again. But I really appreciate the list of digg and SU users. Thanks!

  30. Better late than never- I will try to catch it the next time around!

  31. Hi Daz,

    My website is about Finance and Ways to Save Money and I have added a social widget to it, so that people can Digg and Sphere and RedIt my articles etc – but the problem remains that Australians are not as big on all this social media as the USA.

    My website – http://www.savingsguide.com.au has over 150 articles, all of which I digg on my own to share – but never has someone else taken the initiative to digg them.

    Will Australia ever catch on?

  32. I run a music site that focuses on daily news, reviews. Check it out and if you think we’re worth linking up with, we can be found on these pages:



  33. I could really use some friendship, as I’m just starting out as a blogger.



  34. yes…digg and stumble upon very powerfull social media….. I already use it

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