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How to Use Google’s Wonder Wheel to Find Topics to Write about

Posted By Darren Rowse 31st of July 2009 Video Posts 0 Comments

Stuck for ideas to write about? Here’s a quick and easy to use tool from Google to help you identify topics within most niches.

View this video at full size to get all the visual details in the video here on Facebook.

PS: a number of people have been asking about how I made this video and what microphone I am using. The mic is a Rode Podcaster USB microphone which I only recently have received. It’s not a small microphone but the quality it has produced is excellent.

The software I used to record the video and screen capture is a Mac tool called ScreenFlow. This is the first time I’ve used it and I there’s a lot more I could have done with it – I’m still learning to use its features.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. It sounds interesting. I’m running a blog by myself and often feel lack of great topic recently. This could be very helpful. Cheers man.

  2. Well I think the most important thing when it comes to blogging is to select the topic and the keywords. If we can come out of that problem in flying colors our blog will stand out,
    Good video post on Google’s wonder wheel to find topics to write about. Well done.

  3. Hmm, can’t play the full screen video.. checking and thanks for sharing this tool Darren.

  4. Thats cool! I like how you can drill down related keyword so quickly and easily.

    Thanks for the Tip!

  5. That is cool! I like how you can drill down related keywords in a snap.

    Thanks for the tip!

  6. Awesome tool, Darren! I use Google 18/7 and never heard of it. How recent is this tool?
    Also, why there is such a huge difference in the quality of the video when viewed from this blog vs. Facebook?

  7. interesting trick to try :)

  8. Thanks for information and tips. Very nice and coll videos, and big resource of searching.

  9. Thanks for sharing this golden nugget with us, Darren. It’s something that I most likely would not have known about for some time. I never even noticed those extra options when I searched Google before.

    It’s definitely something I’ll be using as research for my blog posts in future. :)


  10. Great tip thank you!

  11. This is a very interesting idea. I’ll be glad when Google decides to put the options on the sidebar where we can see them. There’s so many that I don’t think to look for!

  12. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    I am sure this will help many people increase their AdSense income by finding more subjects related to the main subject they were writting about. This should be a hit.

  13. Hi,

    Google’s Wonder Wheel is a new tool to me. Thanks for sharing! It seems to be an useful tool for brainstorming blog topics.

  14. Thanks so much Darren for this incredible video.

    This is news to me and I intend on making good use of the Google Wonder Wheel!

  15. Very helpful, I am always stuck for what to write about and have not heard about the wonder wheel. I have another one of your posts on how to plan your blog topics printed out and reference that as well.


  16. What a fantastic resource, and so easy to use.

    Thanks for sharing this, the video was great!

  17. Does wow say enough? What about thank you very much?
    Maybe I should just go with a big word and hope that get’s the point across.

  18. It’s the first time for me to learn about this wonder wheel and I’m trying it now ;o) I do hope you can visit my blog and hopefully, leave your thoughts on the topics. It’ll be very much appreciated to hear from you.

  19. Thank you so much, Darren.

    I saw someone else — the Adran Michael SEO Yahoo expert, actually — talking about the Google Wonder Wheel and I wondered what he was talking about.

    Now I know.

    Off to play, thanks again.

  20. Thanks for this tip.I couldn’t see the video because I am at work and they block Facebook. That is really neat and cool feature that I didn’t know about. Thanks Greg Ellison

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  22. Excellent tool, thanks Darren for pointing it out.

  23. Excellent video. It is always great to have new ways to find a great topic to write about. Much appreciated!

  24. What a fantastic tool. Thanks for sharing.

    I would suggest it would be good for niche research also.

    Thanks again,


  25. Hi,

    The video was great, and it made me excited about the tool but I don’t know why i couldn’t find this tool on google.co.in. The tool is simply not there. What to do now?

  26. Yes, we’re definitely living in a Google world. Hadn’t come across the wonder wheel…

  27. Hi Darren,

    Thanks for tips. Very useful!


  28. wow cool video, but there are so many rivals out there, it’s still difficult to win any English keyword..

    sorry if I use poor English

  29. This is a really handy tip for finding quality keywords.

  30. Awesome video and really handy tool!

  31. This seems like a very interesting way to come up with topics to write about. The worst is when you hit writers block and can’t come up with anything new to write about.

  32. Google is an amazing tool. I had no idea about the wonder wheel but I will definitely use it when I’m stuck for ideas!

  33. Hi Darren,

    It’s my first visit to your blog and Wow… will I be coming back!

    This is such a simple way to do keyword research and get new ideas and best of all, it’s free!

    I love free tools like this and am always looking for new ways to provide new free tools and content to my readers, so not only have you helped me, but also them too.

    Thanks for a very valuable post and I’ll be checking back regularly from now on!


  34. Awesome video and really handy tool!

  35. Wonderful!

    Not only can you find new blog posting topics, but this is also a great way to research a market.

    As an example, let’s say I’m researching the laptop market. I would use the wonder wheel to find out what are the related terms and words that Google is suggesting. My understanding is that Google focuses on display key terms that are relevant and useful in that market. It’s another arsenal towards researching keywords!

  36. Patrenia says: 08/13/2009 at 2:28 am

    Awesome idea Darren. Thanks for providing it to all of us. I am definitely a newbie and this is a tip I know I’ll be using.

  37. Hmm, this is the first time I knew this options. Interesting! Sometimes the great tools appear right in front of us but we never discover it. ^^

  38. Fantastic new tool! It’s like having your own brainstorming assistant!

    It’s amazing that I can use Google so many times a day, and just not know about some of these new capabilities. Thanks for bringing this fantastic new option to light!

  39. Hey Darren

    Few people are also using to get the relevant keywords and also seeing the number of pages indexed for that.

    So this one is quite impressive tool but video quality was really poor.

  40. For me, the Wonderwheel produces results that are too broad, so I click on the Forums link and set it to Past 24 Hours. This way, I can search recent problems or inquiries people need help with and, voila: instant inspiration for generating great content that’s in demand!Thank you much for the post,PeteThe Tango Notebook

  41. The video about using the google wonder wheel has been the most help for me ty. It is hard to find things related to a certain niche and this makes it easier to brainstorm and see what is out there to write about. Alway a big help thanks :)

  42. Hey Darren,

    This was a great find as I dug down into the wonder wheel I found a ton of great blog titles which I could use within my niche. Huge thank you on going through the options I have never dug into them and having you explained at least the wonder wheel aspect made it much easier.


  43. awesome tool, i think it will really help me to create new post on my blog, thanks for this valued tip Darren.

  44. Great article, as always!

  45. Good post and video, Darren. Google’s wheel is pretty cool for getting ideas for keywords. I heard Camtasia Studio is coming out for MAC soon. That’s my preferred screen capture program.

  46. Great Video, I never used this, very verry helpful. Thanks for sharing, do appreciate your efforts in blogging sphere..

  47. Klodian says: 08/16/2009 at 11:35 pm

    can use too, and for keywords…

  48. i usually use search.twitter but goodness this is amazing

  49. This was very useful. Thanks for highlighting the wonder wheel!

  50. Just checked it out while watching the video. Looks like a great way to cure a little bit of writer’s block.

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