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How to Turn Your Blog Into a Product Launch Engine
[Free 78 Minute Video Plus 4 Free Workbooks]

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of May 2010 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Over the last 18 months my blogging business has undergone a real shift in the way that I’m making money. While I first reached a six figure annual income 4-5 years ago based almost completely upon advertising revenue – in the last 18 months I’ve transitioned my business to close to a seven figure income by shifting some of my focus away from the ad game and toward launching my own products.

I’m not the only one who has done this – every week I’m seeing more and more bloggers releasing products, whether they be e-books, teaching resources, webinars, membership sites, software etc.

dave-navarro.pngIf you’re one of these bloggers today I have an exclusive teaching resource from product launch specialist Dave Navarro (pictured right) that I think you’ll find very helpful.

It’s a 78 minute video where Dave talks you through How to Turn Your Blog Into a Product Launch Engine.

I love the way that Dave approaches his online business. It’s all about delivering value, building a sustainable business (not just going for the fast dollar), acting with integrity (he’s very real and is not one of ‘those’ hyped marketers) and he’s very relational.

In the video Dave covers the following (and more):

  • Why most products fail before they’re launched (and how to guarantee yours succeeds)
  • How to stand out and get attention in a market saturated with “free” offers
  • My simple 6-step process for a successful product launch – use it again and again
  • How to make subscribers spread the word about your list so it grows quickly
  • The one question about your customers you MUST get crystal clear on to make money
  • What really makes people click the “Add to Cart” button (it’s not what you think)

Best of all – the video is based upon Dave’s insights just for ProBlogger readers – I sent him some questions that I knew readers here would find value in hearing answers about – it’s tailored for you.

In addition to the 78 minute video Dave’s also offering his four workbooks from the Launch Coach Library for free.

To get the video and workbooks all you need to do is sign up for his newsletter which I’d be recommending you do anyway as Dave’s constantly delivering insights and quality teaching.

There’s no obligation to do anything more than get the newsletter (which you can unsubscribe from any time if it’s not where you’re at).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hey Darren,

    I’ll be busy watching this video in the afternoon. I have to say a big Thank You for posting it. As I’m in the process of creating a product.

    Have a great weekend…

  2. Can’t believe someone will release such a great deal for free, well time to get hold of it and suck every blogging information from the 78min video… thanks for the stuff.

  3. Thanks! Listening to the session now.

  4. I just recently downloaded several of his free product launch ebooks and I’m truly loving ’em. I subscribed to his blog, too and he really just has an awesome outlook. He’ll get you pumped – and with a recently broken toe and chaotic home life – he’ll make you feel like your excuses are just wimpy. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  5. Hey Darren,

    Thanks ! I am going to opt-in for videos and work book. videos are always great :).
    Thanks for the sharing this great info bro.

  6. I’m off to register…

    …and thank you Darren for asking “OUR” questions.


  7. I have heard many successful internet entrepreneurs advocating this approach to making money online. It’s fine and good to promote affiliate products on your blog, but if you can create your own product other people can sell it for you.

    Your profit margin will increase drastically due to the fact that others will do the bulk of promoting. Just make sure you have a good product, or it won’t last long.

  8. Thanks so much Darren! I’m beginning to realize more and more the great effect launching my own product can have on my business. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m off to opt in to his newsletter and check out his videos!

  9. Wow DArren! Thanks very much for that info. I’m going to watch his videos.

  10. Hey Darren,

    Do you think that these product launch techniques could really work for any niche or is it more for the make money online niche?

    Brian M. Connole

    • Brian – I can’t guarantee ANY niche but it is certainly not just make money online. For me they have worked better on my photography blog than here on problogger and I have seen them do well on blogs in finance, fitness, self help, education, beauty, sport etc

      Particularly good on ‘how to’ type blogs where selling info type products.

  11. Hi,
    This would be cool. We always love Free stuff. And here’s another great freebie. 70 + minutes means a lot of time. I should probably find some time. Hope it will be helpful for me.

  12. Another freebee? I was laughing when I saw the offer. :-) When would I watch or read these materials while I haven’t had time to read all the books, e-books that I have bought or downloaded recently? But thanks Darren. At least I will keep them and like you or someone else in this community have said, to eat an elephant, you have to eat it one small piece at a time.

  13. interesting, I would be interested to see how much this helps build his list, as I can only imagine the kind of traffic this fantastic site gets.

  14. Thanks Darren… I’m looking at launching my course in September. It’s important to establish your site over a few years. The trend is shifting to memberships but people forget that to own a membership site you need traffic (5,000+ uniques a day).


  15. I’m usually very skeptical of these assclown internet marketing gurus ( I call them assclowns for the lack of a better word, but its apt i guess ), but am prepared to make an exception in this case as I did with Darren long ago.

    You EARNED my respect Mr.Navarro.

    I learned a lot. Thanks for the awesome stuff and here’s wishing good luck ☺ Will tweet and promote this.

    Thanks, Darren :)

  16. Wow! There is a lot of stuff floating around on the internet that is repetitious, but very little of truly unique value ~ thanks for ferretting out the good stuff and serving it up on a silver platter!

  17. wow
    you were right about

    use the word that easy to remember and feels good to be spread by the reader


  18. Greatly enjoyed the video and managed to take over a page of notes!

    I downloaded and read through Dave’s guides over the last week and have already started creating my first project (with plans for the second and third as soon as I finish it). Now I know what to do with once it’s done!

  19. Thanks Darren,

    This opens up my mind since most of the launches I have seen are the JVs, videos, etc…

    I’d love to learn the essense of using blog in launching!

    Ming Jong

  20. I did .. and the the books… :)

  21. Thanks You SO much for this Darren!

    I’m about to release pre-launch material for my very first blog product and my blog has only been up for 5 months, so I’m quite nervous but excited –

    Thanks again for all your help and amazing resources!

    Many blessings

  22. Very helpful post, thanks a lot, going to subscribe to the feed, seems pretty good so far.

  23. Thanks Darren,
    I know what i am doing for the next 78 minutes, video watching me thinks.
    You always deliver value, i thank you for that.

  24. See, I wish a lot of the blogs I checked out would just be sincere in what they say. I think thats why I continue coming back here because not only is the information and facts you provide useful, you also keep it “real”…hahah.

  25. Many women and men do not ever set out to accomplish their objectives, or never set their own goals to begin with, mainly because they experience a fear of failure or rejection. Possibly they don’t actually imagine that they are able to achieve this, or probably they mistakenly think that if they just tell themselves what they want enough times, their whole goals will magically be fulfilled.

  26. This is something I had been thinking about recently. I am coming to a similar conclusion!

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