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How to Target 25-40 Year-olds Online

Posted By Guest Blogger 27th of November 2012 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

This guest post us by Genevieve Flintham of www.stagweb.co.uk.

Pictures of the day’s events, winter landscapes, and memorable quotes. Titles laden with puns, facts, and intrigue. An architectural layout that’s accomplished, savvy, and uncomplicated.

Each target group demands a different set of things when it comes to websites and blogs, but in this instance we’re going to look purely at users aged between 25 and 40. This is my target market. With ten years of experience targeting this commonsensical group, we’ve made some discoveries through our two blogs, The Antler for grooms-to-be and best men, and the GoHen Blog for brides-to-be and maids of honour.

Here’s what we’ve learned.

1. Keep it informative

As with targeting any group online, it’s important to first understand this age group. They’ve grown up with technology and sales pitches hitting them from every side and are, to some degree, immune to the typical advertising approaches.

Go Hen

As a first piece of advice, ensure that any form of engagement, whether it’s a blog post, advertorial or product description, remains fairly non-promotional.

We’ve found that people in this age group prefer instructional, informational posts; the most-viewed posts on our blog are Top tips for your Sunday hen party and Stag weekend planning—managing number changes. If you’re targeting a younger demographic, less-wordy posts tend to be favoured, such as those including bullet points, infographics, and pictures.

The Antler

2. Tell them (nearly) everything about you

Another factor we’ve found when targeting this particular age group is that the bare facts ain’t gonna cut it.

We make sure to state all the facts (including that we’re financially protected, our contact details, testimonials, etc.) whenever we get the opportunity. Make information about yourself readily available and if you’ve got great credentials, let them know!

This demographic tends to be wise to companies that could rip them off and have seen a fair share of reputed companies go bust, so they need to know that they can trust you. To back ourselves up, many of our blog posts link to the following page:

Stag web

3. Appreciate that it’s a great target market to have

There are many benefits to having a target audience of 25-40 year-olds.

One example is that picture placement seems to have little effect; we’ve spent years trying various positions of quality pictures and call-to-action pictures, but the resulting enquiries for each page haven’t changed with each different position.

As well as that, they’re wise to the testimonies of the company—great for genuine, successful businesses, since this audience is able to weed out the fakes.

4. Mix old and new

Only slightly less tech-savvy than their 18-25 counterparts, 25-40 year olds are spending increasingly more time online. Many people have suggested that offline advertising will soon become redundant, but Direct Marketing News does point out that when trying to reach the 20- to 45-year-old demographic that “word of mouth has always been a powerful marketing tool.”

Word of mouth has transformed to be word-of-mouse now though, and if you’re looking at online advertising then mix in the elements of the old (aiming to get people talking about your product) with parts of the new (finding innovative ways to target consumers).

If you don’t mind paying for social media advertising, the best fairly new way to target specifically 25-40 year olds might be to employ the use of Facebook hypertargeting; when going through the advertisement setup process, select this age group as the only ones to see your ad.

Overall, to avoid making any egregious errors when targeting the 25-40 age demographic, ensure that your content is informative, your company values are reflected, and that you bring contemporary elements into a traditional mix.

Do you target 25-40-year-olds? What extra tips can you share with us?

This is a guest post by Genevieve Flintham of www.stagweb.co.uk.

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  1. I’d like to echo your 2nd point – transparency is really, really important – and add a 5th: user generated content opportunities go a long way with younger consumers. From forums to Q&A sections to microblogs, there are lots of opportunities to let younger readers voice their opinions.

  2. I haven’t really tried to target a specific age group.

    Thanks for some tips that can target this age group..

  3. As long you can keep up with their interest and always keeps them interested. That will surely win yourself a 25-40years old.

    Thanks for the tips this is very helpful.

  4. Thanks for this great post. You gave me 3 fantastic ideas for articles on my site and I’m glad that I don’t do too much selling on my site, although it is there; I just try not to be pushy about it.

    My target market has been 45+ and I’ve been trying to broaden it and this will definitely help.


  5. I didnt tried it for aged people

  6. I do not want to target 25 to 40 years aged. It’s my personal opinion.

  7. Thanks David for the 5th point, you’re very right in saying that the younger demographic are keen to get their point across and feel that companies are really listening to them.

  8. I think the blogging is always thinking about the future and also achievement, but for the past 4o years, I really have not thought about it. but in the medium term of about 10 years may already exist.

  9. how about readability with bigger text?

  10. Really interesting article choice. I hadn’t even considered specifically targeting an age range with my blog but I suppose in your niche you have to. Very interesting how different blogs have to consider their different positions within the marketplace.

  11. This is what I have been looking for and I knew the importance of targeting a specific age group.

    For my blog I guess targeting 18-30 years old online would be great.

  12. I had not thought of targeting a specific age group. It makes alot of sense.

  13. You said Mix old and new?
    But I am still confused.

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