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How to Optimize Ads on a Blog for Higher Profit [VIDEO]

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of June 2009 Video Posts 0 Comments

“What is the best way to utilize ads on a blog and maximise their potential profit?” – Question from @RyanBarr on Twitter.

This video post looks at 5 factors that help to make an ad be more profitable on your blog – it’s based on an older post here on ProBlogger where I presented an equation for AdSense success.

The five factors are:

  1. Traffic
  2. Ad Positioning
  3. Ad Design
  4. Relevancy (between reader intent, the content and the ads)
  5. How much are ads paying

While I originally came up with this equation with regards to AdSense it relates to all kinds of advertising on blogs as well as affiliate programs to some degree. The principles are introductory but a good place to start for those just starting with making money from blogs.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hi,

    [I have posted this comment in another post, and I observed that many people found it interesting. Since this is also an advertisement related post, I am posting it here again so that more readers can benefit]

    A good strategy to place adverts is to overcome ad blindness.

    If you are using wordpress, you can try out the “All in One Adsense and YPN” plugin.

    You can provide your adsense (or Yahoo) account number / code to it, and it provides many location options within the article where you can choose to place your ad.

    And the best part is – you can choose to place the ad at a “random” location. This means that the ad unit would be placed at different locations for different page loads.

    This is extremely useful: Your regular readers become ad-blind in a short time, and stop noticind the ads as they appear on the same place. With this “random” feature, you can remove the effect of ad-blindness!

  2. BlogSEOExpert – SEO for Blogs – that’s a great tip, anyway, is all comes down to the target traffic to that particular Adsense site, the more traffic you are getting, then the only work needed is to “test” your ads with the rest of the 4 factors.

  3. Thanks for this!

    I’m still working things out, but so far I’ve seen an increase for Adsense after relocating them to the “pause points” and blending them in (in a non-sneaky way) to the design colors.

    It’s a slow increase, but it’s these bit by bit tweaks that help in the long run I suppose. Until then, it’s direct sales through BuySellAds that generate the majority of my ad income.

  4. I found that putting the ads on top rather than on the “pause” stage works better on my blog. Mostly maybe because my readers have already gotten their answers on my posts so the won’t need to click on ads

  5. Great video Problogger. You are an articulate chap. I am saving this one.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’ve always found that it the quality of traffic that is important. I see so many people blindly attempt to drive traffic through all kinds of different crazy schemes only to get a CTR of 0.01% whereas I prefer to get quality traffic, sometimes only 100 hits in a day, but the targeting is so good I might get a CTR of 10-20% and $10 or so (for a given page).

    Obviously once you have many well optimised pages and regular traffic you can start to see some good returns. I always say to beginners, aim for quality over quantity. Your quality pages have a whole lifetime of earning ahead of them, much more preferable to continuously try and drive traffic that doesn’t even convert!

    Good luck :)

  7. Wow… Great Tips…

    Actually … I have tried many tips from various resources… and from my own experience… the best is to use a 336×280 block just below the post title (with the heading “advertisement” ofcourse) … That always works the best for Search engine Traffic the Best … It will give an avg. CTR of 2-3%.

    Another Nice Plugin is there To Show Adsense to Only Search Visitors. This will ensure Better CTR and Conversions Leading to More eCPM. this will also protect the publisher from being smart priced.

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for this helpful post.

    Although I have an irrelevant question here but I wish to have an answer since I reached a dead end so far.

    I can see problogger’s ads on the right sidebar are hosted by Google and its 125px X 125px image ads and My question is, how you did that?

    When I go to my Adsense Get Ads tab. I can’t find the option to choose a square 125px X 125px ad from the ads format section!

    Are these ads generated by Google Affiliate network? which I can’t see a signup link on it. “I don’t know why!”

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  9. This is a great introductory post and I will use this information to increase my income

  10. Yup, is much easy to watch a video tutorial that to read a text.
    Congr. Darren

  11. My click rate is horrendous … but I’m slowly trying to implement some options to try and improve it – mostly changing the location a bit.

  12. I agree with Darren on the 5 factors, and I like to add something not of a factor but a way to increase your profit even more by using the above 5 factors.

    Choose a high paying niche, because if you are getting 5 cents average per click, then its very hard for you to earn $50 average, meaning you will either getting like 10,000 traffic per day, if not you will not be earning a lot out of it.

    You can check it out at the Free Google Adwords Tools to find out the highest paid niche per click.

    Trust me, its going to be easy when you want to use Adsense for a living in choosing a high paying niche.

  13. Salman says: 06/23/2009 at 2:14 am

    Hi Darren,
    Is there any other alternative competing with adsense paying out same like adsense.Please tell


  14. I think the main problem is that when the majority of your readers are also bloggers, they won’t click on ads anymore since they know what they are. I personally don’t click on Adsense because I feel that they aren’t attractive enough. It’s different with private advertising though. It seems that private advertisers of big blogs tend to design better and more clickable ads.

  15. Thanks Darren.

    This is definitely something worth spending
    my time reading.

    However, can you rely on Adsense as a consistent
    source of traffic?


  16. Thanks Darren. I try to resubmit this again. Your video is certainly a good help for me to get start when I am ready to place ad on my blog.


  17. Another interesting post Darren. I will definitely look into all this and check out how they all fit in my blogs.
    But I agree with you relevancy is very important.

  18. this is a visualization of something you’ve written about before . Great !!

  19. Hi Darren,

    As you mentioned the five points in your short video presentation. They are all important to get a higher CTR.

    I also think that tracking your ads performance is very important too and thinking like a website/blog visitor and coming up with new ideas also helps. Experimenting and being creative will make the difference.

    Thanks and looking forward to your next post.

    Mani Raj
    Havoc Marketing

  20. Making money by putting ads on your blogs or web pages and selling advertisement space is a controversial topic.

    Many gurus have written tons of e-books and guides on how to optimize and monetize your site by advertising like AdSense.

    Many people believe that such monetization model like AdSense is dead and does not work anymore. However, there are still some people earning 4-5 figure income each and every month from AdSense.

    As you mentioned Darren, the number one factor for making real money from ads is traffic and it must be highly targeted. Once we get that traffic, we should convert it to what we desire. It could be a click generating some cents here and there, or it could be leads and sales brining more profits.

    Regardless of the needed action, position, ad design and relevance of the ad is also important.

    This video is quite helpful to figure out how to optimize ads for higher profits. Thanks for sharing with us your valuable tips and secrets.

    To Your Success!


  21. Nice to learn something from video tutorial. Honestly i setup my first domain helped by video tutorial on youtube..

  22. It seems that people have started coming to a standstill when it comes to “Adsense tips”. Really, it’s been burned out.

    So you can’t really tell me much more then I have heard of read before on the topic of adsense.

  23. Hey Darren,

    Good post you really covered the essentials of monetizing with ads. Personally I have found the most important to be traffic and relevancy. Placement coming in at a close second. Really people need to investigate other options besides adsense when trying to monetize I have found affiliate marketing to be much more properous then adsense though I still use adsense on a couple of blogs and make a few hundred monthly it doesn’t compare to what I am making through other means online. I got to tell ya I liked the bookshelf behind you in your last video much better then a white wall it gave your video a much more personal look. I just started with the video marketing after getting carpal tunnel from writing too many articles every day. Thanks for the tips keep up the good work.

  24. Good video post Darren.

    I hope facebook starts an adsense like ad network so webmasters can add facebook ads to their sites. That would hopefully drive adsense payouts up(I hear they are only 25% of what they actually get which means you are laving 75% on the table, but there is a lot of value in being able to just put ads on your site and not have to go to companies and ask them if they would advertise with you).

    Above the fold ads are important as mentioned, and footer ads.

  25. Mostly maybe because my readers have already gotten their answers on my posts so the won’t need to click on ads

  26. looks like there’s something wrong with the video Darren – ‘invalid parameters’. please check, can’t wait to view it.

  27. Great video Darren! We have really been working hard trying to figure the best way to monetize our different blogs with ads and you have given us some very sound advice.

    I definitely think the relevancy of your ad to your post is probably the most important aspect, as there is little or no chance of someone clicking on your ad if it has nothing to do with your post.

  28. Thanks for this video, I’m just starting out, but my Adsense revenue has increased after changing them like you suggested.

  29. Great Tips, thanks a lot.

    As we all know targeted marketing, and your video is really great and helpful – as usual :)

    Thank you again.

  30. Wow Darren, I really never truly realized some of the easy tweaks that can be made like this. I’m looking forward to implementing what I just learned. Thanks a ton!

  31. Thanks for the video and sharing. You are master of blogging tips.

  32. As always Darren, your insight is invaluable. We intend to work hard on our monetization after we spend a bit more time learning how to increase our overall traffic. When you are as new, both conceptually and age-wise, as we are, the traffic thing is the most tedious part of the process. At least for us it has been, but proper ad layout seems to be paramount. Learning along the way!

    Posts on traffic, traffic, traffic….here I come! lol

  33. Great tips, I’m gonna try them straight away

  34. Great advice, any tips on video optimization? I plan on doing a lot of video advertising on Adwido and I want to make sure my efforts are effective.

  35. Great tips and I believe these tips will definitely profiting to all members of my network. Great Thanks to every one .

  36. Wow, a great bunch of tips in that video. I’m going to try those out.

  37. Great video. I enjoyed it so much that I think my readers might be interested in this. I hope it is OK to point them to this video. :)

  38. Thanks so much. I’m running my site full time now, and am trying hard to get some money in. We target professional women 25-40, so we want to get cosmetics, spas, etc….. onto our site :)

  39. awesome tips! hopefully my ads earnings will increase by following your tips =)

  40. This is a very useful video. It is very important how do you spend your money on the advertisements. I will also try a few tips on my blog.

  41. Hi,

    Thanks for this helpful post.

  42. These 5 tips are great. Especially the Ad positioning. As soon as I changed my site layout to the Ad placement suggested by you Darren, I saw an increase of 20-30 % on my clickthrough rate. Thanks so much. More power. You’re the Best

  43. Excellent breakdown Darren, I wouldn’t expect much of anything less than this from you. I am going to re do and re design all of my ads as we speak – thanks for this simple yet comprehensive look at ads.


  44. These 5 tips are great. Especially the Ad positioning.

  45. I cannot agree more with #2 Ad-Positioning.

    I had heard about it before but always ignored it. But I finally moved one of my ad units a little bit, and it seriously doubled my revenue.

    Also, the 336×280 units have been a much higher paying size for me than any other one.

  46. nice to get the information. is that really work.? I want to use the way, so please give me some suggestion as I am going to do that for first time. Thanks in advance

  47. Darren you looks very young in stead of the posts description
    my blog about blogging and money making tips


  48. Hi Darren,

    You are right, I am impressed.

    My blog currently running Adsense and Click Bank products, the problem I am facing now is I am not able to drive traffic to my blog, I do offer many very good e-book on self help and money making to download for free, but seems like still not enough drive more traffic for me.
    My blog is about self help & Self Improvement.

  49. as a noob on adsense, I found these tips useful.
    but actually I still have trouble in traffic :(


  50. i guess traffic is everything.

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