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  1. […] Installing WordPress thanks to David at Blogging Pro, Rachel at Cre8 Design, and the WordPress Codex. Via ProBlogger. Filed under Blogging Practice, Starting a Blog, Introduction to Blogging, Applied Blogging Workshop, Blogging Techniques, WordPress, Blogging Tools, Blogging Nuts and Bolts, Blogging Process […]

  2. One of the reasons I think wordpress is so great, is the famous simple one click install!. But I guess people who are not familiar with adding databases etc will find this useful.
    Cheers for the links im sure it will help out.

  3. I love WordPress. It really is a 5 minute install. The hardest part of the install is adding the database in your webserver admin if you haven’t done it before. Once you have done that the hard part is over.

    It actually takes longer to decide on a theme that you like than to actually install it. Then there is all the great plugins…

  4. If you want a really easy install, use BlueHost. They automate the whole thing.

  5. Um… it takes me a total of 12 seconds to install a new wordpress, because of CPanal/Fantastico… which is the best… even does automatic upgrades for me.

  6. One thing I must add to this post that if you are having your host as ” Godaddy” you are in trouble installing wordpress.

    Problem is only here :
    ” define(’DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’); // 99% chance you won’t need to change this value ”

    100% chances are that you have to change this value

    On godaddy it look likes

    ” define(’DB_HOST’, ‘’)

    Replace ## with number which godaddy provides.

    And remember this number changes everytime you creat a new database.

    you can’t enjoy ” localhost ” on GoDaddy.

  7. If it takes you 5 minutes to install it, you’re doing something wrong. ;)

  8. Installing WordPress is a cake walk – it’s the customization – making sure the template I’m toying with doesn’t flop on Google, collecting chicklet links off feedster, etc – that makes my head spin.

  9. If you want to install WordPress on your web server, hosted with GoDaddy, here’s an easy to follow tutorial that will help you and save you a lot of time.

  10. Actually godaddy will install wordpress for you… go to your hosting control panel and click on content->metropolis and then you will see a full list of apps that they will install for you free of charge… Very easy…

  11. I could do with a little advice here. I was just about to install word press the long-handed way i.e. download it change the wp-config-sample.php file and insert MYSQL DB connection details.

    My first question is – do I just need to create a MYSQL database table and name it, or do I have to create the fields as well? Better off knowing this before I start, just in case I hit problems.

    My second question is – I noticed that Bluehost is supposed to be a one-click install and I use BlueHost; however, I can’t see WordPress anywhere on my control panel, although I’m almost sure I’ve seen it there before, nor can I find any mention of WordPress. Where am I looking?

    I usually spend a bit more time digging around before asking such fatuous questions, but I was just sort of hoping to hit the ground running here, and I’ve pretty much hit the ground floundering instead.


  12. I’m havung the same problem, Chris. Any help out there?

  13. Nunya says: 03/20/2008 at 3:43 pm

    Hey everyone I just went through the same issue w/ trying to install WordPress on GoDaddy.
    One thing that noone has explained yet is you have to be on a LINUX server in order for wordpress to operate. In other words, when I first signed up for my hosing package, I selected Windows as my server (at the time didn’t really know any better). Well Windows does not allow you to run a lot of the free add-ons that GoDaddy will install FOR YOU! That’s right, like a poster mentioned earlier, you can go into your control panel, expand the “CONTENT” tab and open up “GoDaddy Hosting Connection”. There’s a plethora of cool add on in there.

    The other thing you must do after you create your MySQL database is get the “” information. This can be found in your control panel as well. Go to “DATABASES” tab and open up MySQL. You should have a list of databases (i only have one for my blog), at the very right-hand side click on the pencil icon, that will show all the information associated to that database, in there is the information that you will need to enter in the ” define(’DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’) section of wordpress’ config file.

    hope that helps…

    now get out there and change your server from Window$ to Linux!

  14. Nunya says: 03/20/2008 at 4:04 pm

    …also you can change back and forth from Windows to Linux but the migration takes 3-4 hrs and up to 24hrs. So keep that in mind.
    To change your server go to your account, open up your hosting account list and click on the domain that you want to change. A “HOSTING ACCOUNT DETAILS” box will appear on the right side of the window. Click on “SWITCH OPERATING SYSTEMS”. There will be several “upgrade” options, just choose the alternate OS that is within the package you originally signed up with. I had the economy package, so I switched from “Economy Hosting- Windows”, to “Economy Hosting- Linux”. I found that I had to delete my database I created while trying to install WordPress initially but it didn’t really matter since there was nothing there yet anyway. Not sure if that will apply to everyone though.

  15. Here’s an easy step-by-step tutorial with screenshots on how to install WordPress on a Godaddy hosted domain.

  16. plase anyone knowing help me and show me how to install wordpress on a windows server enviroment.

  17. Here’s my updated How To Install WordPress screen cast videos that I posted to Youtube. Watch me install WordPress 2.6.1

    Part 1 –
    Part 2 –

    Thanks again for the blog!

  18. See how to install WordPress by watching a free step-by-step video at the link below. Lots of other WordPress video tutorials available on the same site.

  19. Personally, I’m loving Simple Scripts ( for installing WordPress. It also works with Joomla, Magento and PHPBB. I’m with Bluehost who has it in their control panel, while others can apparently sign up for some kind of “Lite Account” to install it other places for free.

  20. Do I just need to create a MYSQL database table and name it, or do I have to create the fields as well? Better off knowing this before I start, just in case I hit problems.

  21. Now that Godaddy has a “my application section”, I find it much easier to install content management systems such as WordPress because it doesn’t require an FTP uploader.

    However, I’m unsure about what other Hosting companies provide to their users. I heard Hostgator is pretty good with WordPress.

  22. Can any give solution to my question?

    I have directories called www, public_html, etc.
    do i have to install wordpress files in public_html files, i have installed in this folder but it’s running slow
    what could be the reason

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