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How to Build a Successful Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of July 2009 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4 Hour Workweek gave this presentation at WordCamp recently. His title – How to Build a High Traffic Blog without Killing Yourself.

Tim’s used his blog very successfully to promote his book and has a lot of wisdom to share – we spent some time together before Tim launched his book and it’s been great to watch him rise to the success he has now.

It’s not a short video so make sure you have 50 minutes to watch it (or at least listen while you do something else).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Having a successful blog is our dream. And I pray it comes true! One day we could talk about how we build our blog with our efforts.

    A genius guy. I admire him. Cool. Really cool.

  2. What a great vid. Solid, specific pointers and also good overall philosophy. Well worth all 50 minutes!

  3. Rebecca Geiger says: 07/18/2009 at 2:55 am

    I find the question: Besides the obvious, what other wordpress plug-ins does Tim use? .. I am such a noob, what are the obvious ones?

  4. Nice vid thx, got great ideas of blogging in just 50 mins

  5. Awesome tips. I will definitely look to implement the strategies mentioned.

  6. Just finished watching his presentation and it is amazing. Tim is a great blogger and his personal blog is informative and motivating. Great points were made in his demonstration especially about how you word your content and sidebar tabs. I’ll definitely be listening to his presentation again in the future.

  7. Just finished watching his presentation and it is amazing. Tim is a great blogger and his personal blog is informative and motivating.

  8. Awesome video…
    It worth implementing the stragedy discussed

  9. Thanks for all the great ideas about blogging, etc. I’m going to make some changes on my typepad blog asap! thanks again.

  10. Its wayy to impressive….. got loads of stuff in my mind too now… great ideas… i just cant wait to apply them practically. Thanks for sharing!

  11. That is an awesome video! It helped me so much! Thanks problogger!

  12. Last time I checked crazyegg.com was not free. The Basic Plan was $9/month. Perhaps worth the money, but not free.

  13. Great post loads of information ….Tim Ferris is a great speaker…ive been making a few mistakes in my posts with titles ….trying to be clever or funny but not search engine friendly im going to take these tips away with me and ref my readers to this video


  14. Hi Darren, I have read you post “How to get backlinks” but unfortunatley could not comment on that as it was closed for spammers. ok, I would like to ask you a question? How would you judge a site whether they are best to get backlinks from and do you suggest to comment on each and every post of that site to get more backlinks, or is it that one backlink per site?


  15. Hi Darren

    Wow great video

    let me just introduce myself first my name is marcus passey I am learning to be an internet entrepreneur this year by following alex jeffreys.

    You know I will have to get back here to watch that again so much I can learn here my friend.

    hope to speak soon


    marcus passey

  16. i would like to make money from home blogging how can i go about doing this im from clickbank.

  17. Hi Darren, Thanks for the video but above all I am thankful to Alex who did a quick summary and saved my 30 minutes. Still, I will try to have look at whole video whenever I get time.

  18. Steven says: 08/05/2009 at 12:15 am

    very nice!
    also thanks Alex for the summary of the video.
    pretty useful.

  19. Nice help full and informative video

    i just saw this video and there very helpfull tips i can utilize for my blog. I have web design blog but i just noticed that there are few mistakes i have done with my blog but i will correct them and going to launch a new hosting related blog with all this tips and tricks.

  20. I have been blogging since last year but I could only make very small amount of money from it. After finding this blog, I get more motivated to streamline the focus of my blog and increase traffic to it. Thanks

  21. Thanks for putting this video up. Tim talks about “information overload” in the 4-Hour Work Week and this is definitely true about the amount of information I’m bombarded with regarding building my blog. Even though the video is 50+ minutes, it saves time that I would have wasted “weeding through” the rest of the B.S. Why not just learn directly from the source, right?


  22. Really nice video. I just wanna add another thing. Matt Cutts said if you blog for yourself, you’re a winner already.

  23. This video is really helpful,
    Now I have several ways to build a great blog !

  24. Very interesting video, actually contains very useful information for bloggers

  25. Very good video for the beginners. It helped me a lots. Thanks problogger

  26. Thanks darren I know you are genius lbetter than Shoe Money and Yaro Starak

  27. CEO – Steve Ballmer confirmed the purchase Tuesday at 10:49 PM PST for an estimated cost of 39 billion dollars. This is a far cry from the original offer of 44 billion. I guess it pays to wait for the perfect time to swoop in and take the bull by the horns.

  28. if you have no audience? And if your motives for blogging are fiscally driven to create a secondary source of income, or at least to cover the costs domain renewals and hosting services, then it is going to take a lot of traffic to bring in the revenue

  29. It’s a win-win proposition. And I can’t be the only loyal Times-reading ISO who is standing by, just waiting for the invitation.

  30. Some great tips for building a successful blog, nice video!

  31. Well, Thanks for sharing the video and it gave me some usefull information and it’s a must watch video for every bloggers………

  32. This is a great video for those of us aspiring bloggers.

    Also, thanks to Alex for summarizing the video.

  33. Blogs, even corporate ones, are personal. Bloggers put a lot of effort into their blogs, and many put their own personality into them. Most bloggers will be happy to correspond with you if you would like to talk about their blog. However, you must approach them in a personal manner, otherwise it could appear that you are just spamming them or attempting to get links to your own blog.

    Leaving comments is part of the foundation for starting a blog community. Generally, there is a link below each post allowing someone to fill out a comment form. In the form, you can fill out your name, email address, website address, and comment. Comments are fundamental for all blogs for several reasons:

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  34. thanks for sharing TIM… an awesome video!

    let’s start ‘blogging’ (again)… ^^

  35. Great video for beginners. It helped me a lots.

  36. This was great – thanks for posting it (and for the warning about the time – it was nice to know going in how long it would run!).

  37. this is great,thanks

  38. Well, this is going to be happening for me in stages. Watched 13 minutes so far and have renamed my topics and am planning to remove the link to my Twitter account. I had noticed that it was a popular click through. Thanks for telling me I need to rethink it.

    Re the title – Is it really possible to Build a High Traffic Blog without Killing Yourself?! Mine isn’t even high traffic yet and I have already killed myself over it many many times:)

    Thanks for sharing your top tips lads!

  39. As a relatively new blogger, it’s great to read the story of someone who has built a good sized audience by writing about positive methods of self-improvement.

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