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How to Build a Blog Worth Monetizing

Posted By Darren Rowse 18th of August 2014 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Earlier in the week I co-hosted the popular #BlogChat Twitter chat. The topic was ‘How to Build a Blog Worth Monetizing’ – a massive topic.

The hour-long Twitter chat was one of the fastest moving Twitter chats I’ve been involved in (and the biggest BlogChat ever according to it’s founder Mack Collier). We covered heaps of ground but I thought I’d pull out some of my most RT’d and commented upon tweets from the hour here as a blog post.

I hope you find these helpful!

Foundational Advice

I was asked to prepare some advice for those about to start a blog (although much of this can be applied by more established bloggers too).

On getting to know your readers through creating reader profiles (sometimes called personas):

On identifying how your readers will ‘change’ as a result of reading your blog:

The Four main areas to work on to build a profitable blog:

On Creating Compelling Content for Your Blog:

On Finding Readers for Your Blog:

On Building Community on Your Blog:

On Monetizing Blogs:

Phew – all of those tweets happened in about 40 minutes. Afterwards we continued to discuss the topic with lots of back and forth. You can read the full transcript including some great advice from other bloggers who participated here.

Lastly – I’ve since had a number of people ask me about the graphics and slides included in the tweets above and if there’s a ‘deck’ they can get them from.

The above all comes from a big workshop that I occasionally run for small groups of bloggers that walks bloggers through how to build profitable blogs. The workshop goes for a full day (last time I did it it took 7 hours!) and there’s no single deck that I’m comfy to share as a lot of the slides in it really need me there to explain what I’m showing.

Having said that – two of the webinars mentioned above cover some of the same ground so they’d be a good place to start out!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hi Darren Rowse,

    Very long chat about How to Build a Blog Worth Monetizing which contains some great advice from bloggers

    Thanks for nice sharing.

  2. What a wonderful resource of how to build a better blog – thanks so much for this!

  3. Hi Darren,

    You hit on key pointers here. I’d simply add, ask why people are blogging.

    Find your driver, and make it pure, Tie it to something bigger than your bank account. It’s OK to make money blogging, or to want to do so, but if your driver is you, and your checkbook, you’ll ignore other people’s needs and even if you make a few bucks you’ll fall flat on your face.

    I learned this lesson in the early days of my old blog. When I did begin to think more about my readers, and their needs, I naturally created better content, connected with leaders, and made more money.

    Then when I started my current blog a few months ago I put my content creation campaign and blogger outreach campaign into overdrive. Why? I had a pure intent. I knew why I was blogging. To take people with me.

    I’m blogging from paradise, actually from Savusavu, Fiji, now, not too too far from your Darren, and since that’s the name and theme of my blog my intent is to take people with me. I want to bring everybody along for the ride so we can all blog from paradise for a week, or 2 months, or for 40 months like me and my fiancee Kelli.

    I set up income streams but gave them little thought, outside of making sure they were aligned with my blog. Of course, when I devoted virtually all of my creative energies on creating insightful, 2500 word or longer posts, and on connecting with blogging leaders through commenting mini guest post sized pieces of content, I detached from outcomes and money flowed in to me with increasing ease through my blog.

    Folks, listen to Darren’s advice and get super clear on tying your reason why to helping other folks become free, including yourself, and the sky’s the limit.

    Thanks so much Darren.

    I’ll tweet this in a bit.

    Signing off from Fiji.


  4. Wow, this is a great resource!! I’ve really been working on this aspect of my blogging ventures and will be reading this post over again. Thanks!!

  5. Darren, could you make your posts Pin-able? I don’t use any other site to bookmark my posts and I tried to pin this but no images came up. This would be a great help to me if you would.

    Pretty please? :)

  6. Hey Darren, this is a great collection of advices. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Darren it is amazing how easily you’ve dealt with a major concern of all bloggers. ‘INSPIRE,INFORM ,INTERACT” is how i meant to make my blog. Thanks for sharing. I wish i hadn’t missed this great chat. I could surely have gained a lot from it.

  8. Wow. This information is amazing. I have been feverishly taking notes. In fact, I am going back to my blog to implement some of the suggestions. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Hi Darren, Its really a good idea to share advice using twitter. Many many thanks for sharing all this.
    I have read some of them and they are really good.

  10. Hi Darren,

    This is wonderful article. It is the good idea to share advice with the help of twitter. Thanks for sharing nice information here.

  11. Hi Darren,

    Nice article on Blog Monetizing. Thanks for shareing…

  12. Now this is a great article with lots of resources to learn that calls for a cup of coffee and some quiet time to absorb everything!! I like the compelling content information, and social media sharing. Great information. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Darren,
    Great list of advices. An out of box blogpost.
    As i think first we should analyse our reader’s behaviour. Then we should go for monetization according to it.

  14. Thanks for the great write up, Darren.

    I agree to all the points you mentioned, and quite confident that all the newbies or established bloggers will be benefited by your advice.

    Best wishes,

  15. Great chat, Darren. I recognized much of this advice already, but it never hurts to hear it again!

    Blog on!

  16. Hey Darren, I really appreciate the content. Makes me feel like monetizing the site right now. I know knoiw that I need a great amount of info but also info that is relevant to the people searching for it… great info!

  17. thanks, this is a great article with lots of resources to learn that calls for a cup of coffee and some quiet time to absorb everything!! I

  18. Thank you for the advice, definitely an eye opener.

  19. Darren, I know you are not going to believe me, but I actually started following you back in my college days in 2007-2008. Honestly, I have to admit, when you wrote a post some years ago about how to make six figures online, I thought it was impossible. The days of $3 adsense, $20 and now $100 per day adsense are possible! I owe you so much. I’m so pleased to see you haven’t changed. Thanks for everything you do, you truly have been an inspiration to me. I love your books, and I strongly urge everyone to purchase them, I mean seriously, I made up for the cost of the books with one day’s adsense earnings. Nick G – USA – Nearly five figure per month income earner.

  20. I was a bit stuck for ways to make my blog articles look a bit more interesting.

    I thought of pictures, charts, videos, etc, but a Twitter conversation? Brilliant!

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