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How to be a Top 10 Blogger

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of September 2004 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

The Evangelical Outpost is doing some analysis of the Top 10 Bloggers in the Ecosystem. He has come up with 9 things you can do to become a Top 10 Blogger. Its an interesting post – here are his headings – he writes more on each in the post so head over for a good read.

a) Be a lawyer (preferably a law professor)
b) Be a part of the elite media
c) Attend an Ivy League college
d) Get and Advanced degree at an Ivy League school
e) Write for the New York Times
f) Have your work published
g) Clerk for a (future) Supreme Court justice
h) Be a musician
i) Get lucky

I would add two more suggestions.

j) Be American
k) Be Male

Thoughts anyone?

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  • Tom

    I don’t get the “h) Be a musician”, why would it help to become a top blogger? Is it because you are a musician, you “must” be creative or what?

  • I’m not male and not about to have a sex change, so I guess I’m not in the

  • And the pattern is… be part of an elite.

  • I was going through some of your old posts and I thought this was absolutely ridiculous some of the greatest bloggers I know and are very popular are female.

  • Just browsed to your 913th page in your blog for a change and entered this blog.

    “I would add two more suggestions.

    j) Be American
    k) Be Male”

    A simple query on the above suggestion

    Why can’t a Female be a good Blogger? – why just Male?