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How to Be A More Productive Blogger

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of May 2005 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 5

Keith Robinson has a great post on how to Be A More Productive Blogger. He lists 13 (unlucky for some) points that he has found helpful in successfully creating content. It’s a quality list which I think would be helpful for bloggers big and small. Whilst there isn’t heaps of new thoughts for me in it I’m feeling quite inspired just reading it through. Thanks Keith – after a long week I think I needed this one. Here are his first few great points:

  • ‘Set aside time for writing (or podcasting, etc.) and stick to it. Sounds simple, but life (and work) has a way of intruding on these times. You need to hold on to your creative times at all costs!
  • Create (and stick to) a publishing schedule. I used to do this quite a bit when I was first getting started. It really helped keep me on track and motivated. Now I’ve got a loose schedule I use, but there are times when I try and plan out something more solid to help make sure I don’t fall too far behind.
  • Keep an Idea Journal. I’ve taken to having one by my bed, one on my person and if all that fails, I’ve got idea pages set up in Backpack. You never know when you’ll need a good idea!’

Keep reading this quality post at Be A More Productive Blogger

Found via Micro Persuasion.

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  1. I have about two dozen “drafts” with half started articles in my WordPress queue, it’s convenient especially in times of a time crunch – just bring up a draft for an interesting thought you had, make sure it’s still relevent, and fire it away.

  2. I swear, 13 was just a coincidence! Glad the tips were helpful.

  3. I usually try to set aside some time in the morning to do my blogging each day. However, if I see a great feed on my RSS reader, I usually will do a post in the middle of the day if I think it is something my readers will enjoy or benefit from.

  4. […] point it out for those of you who want to learn more. Some of his recent posts include: How to Be A More Productive Blogger and Frequent Short Posts – […]

  5. Be a More Productive Blogger

    Keith posts on To-Done 13 quick tips about how to Be a More Productive Blogger.

    The thing is, I go to great lengths to keep my sites up-to-date, interesting and moving forward. My off-the-cuff answer is that I “write fast”, and that’…

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