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How Many Blogs do You Blog On?

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of March 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

A quick reader question:

how many blogs do you actively blog on?

I’m not asking about how many inactive blogs you own – but how many do you contribute to with a post of your own at least once a week?

PS: I’ve previously asked a similar question – how many blogs do you ‘own’? which found most owned one, but 13% owned more than 10. Of course, these days writing on a blog doesn’t mean you ‘own’ it as such with many group blogs and blog networks.

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  • Two, both of which I blog on at least once a day, six days a week.

  • Just the one blog for me. I tried starting up a second one that actually had a developed-niche, but I got bored and gave it up.

  • I write for two blogs that I own. I don’t think I’ll have enough time left to research about a particular topic if I write on more than two blogs. I try to post articles that are really useful.

    I do *read* thousands of blogs/week though.

  • I started a 2nd blog a few months ago that is starting to do quite well. I also have a forum for Connected Internet that is starting to get quite popular

  • I just have 1 blog that I post to at least 3-4 times per week at the moment. Just focusing on getting some decent traffic to this 1 before moving on to building another (maybe!)


  • I actively blog on 1 blog.

  • Just the one. I had another but shut it down as I didn’t feel the quality was right. I didn’t care enough about it and gradually it became inactive.

    It was the only blog I had advertising on and as a commercial activity it was a success, but from an intellectual perspective it suffered from forced blogging.

  • I want to focus & give a good contribution for my blog, so i post just for one blog.

  • Tim

    I blog actively on four; two personal (one in English and one in Swedish), a Swedish one with daily rhymes called Rimnytt and a newly started English one with daily haikus, Now Haiku.

  • Two. Every other day to daily on my artist blog. Once a week, sometimes twice on my mba blog.

  • I’ve just started actively blogging one one blog about photography but I do post to one other blog once in a while which belongs to a pal of mine.

  • Nine actively write now, just added another one this past week. Some are my own, and some are for writing jobs.

  • One – updating daily.

  • I update 6 blogs regularly.

  • At the moment, three: POW – The blog at, Single Dads at, and Smart Resumes at
    By this time next week, I think I’ll be at four.
    Then I’ll be very close to my realistic limit.

  • Three, and that’s enough for me! (I like to rhyme.)

  • Only 1. And its not for money :D.

  • I have 2 blogs, which I am currently transitioning to WordPress.

    In the ideal world, one will be daily (Random Rebel Coffee Blog) and the other will be weekly (Rebel Reviews).

    I have been blogging for several years, good traffic, little revenue — I feel like a newbie still, trying to figure all of this out!

  • I post to my personal blog daily, my main opinion blog two or three times a week, and half a dozen of experimental niche blogs as and when – but at least weekly. I also contribute to a few friends blogs when I have something to share. So whats that – about 8.

  • 7.

  • Two blogs for me!

  • I post to 7 “niche” content blogs regularly.

    Four of them, I try to post daily or every other day. The other 3, I post once a week.

    I started with 2 main blogs that I wrote daily for the last 3 years.
    Now, I have 7 (don’t want any more) and I officially blog for a living full-time.

  • 8 blogs…I write to each of them at least 3 times a week. I added niche blogs, and was working off general blogs for awhile.

  • I have three blogs……one is personal blog where I share thoughts and fun with friends; the 2nd is for self-learning, the 3rd one is for ebusiness and marketing stuff.

  • 3 blogs

  • I have 7 blogs and blog on 4 of them regularly, usually daily. One of them,, is used for posting 19th century material related to the American civil war from the current date in 1863. In 2008, I’ll be publishing material to it from 1864. I publish a public domain poem a day on a poetry blog. I also have an outdoor related blog and a personal “general purpose” blog.

    Three of the blogs also have a web site associated with them.

    The 3 blogs that I don’t use were “precursor” blogs for the ones I now have.

    I don’t “officially” blog for a living. I have time to devote to the blogs because I recently retired.

  • A few months ago, I migrated my blog to WordPress. I really enjoy the application and see the potential for a few more blogs for other obscure topics. As of right now, I post on one blog.

  • I post to 5 blogs at least once a week. However, only 1 of them averages about 1 post per day. I find that with working full time, this is slightly more than I can handle. I plan to orphan 1 of them in the near future.

  • GP

    There’s 5 -10 I post to regularly (once a week or more) I have 3 blogs, the one that focuses on the innkeeping, one that focuses on travel in montana and another one in progress on the building/remodeling of the b&B prior to moving. Hmmm :)

    GP in Montana

  • Hii,
    I blog on to 3 blogs in a week. WHich is really good for me :). Thankss

    Best Regards,
    Eliena Andrews

  • Hii,
    I blog on to 3 blogs in a week. WHich is really good for me :). Thankss

    Best Regards,
    Eliena Andrews

  • Three, more or less, and maybe four if you count Twitter. The food blog is the main focus, plus I have a personal blog for friends and a Tumblr blog just for fun.

  • I think this is a loaded question …. contribute to with a post of your own .. some of my blogs I contribute and post articles by others or pictures. Does that make me less of a blogger? Although, it’s a loaded question because due to my offline work I haven’t been contributing much online actually .. reading more and commenting in short spurts though. Weird because the less time I have I probably could be contributing and posting more often, yet it’s like the opposite sometimes.

  • 3 professional blogs, 1 secret one.

  • I have about 10 blogs, and post to about 5 of them weekly, 3 of them daily, and one of them 3-5 times daily.

  • I own one blog, contribute on a part time basis to another.

  • One I write at daily. One I write at three times a week. One I write at on the weekends. Three I write a at least once a week, but more like two to three. One I write at every six to eight weeks – but a block of posts at one time. Another one two to four times per month. Finally, another one I do 4-5 posts per week and a couple of very large “guide” posts per month.

    Some I “own” and others I write for on contract. It’s a bit insane, but the days go by quickly and I can do it around my children’s schedules.

  • I own one that I do a post or two a day, I share one with a friend, and then I am paid to blog at another one so I do about 2 – 3 posts a day there. Good thing I love to ramble about fashion, because sometimes i can be be making about 6 posts a day. But it usually never gets that extreme!

  • Not 100% sure how to answer this because I actively post on two blogs, that I own, but I also help out someone else on their blog. They write the outline for their post and I go in and clean it up considerably.

    So if that counts, then 3.

  • Hi.

    I contribute daily to 3 blogs. One about technology, One about health and the other about life.

    Though it’s tiring, I learn so much in all 3 areas of my blogs.

  • I currently write at least one post per day on three different blogs.

    I am also planning a fourth blog , but this may only have one or two posts per week.

  • I post several times daily on one, weekly on another and sporadically on several others. I spend almost as much time coaching a few of the bloggers in our little network.

  • 1 personal, 1 tech, and 1 authored by my 5 cats. :)

  • Just 3 ;)

  • I have 1 of my own, write for 1 other (and have applied to write for another). I also ghost write post for a corporate blog.

  • joaquin

    how do you do it? i have one a barely make it