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How I Make Money Blogging [My Income Split in April 2010]

Today I’m updating the Make Money Blogging page here on ProBlogger – a page where I give a breakdown of how I make money from blogging.

This time I’ve decided to do a snapshot of last month (April 2010). I also thought that I’d put together a bit of a video as well as updating the page – to speak to the different parts of how I make money blogging as well as writing it up.

Here’s the video (created using ScreenFlow – please forgive the slight lag between audio and video).

How I Earn Money Blogging [April 2010 Stats] from Darren Rowse on Vimeo.

For more information you might also want to check up the updated Make Money Blogging page.

PS: Thanks to Tim Jack for the motion graphics intro/outro to the video.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. I have had my blog for almost two months and it really needs work. I just can’t seem to generate any traffic. Any tips?

  2. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing with us Darren. I shall definitely bookmark this site because it shares some brilliant tips. From someone who clearly knows what they are doing, I thank you for bringing this to other happy blogger affiliate wannabes attention.
    We have just launched our affiliate program and we are in the process of trying to promote it, but it’s not always easy as you have established!

    Thanks again.


  3. This is definitely a lesson on diversity! Adsense is generally a big contributer but I was quite surprised at how high the affiliate marketing figure is, thought the ebook precentage would be higher.

  4. Darren,
    Yours are clever thoughts. Yet would you recommend that also other websites, originally not created as blogs, prepare a blog within their site? On one hand it would attract visitors, and possibly an income as you’ve shown, yet on the other hand it would dilute the content of the site, also from a SEO perspective (keywords prominence etc.).
    We run a Rome apartment rentals website, and many visitors might be interested exchanging views on their rental experience. Any ideas?

  5. Wow it’s amazing to see that you you make a 6 almost 7 figure per year. I am happy to see the adsense that high because I think it is the easiest income stream in the beginning.
    I started my blog in 2007, earned around $10 from adsense in first month but then somehow lost interest. :( I am trying to start again and your post is a big motivation. :)

  6. You make things sound so easy.
    I am going to use all the useful info you have provided and do my best. Im sure you know what your talking about Lets just hope I have what it takes to become as well noticed as you are.

  7. Darren,

    I am impressed by the diversity and the income range of your business.

    From reading your response about expenses for your business, did I understand it correctly that you have somethings outsourced however it’s mainly you? or do you have full-time employees?

  8. That’s great, I was concerned that there might be a limit to how much you could make from Adsense alone. Good to know they are willing to pay out several thousand a month if you get enough ad traffic. I intend to focus on Adsense at first, since blogs and speeches seem to be for people with significant experience.

  9. Hey Darren,

    Thank you for taking the time to explain how your income is divided.

    Like many others, it surprised me how much of a % you received through adsense. I use adsense on my content niche sites and haven’t had much success so far.

    I find it difficult understanding how advertisers are competing for their ads to appear specifically on your sites. I guess I need to get to grips with the dynamics of adwords PPC to discover exactly how that works.

    Great work fella,


  10. We have a blog in the MLM niche that currently gets about 600 unique visitors per day. Right now we make about 2/3 in advertising and 1/3 in adsense, and a few pennies here and there with some affiliate programs. I never thought of offering Chitika and we probably need to get moving and offer some more continuity programs. Right now we’re at a grand a month and I’d sure like to double this income within a year. This was a great post on diversified income blogging and I learned a lot from reading it.

  11. Darren,

    Your split is very illustrative as to how one should expand an online business. I’m particularly interested in using Chitika but I acknowledge it is mainly because the name sounds intriguing. Do you have more on the subject and do you recommend it for someone who’s still after the first dollar?


  12. Thanks for sharing this, I’m sure I’m not alone when I wonder how much popular bloggers make. Your success is amazing and definitely someone to learn from-keep sharing!

  13. Can I take a stab at some deductive mathematics here?

    I counted 40 job ads in April for $50 each = $2000.

    Which is 3% of total income. Hence 1% = $666.67

    Total income would thus be: $66,667

    Adsense 23% = $15,333
    Affiliate 22% = $14,667
    eBooks 16% = $10,667
    Continuity 16% = $10,667
    Adsales 7% = $4,666
    Chikita 6% = $4,000
    Amazon 6% = $4,000
    Job Boards 3% = $2,000
    Speaking 1% = $667

    Not sure how close I am here at all.

    • Rich – I wondered when someone would do the math.

      One thing that may have thrown you a little was that on the job board we do remove a few ads when they’re filled if an advertiser requires it. I did do a little rounding to nearest %’s in a few spots too but good work and the closest that someone’s got to it :-)

  14. Thanks for the info Darren. I am brand new to the world of blogging so I’m sure that I will be visiting ProBlogger on many more occasions. Thanks for sharing all the great info.


  15. I’m surprised on how much of a percentage you received through adsense. I use adsense and haven’t had that much success on any of my blogs.

  16. This is amazing. I am learning so much about adsense and since I’m fairly new to affiliate marketing, holding 15 websites, not making a ton of money at all, I need to seriously take the advice here and continue to build and test my adsense.

  17. I just wanted to mention that I like Tim Jack’s animated/motion graphics at the beginning of the video .. (more so on the beginning one over the ending one)

  18. Hi Darren,

    I couldn’t resist.

    If my figures are even close to being accurate, I seriously think you should hike up your speaking fee though!

    – Rich

  19. I am going to use all the useful info you have provided and do my best. Im sure you know what your talking about Lets just hope I have what it takes to become as well noticed as you are.

  20. Hi Darren,

    I hardly see Adsense on your blog.

    I am wondering how does it contribute as the major earning from your blog.


  21. Thanks so much Darren for sharing.

    I heard some people saying Adsense is dead. But your figures prove them wrong. One of the things I learned from your post is the need to have diverse monetization. I need to study more from you and others how to do it right…


  22. Well, video is very informative Darren, having various ways of earning is quite a better idea, i personally using adsense with my blog and generating a very good revenue , but after having go through from this post i am really interested to apply some others. Thank you for such a nice info !!

  23. Yes,adsense still the biggest and brightest hope for to make money for the learners like me.

  24. Interesting how bloggers like you can make big money out of a successful blog. I am at the beginning of my blogging venture and I wonder if I will succeed. Anyways, I will keep going at it. It is fun by itself.

  25. Nice video explaining the profits of a successful blogger. I always wondered how one could earn money from a blog.

  26. this is a good example for junior bloggers. I think today the money is not an excuse to make some money in internet.

  27. Hi Darren,

    Great video of using the pie charts. It is excellent to show that you can create a blog and apply different income streams.

    I’ve heard that many companies are using the Internet more and more to advertise. Over time is will prove to be excellent income stream for bloggers.

  28. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and I’m starting to think about the possibility of making some money out of my blog so I’m glad to have found this. Thank you. I’ll have more of a hunt around your site.

  29. This blog is very cool… Having a boss and working 9 to 5 is for the birds and is very industrial age. Thank God for the Info/Digital age..
    Because of internet marketing and blogging, I quit my job a year ago and will never look back..: ) I make 6 figures now and I cant wait to break into the 7 figure range…

  30. I have been reading your posts mostly all day and they are very encouraging, especially for a newbie. I hope to learn lots from you Darren.

  31. I think it is really hard to find the right kind of affiliate program!! I guess you have found the right ones!!

  32. Hey Darren !

    A long time back I have visited your blog again, its good you have integrated videos more into your posts.. They are quite better than the text, esp on your blog!

    p.s. do work on your theme dude! jsut like twitip give your lblog a boost. We are tired of this old theme.. Wishing your good luck

  33. Darren,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and information. I find it inspiring and it helps me continue to pursue my dreams to make my business and blogs successful. It’s exciting to see someone doing well at something I hope to do! All the best!

    Dave from Canada.

  34. It is interesting to see how you make money from your site. Sometimes ones doubt that there bloggers who can make so much money from blogging.

    I would like to know how you actually make money from Adsense. I can hardly see any ads on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing.


  35. Adsense is great if you play around with it. I hope to someday earn from my blog like that. Very cool stuff.

  36. its very interesting video…i feel inspired on seeing great bloggers like you

  37. good chart there! I’d love to generate some income blogging… some day; I can dream for now…

  38. ’m surprised on how much of a percentage you received through adsense. I use adsense and haven’t had that much success on any of my blogs.


  39. Hi Darren,

    This is certainly inspiring, you have obviously put a lot of work into what you do. It just goes to show that hard work does pay off.

    I have just purchased your ebook as well so it looks like I am going to be busy for a while.

  40. I saw your books a month ago on some torrent sites and have seen loads of people downloading it for free. I don’t know what to say about this things since its your all hard work etc…and didnot have enough of souless guts to do it so. Also thanks for your payment stats and am stunned and amazed when i saw that….very simple yet innovative logic you exemplify..thankz

  41. There are many ways to use AdSense to achieve your goals.Some people are using AdSense to earn a great deal of money in amounts that you would not have thought was possible unless you robbed a bank.

  42. very interesting and informative video and really helpful for me to learn what is working steps for successful blogger. it is a reality that income generation varied depending on the market. That’s a good lesson for those of us starting out. Thank you for sharing!

  43. This is marvelous and this book is a must for every blogger who intends to make money.

  44. What a great video? I am a newbie to the whole blog world. However, I have started by own blog. I only hope that I can make 20% of what you earn. Thanks for sharing!

  45. hey, really interesting video and thanks for letting everyone know, i was surprised to see adsense the top earner, but i suppose you are getting a little bit of traffic here and there haha. great stuff

    jonny balfour

  46. I find it great that you are so open about the different ways in which you make money through blogging. It really makes you come across as a genuine and transparent person which I really admire. What I’m beginning to find especially in the online world is that people who are more open about what they do are more likely to be trusted, which is great. Thanks for the post!

  47. Thank you for leading the way. You are an inspiration for all to learn from. I appreciate how honest and transparent you are about where your money comes from. I hope to have success soon!

  48. wow darren, thanks for sharing this info with adsense and all the other income sources. it’s a amazing that you can really
    earn a living doing this. i have been out of work for over a year and just recently starting blogging to keep myself focused.

    thanks again, i hope one day i can be as successful as you

  49. Love it when people use their powers for good rather than evil! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and knowledge – much appreciated.

  50. There are many ways to use AdSense to achieve your goals.Some people are using AdSense to earn a great deal of money in amounts that you would not have thought was possible unless you robbed a bank.thanks

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