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How I Make Money Blogging [My Income Split in April 2010]

Today I’m updating the Make Money Blogging page here on ProBlogger – a page where I give a breakdown of how I make money from blogging.

This time I’ve decided to do a snapshot of last month (April 2010). I also thought that I’d put together a bit of a video as well as updating the page – to speak to the different parts of how I make money blogging as well as writing it up.

Here’s the video (created using ScreenFlow – please forgive the slight lag between audio and video).

How I Earn Money Blogging [April 2010 Stats] from Darren Rowse on Vimeo.

For more information you might also want to check up the updated Make Money Blogging page.

PS: Thanks to Tim Jack for the motion graphics intro/outro to the video.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I can tell you this is no lie. I applied to Chitika and they were very nice and said they are targeting those sites that make $10K or more right now and they would get back to me soon. Oh boy, I’ll get my pillow and chair waiting! Good for you, continued success.

  2. Hi Darren

    Thank you, as a Newbie into Blogging and Internet Marketing this has been a real eye opener,we’re all searching for extra income streams and it’s very generous of you to share the information with us – I’d never even heard of Chitika before.
    Looks like I’ll be stopping by a lot more often.
    Thanks again.


  3. Nice to see how honest you are about how you really make money online. I have always wanted to start a little blog myself but find it very challenging. I think your post and video is a motivation enough to kick-start mine.

    Thanks again.

  4. Thanks for sharing. It’s great to hear of people having great success. Kind of stokes the fires you might say.

  5. Diversity of income streams is THE key here. Note how Darren says that the income from various sources goes up and down all the time. Get enough income streams and that all evens out.

  6. wow great

    it seems that once you got the feel, you can earn as long as you want it

  7. This is great Darren. First I think blogging requires a lot of energy to build. And it is hard to updated your blogs regularly.

    But when I saw this post of yours, I realize that blogging is something fun that can makes us nice income if we decided to treat it seriously. It is just like any other business but with payout lot more.

    Top post. Can’t wait for your next …

  8. It is very wonderful to imagine how can you make money online while you are working at home between your family and children, without offensive manager, without pressure.
    So, I like to make a new blog about self improvement, the space I like.
    So what is your advice to me? :)

  9. It seems like Adense and Affiliate is still you main blog income so far.

  10. I guess earning money now have various ways now. And blogging is one of them. A very unconventional way, but very interesting and individuals do learn more as they blog about new information about things around them. And this article is a very helpful one for those who would want to earn more aside from their typical 8-5 job or for those people who wants to make blogging as their main bread and butter.

  11. I have never done anything with adsense. There is alot of money to be made if you know how to market your websites to the correct target audience.

  12. Darren Rows is an integrated school in blogging and how to make money from your blog. This is true like a sun shine. My suggestion now about making a webinar for all audience who interested in how make money online, and make an open discussion with some of audience.

    In fact I don’t know if you did it before or not, but I think it is a good idea to put it in mind. Also you can make with subscription fees as many do, this is will be not only for making money but also for collecting the serious and the interested persons.

    Thank you so much about this good video

  13. Loved the video, gave me a few new ideas to use on my own blog. While you said adsense makes you the most I am a bit wary of putting it on my main blog.

    The way you have it structured is great and will have to do a little more research on how you have been setting up your blog so I to can become a pro blogger asap ;)

    Picking up a copy of your pro blogger book come tomorrow thanks!

  14. Hey Darren,

    This is a very interesting video on a breakdown of your income. You know I was kind of like waiting for you to say exactly how much you “actually” earn from blogging. HAHA. Of course you wouldn’t wanna reveal the exact figure.

    Anyway, I really can’t imagine how long it took you to reach this level of income. Must have been a lot of hard work for you in the beginning. How do you even manage a few blogs anyway?

    Your video does provide a good deal of insight on how to actually earn from blogging. Now I should do more research on how to achieve that.

    Great post again Darren


  15. Hi Darren, thank you for sharing. I see I will have to try some of these different was to make money on my blog. I really do appreciate you making this video for us and the post.

  16. Thanks Darren. You’re always a great help and source of information. This will help me revamp my website for optimization. I do have a small question; which products from Adsense work the best for generating income, meaning are there general products that you find people gravitate to. Or, should I focus on products based on my website content?

    Thanks again,


  17. Victor Scott says: 07/03/2010 at 12:39 am

    I enjoyed the breakdown of your income sources. I’m rereading your Problogger book and trying to get a sense of this field, as a journalist maybe there is a niche I can carve for mysefl. Anyway, your book and your site have been inspiring. Congratulations!

  18. Not bad…i am surprised, that ebooks have so a big amount on your income.

  19. o me running a blog, or any website for that matter, is just as much about the personal satisfaction that you mention, as making money. Perhaps that’s the reason I’ll never become the next John Chow? I’ll just keep working on my blogs and websites for as long as I enjoy them, and when I eventually don’t anymore, I will most likely leave them behind for other things that gives me a better personal return, regardless of the money making potential they have.

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