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Have You Ever Guest Posted on Someone Else’s Blog? [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of February 2009 Blog Promotion, Reader Questions 0 Comments

As a followup to yesterdays post on Guest Posting as a method to promote your blog I thought I’d ask how many readers have tried the technique?


Feel free to add a comment below to tells us more about your answer – I’m particularly interested to hear from those who have guest posted about how you found the experience.

PS: thanks to all my Twitter followers for suggesting poll topics and for @rustylshelton who inspired this one.

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  1. I have never made a guest post on any blog.But it is my dream to be able to do a guest post In Problogger one day.

  2. No never… maybe one day I’ll think up of something! :)

  3. Yes I have guest blogged on several occasions and in one instance was the main writer on someone else’s blog.

    In the blog’s that kept there end of the bargain it was fine but many blog owners seem to feel that once you start writing they can just drop the ball.

    I offer my guest bloggers link backs, recognition, credit in the by: column and even a personal page can be put together on 1461Days.

    In fact, I am currently looking for more guest bloggers. Have a look and let me know what you think!

  4. Just like #

    Puspanjali said, I was dreaming to be able to do a guest post in your blog some day, haha, I know that is not possible, I could dream, right?

  5. Right after my guest post was published the blog’s owner decided she was too stressed out by the process of managing her blog, so she pulled the plug. Think my post was live for one day.

    Like to think I didn’t send her over the edge personally!

    I am always looking for guest posters for my blogs, by the way.

  6. I have guest blogged, and its good when you see yourself on other blogs and people commenting on your posts there, sharing their views about the post etc.
    It is beneficial in a lot of ways :)


  7. I am waiting to see the results.
    What is the measure to know if another blog will draw traffic to your blog? Page Rank, RSS readers, …

  8. It was the best thing that could have happened to my young blog. It opened doors that otherwise may have taken months to open and it gave me the courage to approach even the “big boy blogs”.

    Guest blogging has been very successful for me and I’ve built some wonderful relationships.



  9. I did a guest post in December, and it wasn’t my intention to promote my own blog with this, more that I wanted to contribute to the topic being discussed. But it did give my own blog a lot more attention over that period. I’d do it again in other situations if the chance arose – it was an interesting experience.

  10. Yes, I wrote a tutorial on how to style authors comments in WordPress, so you could easily distinct them from guest comments. I really like that concept actually, and I hope that I’ll have more guest posts in my blogging carrier :)

  11. Not yet, but I’d like to. There have been about 6 guest posts on ATMac so far and there’s several queued up to be posted soon. I’d love more but Apple-related assistive technology is such a small niche it’s difficult to find people.

  12. I did a guest post on another blog for the same general interest group (vegan cuisine). I first connected with the person on Twitter, and after some time, he asked me I wanted to guest post on his blog because he really liked my recipes. In exchange I let him guest post on mine as well. It was definitely a good experience.

    – Leo

  13. I’ve not only guest posted, I’ve actually done “blog-sitting” where I posted to someone else’s blog, moderated comments, etc., while they were unable to (due to a Hurricane in their area).

    It was a great experience and I learned a lot from “running” someone else’s blog for four days.

  14. I’ve never guest posted on someone else’s blog, to be honest I think I’d do terrible job at it.

  15. Not yet though I am always trying to find ways to go about it. I have someone writing a guest post for my blog though.

  16. I have guest blogged only 1-2 times..And yes I m also inviting bloggers to guest blog on my blog..

    here it is:

  17. I did a couple of guest posts on http://www.identityresolutiondaily.com, and found it to be a very positive experience.

    Infoglide, a software company which operates that blog, made it very easy to work with them. They just gave me a clean sheet of paper to write about whatever I liked, and they have been very supportive of my blog.

  18. Yes, I’ve recently had two guest posts published and both have brought great traffic to my site. I hope to do more, and would love someone to write a guest post on my blog.

  19. Does it count when it’s my wife’s blog?

  20. I have never posted on someone else’s blog, but I would like to. I’m just not sure of what would be a good idea.
    Anyone looking for a guest post can take a look at my site and see if they have an idea where my style would fit with their content.

  21. I actually started blogging as a guest poster on http://thenextstage.wordpress.com. It was good, because it gave me the opportunity to get my feet wet without the full-on commitment. After doing monthly guest-posts for almost a year, I started my own blog, http://artofthebiz.com. It was great, because I had a series of posts to start my blog out with.
    I continue to do guest posts for other blogs, but I haven’t had anyone guest post for me, yet. Hey—

  22. No, I haven’t tried yet:)

  23. HA!! I’ve guest posted for YOU Darren:) You are the only one I’ve ever guest posted for.

  24. I haven’t try yet. But I am planning to share my experience once my new blog gets older.

  25. No; I haven’t – I still consider myself a blogging virgin.

  26. I voted “no” but it should be counted as a “not yet.” I want to but I am not sure exactly how to go about getting a guest post gig. I’ve been attempting to contact other bloggers but to little success.

  27. I have trouble finding people in my niche that are up to date enough on blogging and the Internet to actually know what a guest post is and accept it as part of their site. Has anyone else had this problem? I talk about long distance bike travel on my site, so the niche is small, but maybe I should contribute to travel and lifestyle design blogs as that is a lot of what I talk about. Hmm…

  28. I haven’t as of yet–but I’m hoping to someday!

  29. I did a guest post for Scribbit recently – I answered her invitation to write about things to do in my local area. It was fun. She was really great to work with. It helped me to focus in on planning my writing. It also helped me to clarify what I really enjoy blogging about; I wrote a landing post for people coming over and I had to summarize what I’m doing.

    I found it a bit tricky to balance my time and energy so that I could both write the guest post and keep my own articles up to scratch. For that reason I’m not sure I’d want to do more than one a month unless I have people doing some writing for me to save me some time and energy on my own blog.

  30. Yes, some of the software projects I support have group blogs that I’ve posted to.

  31. I’m amazed it’s practically a 50:50 split. I suspect we’re seeing such a ratio as the readership of this site is ‘less amateur’. I’d expect a ratio across ‘all bloggers’ to be something more like 1:1000.

  32. Technically not yet. I was asked to write something for a blog because he liked my comment on a guest post he did. I happened to be writing a post for my site that would work for his, so it was easy to make a couple of changes and send it too him. But it has not ran yet, which makes it hard to get my schedule set because I have a follow up to it for my site. Instead of being a week ahead on writing, I am suddenly scrambling to write stuff for this week.

    But I don’t really mind, I hope to pick up some regular readers for my site. And even if I don’t, it will get my stuff out there more.

  33. I would guest post for someone if they asked me to.

  34. I answered “Yes” on a technicality. The ONLY place I have only guest-posted is here and that was only because you asked to turn a comment I had made into a post (it was the “linkers-anonymous” post from 2006).

    I’m not flatly opposed to the concept but generally if I have an idea I’d rather post it on my blog(s). If someone I respect specifically asked that I write about something for them I’d probably do it, but I don’t go seeking that out.

    I *do* get a good number of guest posts at my blog. I’m pretty open to content and writing style – if it can possibly fit and isn’t impossible to read I’ll take it – so that probably helps. It also helps that when someone makes an interesting comment or sends a long email, I often gently suggest that I might turn that into a guest post if it’s appropriate.

  35. I guest posted on a blog called Problogger, and I found the experience just charming! :)

  36. I’ve done several. I had one on ProBlogger, one on Blogsolid, one on Blogging Tips, and probably a few others. I also wrote one for NETTUTS, which should go up sometime in a few days.

  37. i want to but i didn’t get chance.

  38. Yes! It’s one of the best ways to promote your own writing and your own blog. You get a static backlink on another blog. It raises your Technoriti authority and you get new readers that may suggest you to other readers and may eventually ask you to guest post on their blog as well.

  39. Yes, recently guest posted on Geek Estates a website tracking the intersection between real estate and technology verticals. We are based in Central America so the post was about ‘what we and others in the international real estate field have learned from the US real estate world.’ We got a traffic boost but most important have started to build name recognition for what we are doing among some of the movers and shakers in the real estate 2.0 field.

  40. No I haven’t, though I’ve written a blog post in answer to another blog’s questions if that counts.

  41. I have posted guest blogs a few time. I think it is a good idea to generate new and fresh content. If anyone is interested to post a guest blog with their link can contact me at:


  42. I’ve never written a guest post not have I had one appear on my blog. I’d welcome the opportunity though. I write a daily, independent design blog with an emphasis on kitchen renovations. Anyone? Anyone?

  43. I voted no, but only out of lack of opportunity/time.
    Interviews, I’ve done many.. quotes, re-posts etc…

    But no, not actually ever guest posted – I think it’s something I might do in the near future mind…

  44. Never done one but would eventually like to.

  45. I’ve not guest posted… yet! But I hope to and to fully reciprocate it too.

    I think guest posts are a brilliant way of showing your audience that you want to offer them more than one point of view, and it shows them that you want them to engage not just with you, but the actual subject of your blog.

  46. I haven’t. Mostly because I don’t know of a blog with an appropriate audience. The overwhelming majority of blogs in my niche are personal blogs that aren’t suitable for guest posts.

  47. I have guest posted and enjoyed the experience more for helping out and networking rather than traffic. I very much enjoy others coming to guest post on my blogs because it frees me up from doing another post, plus I get to practice my editing skills a bit. (Most have been excellent writers, so I’ve hardly had to edit a thing.)

    Either way it’s a win-win situation and all about helping others.

  48. I’ve done a number of guest posts, and have had a blast with it. It’s a great way, as has been said, to generate static links and traffic, as well as to write for a different audience and a different pair of eyes in the blog owner. It’s easy to get too far into our own heads, styles and niches, and guest posting is a great way to break that, improve as a writer, and grow your own site at the same time.

  49. Yes I have…and it was an incredible experience. I provided unique content for another blog in the industry and as a result…

    – I gained another contact/friend.
    – More subscribers to my blog.
    – More subscribers to my newsletter.

    It takes a little bit of time to draft up original content for someone else’s blog…but it is worth it in the long run. It also increases your spread on the web…not a bad thing at all. Win/win for both parties in my opinion.

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