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Google Page Rank Update Underway

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of February 2006 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

Tim just alerted me to the fact that it seems Google are doing one of it’s periodic Page Rank Updates. These updates take a little while to show up on all data-centers around the world so it could take a day or two to shakedown – but you can read more about it in Digital Point’s PR Update has begun discussion and at WMW’s PR update Started.

Unsure what Page Rank is? You might find my Page Rank Explained post of some help.

If you want to see how the different data-centers are raking your page you might like to use the Future Page Rank Tool that I have on a previous post.

On a personal note – I put a lot of weight on PR except that on those site’s where I sell text links it does help in securing more money per link. My own blogs have been pretty steady in this update (so far). I was hoping for a PR 7 here at ProBlogger with the massive amount of incoming links to it over the past 6 months but we’re still on a 6 (nothing to complain about really). update: actually a couple of data centres are showing ProBlogger at a PR of 7 after all. Time will tell I guess.

How is the update impacting your blogs?

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  • Tim

    I’m pretty happy with the results I see so far. Most of my sites are either remaining at the same level or bumping up by 1. What I’m really relived about though is the homepage of one of my sites ended up with a PR 0 after the last update while internal pages till had decent PR. This has now been “fixed” and the homepage has a great PR now. I’m happy so far!

  • Darren, I am getting you as a PR 5?

  • Jesse

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. the links to my b5 site are gonna come up about a day after it’s done.

    that would have been an instant pr of about 5, I would guess. crap

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  • Jesse – most people feel that PR is actually something that indicates what a page’s PR has been for the past weeks (months?). ie it’s how Google has been ranking a page for a longer term so even if your extra links would have been updated last week it probably wouldn’t have helped.

    It is frustrating though when you seem to just miss one – but the next one is probably only a month or two away.

  • yoyo – it’ll bounce a little probably but the data-centres using that tool above indicate that it’s likely to hit a 7.

    The other factor is that there is often a different between the ranking for a site using different ways of plugging it into your browser…

    ie gives me a PR of 6 on my firefox PR tool

    but (ie without the www’s) gives me a PR of 5 (which is maybe what you’re seeing).

  • Darren you so smart! :-)

  • Still showing a zero, but some datacenters are reporting PR5. That would be a nice number at which to debut.


  • jim

    The tool says four data centers listing my site as PR4, nine listing it at PR5, and four listing it at PR6 – the shows a 4 – how do I interpret it? which one will it be when it’s all done?

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  • 0 =>5
    0 =>4
    0 =>4
    4 =>4
    for me
    Not bad, but not great either

  • George

    Not looking good. one of my site is showing PR of 0 from PR of 4.

  • dkessaris – 0 to 4 or 5 is pretty decent I think, not bad for a first ranking, while I know of a few 0 to 6’s they are usually sites in networks or which have a lot of incoming links.

    George – give it another day or two to settle. You might find the 0 is a glitch, I don’t know of many sites that go back to 0 unless they are doing something dodgy or where Google have made some sort of mistake.

  • My site went from a 0 => 3. I was happy honestly. I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up. I know a 3 isn’t great, but its something.

  • I am not complaining, I was just hoping that my photoshop blog would be a 6 because it got dugg 3 times and as a result it got a large number of backlinks.

  • Obviously, nothing is final yet, but that future checker is showing two of my new sites moving up from 0 to 6.

  • yay :) Mine have jumped up. None of them are zero now.

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  • That’s strange – I have a fairly new site, and most data centers are still showing it as a 0, but on the two that Digital Point are claiming as the ones being updated, it’sshowing it as a 6. Man, that would be nice ;)

  • I’m actually quite surprised by this and the last PR update. On both occassions I’ve seen quite a few blogs debut at a PR of 6. While I’m not complaining about this (as I’m involved with many of them) it does make me wonder a little. It seems that getting PR6 is not that hard these days but getting up to a 7 becomes a pretty large leap.

  • Well, my main site has been up for nearly a year and it just got to PR6, but two of my newer sites just jumped from zero to 5.



  • It seems I will still stay at PR 6.
    Darren, I am getting PR5 for using Future Pagerank. Are you using some other tool to get PR7?

  • Quick Online Tips – see comment #6 above

  • Wow, I had actually did some searching just yesterday afternoon to see when people predicted it would be. Hell, I should have been doing the predicting… thanks for the heads up!

  • We’re still at 7, it seems. Getting to 8 must be pretty hard.

  • anymounous

    My current PR is 8 since last year or so…

    Nevertheless, no change in PR level and I am quite happy as google and yahoo everyday sends more than 25000+ users every day :)

  • You’re right, Darren. Future Page Rank is giving Syntagme Media 5s across the board, with the exception of Syntagma (which gets most traffic) which is on 4. Seems the overtly commercial blogs are given precedence. Make sense, I suppose.

  • 0 -> 3
    0 -> 5
    0 -> 5

    Can really see now how much emphasis is being put on the quality of the links. The first site is the one i did the most work for – huge amounts of work with about 300 backlinks (65 showing in google in upcoming update.

    The two last sites are blogs and were so much easier to promote and they’ve gone straight to a rank of 5. which relates to what you are saying Darren – it does seem blogs are much easier to get a higher ranking for.

    The McDar tool gives a lot more information including backlinks and much more data centres:

  • My philosophy, a somewhat positive one (read delusional with the goal of feeling happy no matter the outcome) , is that you celebrate when your PageRank jumps and if it drops or doesn’t climb you tell yourself it’s not really the reason you blog anyway, you have more important goals like traffic or sales or RSS subscribers etc etc

    Positivity if a wonderful delusion :-)

  • I’ve got 4 of the data centres showing my site as a 4. That seems pretty good to me considering it’s my first site and I’ve only been going for about 3 months. I’m not eve aware of there being that many links to the site so I would’ve been happy just to get a rank of 1!

    How long does the update normally take to complete?

  • A.H

    results with the www are different from those without, iwebtools is showing a current 0 and a future 5, while that SEO tools is showing some as 4 and some as 0…..i’m confused..


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  • I have 4 places giving me a 4 but everything else is a 0 even the google one at top,what does this mean? My site is very new, was in google around the 20th of Jan. this year

  • It seems on one of my blogs I got 2 4s, another a 3. Not too bad, considering it’s up for like a month and a half. :D

  • I thought this Big Daddy change was supposed to fix the vs. nonsense. To avoid that, I had setup a virtual site for “www” and 301 redirected it to the straight http://, but I took that off to see if BD was really going to do the job.

    I thought it had: right now my site is PR6 either way, and it wasn’t at one time.

    I realize this isn’t easy (see if you don’t understand why), but why doesn’t Google let us help them: our Google sitemaps could tell them all they need to know to “get it right”.

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  • Congrats on the 7/10 pr, Darren. It looks like it’s holding? I just jumped to 4/10 on my main site and I couldn’t be happier.

    Take care,


  • I’m surprised that you encourage people to look at Future PR predicting tools.

    These tools are not accurate and none of them work.

    No one (outside of google) knows exactly how google decide on a PR value. It is common knowledge that these tools don’t work!

    Having said that, be sure to check mine out, it is the most accurate future PR estimator available! (Linked to my name, be ready for a laugh)

  • BSE : PR 7 (up from 0 and 5)
    SEJ : PR 8 (up from 7)

  • As my sites only been up a few months i’m currently in the dreaded Google ‘Sandtrap’ so i’m not expecting any PR for a while yet.

    Have to agree PR doesn’t count for much in terms of SERPS any more but as Darren says it boosts the price of selling links and makes it easier to exchange links with desirable sites.

  • How can you trust a site the process if a site like (with about 20 posts, started in February 2006) .. has a PR=5 .. ? Can anybody tell me how a new site can do this? And, why anybody should even care what the PR of their site really is? Thank-You.

  • HART: (post #42): PR is a Google term that uses an algorithm that determines how well a site should rank in their search engines. The higher the PR, the better it is. If you have a high PR site, more people will be inclined to buy advertiisng on your site as it would seem more “credible” and “popular”.

    People gain a high PR because more people link to their site. This is called “inbound/backwords links”. If it’s linked from a higher PR site, the better it is for the site that is linked too.

    My “blogs” also gained PR pretty fast. It currently has a PR of 3-4 and it only started a month or so back. Just make sure you get a lot of one-way links to your site from high traffic sites, and it’ll be good :)

  • HART: I know a blog that was launched 2 weeks ago with about 4 posts, and it’s got a 5. My own blogs have got around 100 each and were mostly set up 4 months ago. They’re getting 5s too.

    It ain’t fair on the surface, except that the new blog is run by an excellent blogger who’s just closed down a long-running blog, and we linked to him a lot. So I’m delighted with the outcomes for both of us.

    I expect you can guess who it is. He’s not a million miles away from Darren, and you, HART, have commented at length on his blog. :-)

  • Hi John & Mark .. First of all – I’m not jealous or anything :D .. I was just making an observation from using my backlinks feature on my google toolbar, and comparing sites .. It appears that nobody is linking to except we see it in the sidebar of all b5media sites.This is the way I see it, it my own weird mindset trying to figure this out …
    (1) b5media with PR6 is somehow improving the PR of squibkick because that’s the only site that links to it
    (2) squibkick is linking to major NFL news stories and sites, and maybe their PR is reflected in this just by linking to sites with PR despite that they don’t link back to you
    (3) the more secretive the algorithm that google uses directly affects e.g. price was $350 usd before PR update, $370 usd during buzz while it’s update .. If you look at the 90 chart, the anti-spikes follows the PR updates .. what’s with that?

  • HART: It appears, and from doing a little research, that the site has good PR because it was visited a lot by people looking at the front page of b5media – where it has a featured article.

    It definitely also has a good PR because it is linked to from all the b5media network sites (look at each blog in the network, and notice that they have a link to each other’s site). That’s a splendid way to get good inbound links as these blogs have a high PR too.

  • results with the www are different from those without, iwebtools is showing a current 0 and a future 5, while that SEO tools is showing some as 4 and some as 0…..i’m confused..

  • seo hyderabad: Read about how PR works. Maybe it will help :)

  • I noticed changes yesterday however they have disappeared again today.

  • Alternative therapy: Thats known as the Google Dance, during a PR update the rankings go up and down like a yo-yo, it takes about a week usually before they settle down and you get your “new” rank in a stable situation.

    I use the term “new” loosely because what we are seeing is only a push to the public PR data centres of values that Google has been using for sometime. (They calculate new PR far more often than they make it visible to us)

    The bit that I don’t understand is that if they calculate it often and use it internally, then why does it dance. I would of expected it to just change and be stable instantly.

  • Thanks Drew.
    I can now see the updates again. I am happy to say my blog at has gone straight in to a pr5 from a pr0.