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Google Page Rank Update Underway

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of February 2006 Search Engine Optimization 0 Comments

Tim just alerted me to the fact that it seems Google are doing one of it’s periodic Page Rank Updates. These updates take a little while to show up on all data-centers around the world so it could take a day or two to shakedown – but you can read more about it in Digital Point’s PR Update has begun discussion and at WMW’s PR update Started.

Unsure what Page Rank is? You might find my Page Rank Explained post of some help.

If you want to see how the different data-centers are raking your page you might like to use the Future Page Rank Tool that I have on a previous post.

On a personal note – I put a lot of weight on PR except that on those site’s where I sell text links it does help in securing more money per link. My own blogs have been pretty steady in this update (so far). I was hoping for a PR 7 here at ProBlogger with the massive amount of incoming links to it over the past 6 months but we’re still on a 6 (nothing to complain about really). update: actually a couple of data centres are showing ProBlogger at a PR of 7 after all. Time will tell I guess.

How is the update impacting your blogs?

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  1. […] With all the recent buzz surrounding Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere, the Magic Middle, New York Magazine’s A-List love fest, the resulting A-List denial fest, and the latest Google page-rank shuffle, links are on everyone’s minds. […]

  2. How often are these page ranks done?

  3. Hi guys!
    My website http://www.eblackbeauty.com has recently moved from 0 => 3 after 3 months of nightmare (its 5 months old now). I was very happy honestly. i am now working on backlinks but i wish to know how often Big daddy reviews the PR system.
    i think PR6 should be fantastic.

  4. Great info about blog and google pr. I belive I will start working much harder on my own blog now.

    Charles Kirkland
    [email protected]
    Read our blog at http://www.coastalhomedesigns.com/blog/

  5. there’s a lot of good info here…..thanks =)

  6. Looks like new pr update is going on now.

  7. Your blog is great.
    I just start my web less than a month. Who know when is the next pagerank update?

  8. I’m actually happy about this PR update – my site was sitting at ‘0’ since I launched it on October and it finally jumped to a PR3 .. so my SEO progress is working out great for me.

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