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Google Add Socialize Feature to Feedburner – Tweet Your New Blog Posts from Feedburner

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of December 2009 RSS, Social Media 0 Comments

Google today announced a new feature that impacts bloggers – a new URL shortener that integrates with Feedburner and a new ‘socialize’ feature on Feedburner.

This allows bloggers to use Feedburner to send Tweets out automatically via Feedburner.

Of course most bloggers already have tweets going out to promote new blog posts by using either a plugin or a service like TwitterFeed.

Feedburner give you a number of options – including the ability to tweet out just the title or include some of the body (or only the body), adding hashtags (based upon your category), adding something before or after the title, filtering (to stop some new posts going out) – and limiting how many tweets go out.

Screen shot 2009-12-15 at 11.34.10 AM.png

Get more help and details on setting up your Feedburner account here.

In many ways it is pretty similar to what a lot of the other alternatives give you for this type of thing – but it is good to be able to have it all managed from one account. I’ll also be interested to see how Google/Feedburner integrate this into their Analysis/metrics (ie to see if they can measure clicks on their URL shortened links accurate – I’m not seeing any mention of this but it would seem like a logical extension).

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  1. Twitter is not simply status updates! Twitter is a place where you can advertise your brand or yourself in way to captivate and socially interact with your followers. Twitter, in essence, is really about creating online relationships with your followers. 

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