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Gawker Launches Valleywag

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of February 2006 Blog Networks 0 Comments

Logo.ValleywagI generally don’t announce when blog networks launch blogs but for some reason when Gawker Media launch one I sit up and take note – because they have an amazing strike rate of launching very successful blogs. They don’t take the machine gun approach and go for lots of small blogs – they launch a few BIG ones. Their latest is Valleywag – a tech gossip rag.

The cool thing about Gawker’s blogs is that they never launch empty ones. This blog has been filling with stories since 6 January and looking at the content already there I’ve already subscribed to it. Also looking at their stats it seems others are interested in it also – it’s had close to 13,000 visitors today already with still 6 – 7 hours to go until the day ends.

Read more at Valleywag

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  • I really like this.

    Though I can’t help think that it is the exact sort of publication Pud from Adbrite + F****dcompany fame should have spun-off from F****dcompany about 12-18 months ago. Would’ve been a great launch pad for Adbrite’s awareness amongst people higher up in the advertising + tech food chain plus it would have had an instant audience from F****dcompany readers plus people who just think Pud is tops.

  • My best friend from high school did the design :)

    Much better than his previous work for Gawker IMHO.

  • Jesse

    it only has so much traffic because every single gawker blog has a post about it, plus tons of other blogs (like yours)

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  • ripper

    What is so special about that blog – a big NOTHING. Complete rabbish.

  • I don’t like blogs like this. I like to think I’m fairly tech minded, but I look through the first 10 or 20 posts and really don’t have a clue what they’re on about. It appears to be some kind of rant but beyond that I’m lost.