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Forget About Page Rank and Build a Better Blog


I get a lot of questions about Google’s Page rank and when it will update again.

I’m not sure if people think I look like Matt Cutts or whether they think I’ve got some inside word – but the question hits my inbox quite a lot.

So what’s my response these days?

Forget about when and if Page Rank will update and spend your time building a better blog!

You see – Google are in the business of helping their users find great, authoritative and credible content on any given topic and I’m increasingly becoming convinced that the more you spend time building sites that have that content the more highly you’ll be ranked in Google.

Sure, you need to know some good basic Search Engine Optimization principles because it will help your blog reach it’s potential – but don’t be obsessed with it.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Great video. For me you are the real problogger, the best one. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Darren,

    I am loving your video posts. Can you fulfill my small request. The request is Could you please put your video posts as a downloadable video format along with the flash video?

    This is because the net speed is quite slow at my place and watching embedded videos is like watching images loading with broken sound. If you provide a link that says “Download Video” then it can be very helpful for people with low connection speed to download the entire video and enjoy it at leisure later.

    The embedded video has to get loaded everytime the page is refreshed, so please see if you can do this. I am sure It would bring you more traffic.. lol

  3. If content is still the king, why the hell high content sites still come on 4-5 (or above) pages on google?, search on any good topic and you will see blogs and sites hovering with adsense ads on them, now come around 4-5 page and you will see big libraries, .orgs, and much much more. The thing is google want us and is somewhat make us depend on its f***ing engine.

  4. Hi there! Greate videos! Keep up the good work.

    But when it comes to PR, i have to say, that it is pretty darn important what yours is. If you got an high PR, it`s more likely you`d get alot more hits in the search engines. But then again, it`s ONLY in the search engines that PR is important.

  5. It seems something is starting to roll, john chow got his page rank lowered from 6 to 5. But the question is whether the pagerank update is starting or if this was just another penalty for john from googles side.

    Anyway pagerank isn’t that important right now, the people who make such a big deal about this, usually behave in this matter as they want higher PR to make more money from payperpost or some similar networks.

  6. great video and great advice as usual

  7. In the beginning I used to be obsessed with it because everyone else was. I was like if they are worrying about it let me find about more information. Now I realize it really doesn’t matter as much because I go to blogs because of their content not their page rank.

  8. Good point, you should build a great blog… BUT (IMHO) page rank is manditory if you’re blogging… no matter how great your blog is, if nobody knows about it, how can they ever find it?

  9. Thanks for the info Darren, great video. I totally agree with you. Content is still the crown rocker,

  10. Thank you. I tend to get really worked up about why my page rank isn’t going up. When I read stuff like this it makes me remember, I am not building a page rank, I am building a website.

    I need to remember to focus on that which I can control.

  11. I definetly agree with your comment. To create a good content is not easy but it’s worth it. I try to create content in business cash management and hopefully readers will appreciate how I spent 10 years just to fine tune the business cash management system….and its free!!

  12. forget about PR and build a better blog! easier said than done!

    aren’t we all working on this unique blog which is fun and entertainment and attractive and yet, the big interaction like at darren’s blog is missing?!

    i would love to wake up to several comments in my inbox awaiting moderation. my highest comment number ever is probably 10. however, when i see other hawaii blogs doing so called contests for winning a big prize when readers sign up for their feed, i think that cannot be it. people signing up for my feed because they can win something?!!!!

    OK i keep writing content…till people sign up for its feed because they like it! aloha, pua

  13. Thanks for the solid advice. I have become obsessed with my pages PR and SEO. I get disappointed everytime my site is not performing as desired. Thank you for the encouragement!

  14. Wise words. It seems that most people are more worried about getting a high PR instead of writing quality posts.

    Great video, Darren.

  15. I have been saying the same thing in the forum about PR. My take is first build something that is useful to your visitors. But ad dollars are based on PR and people do pay a lot of attention to PR

  16. Darren that was great..the video!

  17. Great advice Darrin. Just focus on the content, and let page rank do it’s job. It will eventually catch up to you.

    Keep it up…

    Jim Moon

  18. Why even pay attention to PR period. Look at your stats, if they’re moving up, keep on doing what you’re doing.

  19. @mike your are rigth
    but 4me it was time :)

    thx, but i hope to get it… :(

  20. You are so right on with this. Content wins everytime and will be becoming more and more important as the blogosphere grows and I believe it is poised for more growth soon. The largest number of babyboomers joined the blogosphere in 2007! Can you imagine a blogosphere filled with retired doctors, lawyers, financeers etc, etc? They are fixin’ to retire soon so hang onto your safety belts.

  21. Thanks Darren for your input and suggestions on this topic. While I think what you say is sound advice, it is difficult to accept due to the overwhelming number of related blogs that we compete with for exposure.

  22. Hello Darren,
    just saw the video,

    i think its just about getting the right balance and putting things into perspective,and i think unique original quality content will always win .keep up the good work mate! :)

  23. Hmm, well it seems to have been updated lately (since March this year at least), because my blog is new (http://blog.bull3t.me.uk/) and it has a PageRank of 4 – so it is still used by Google and will get updated, I never really worry about it myself.

  24. I have PR 0 but, my blog and my websites already are working like having 4-5 !!! on Google rankings

  25. I buy/sell a lot of existing wesbites and I’ve never seen a real relationship between income earnings and PageRank, especially when it comes to using Adsense on a high PR page.


  26. Nice article. I agree with your advice, it’s better to build a better blog than to concentrate on your pagerank. Common sense really, but a lot of people don’t see that!

  27. I try to create content in business cash management and hopefully readers will appreciate how I spent 10 years just to fine tune the business cash management system

  28. *delurks*
    You have no idea how much I’m hoping Page Rank goes the way of the dinosaurs….. People obsess over it to the point of having nothing real or helpful to say anymore. The focus is no longer on the customer, or reader.
    Most of the people in my target market are even lucky if they know how to move around the internet, much less what a Page Rank is….

  29. Stumbled across your conversation about page rank while doing a bit of research about it online. I think I’ll find something a bit different, and better, to occupy my time now that I’ve read through the comments :)

  30. Very Correct PR = Traffic = More Money from Adsense

  31. I see Darren that your Home page has a PR of 6 but your BLoghas a PR of 0. Do you know why that is?

  32. Thanks Darren, I think you just brought me back to my senses too. Quality-How did I ever forget that.

  33. Many people are obsessed with PageRank. The key is to make your website more user friendly by providing better content. It’s good to know the basis of PageRank but don’t dwell into it too much as that is not what the readers want from you website.

  34. Hello, I agree.I sterted blogging to see if I could one day use my blog to make money.I havent made a cent yet, lol…but I made something far more valuable, I made lots of good friends online.For me, the page rank is not a thing I even think about…which may be a good thing, seeing as my page rank just stays the same, lol, even when everyone else rank rises.Still, it doesnt upset me…I have learnt that the importance of blogging is far deeper than page rank :)
    Thanks so much


  35. The basic idea lies in what google says about SEO too
    “Make sites for user and not for search engines”, an over obsesivenes over pagerank or SEO google is all likely to strike it down.


  36. But high PR blog can sell more quality sponsored ads.


  37. Blog for the sake of blogging. Blog because you love it. PR, traffic, and money will follow if you do things right.

  38. Darren,
    Thank you for your insite on this. I like the idea that maybe if we get away from page rank we can get on with what really matters and that is doing what we love. I want people to come to my website to read, enjoy and interact. That is what it is all about. I have been struggling to up my page rank and I guess I really forgot what was important. Thanks again!! http://www.jimmysentertainment.com

  39. Google PR is such a fickle thing. One day you can be PR6 and next day you are PR4. Sadly it seldom works the other way though…

  40. I also agree with making nice valuable content rich blog or website. PR is a google algorithm which we all use. Sometimes it may get delayed but it always come right back up and give us enjoyable moment.
    Most of all as long as you bring valuable content to your internet audience, you get good value in the long run.
    Chat Place

  41. I feel SO MUCH BETTER.

    I was beginning to think I was a lone wolf, ambivalent as I’ve been about my puny blog stats (though obviously curious enough to sniff around a site like ProBlogger). Am I the only one who thinks that a good blog always doesn’t happen overnight? That it sometimes needs to cook long and slow?

    In any event, it takes work. And I don’t mean marketing …

  42. Darren I agree with the idea of providing really great content for readers – and your blog is a perfect example of this.

    My blog went from PR4 to PR3 last year for some inexplicable reason but I retained a top ten position for Google searches for my targeted keyword…at least for a few months.

    Now I find that my Squidoo lens, which is targeting the same keyword, has supplanted my blog and taken over a top 10 position in Google…and my blog has dropped through the cracks.

    This has happened despite the fact that I update my blog weekly and have not updated my Squidoo lens since July 2007.

    I have another Squidoo lens, though, that I update daily and it is now a PR5 and holds no2 position for my keyword. In this Squidoo lens I am trying to do what you suggest, “helping … users find great, authoritative and credible content” :
    Squidoo Marketing

  43. Yes, we think like this too but advertisers (I guess) don’t think like that. I don’t like PR, but it is still important for us.
    I want a new world without PR! :-)
    Nice article :)

  44. Well, better blog post is a good things. But my blog just got PR boost from zero to 4! however I’m very happy since this is for the first time I have a blog with “good” PR :-P

  45. Yes, content is king. SEO can go a long way, but I agree that people with websites should spend more time building a great site with great content that people will find useful!

  46. alright, I agree but we cannot blame the other if they still cannot disregard the value of PR specially those who use their blog to earn money. when the time comes that advertisers realise that PR doesn’t affect traffic that much, only then can these PR-crazy bloggers forget about PR.

  47. I agree is most important to have a better blog than high pagerank.

  48. Its nice that page rank is quite possibly insignificant. I’ve noticed people respond much better when you have a page rank of four or five though. In the beginning it seemed that was a cardinal sin , ohhh no page rank weeelllll.
    thanks cool post.

  49. I think that you’re absolutely right. Guys, webmasters, let us focus on building a quality web site or weblog regardless of the ranking.

    Quality content will force your visitors to visit again, and again.

    Be specific ~ dedicate your time to one website that interests you and a subject that you really master. You should be on the fine track after a while, months, or years. But it will pay off when you have an impressive pagerank and your site or blog receives high traffic. It’s worth it! :)


  50. Hmmm… I agree. Sometimes, I find that people become obsessed with page rank. If one’s site is of high quality, a high page rank is something that generally results.

    On a few blogs that I have read the poster does not provide outbound links about the topic of the post, for fear of losing page rank!


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