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Follow These Twitter Users – They’re Just Like You

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of July 2008 Social Media 0 Comments

ProBlogger reader – I’d like to introduce you to some new friends – around 700 of them (and counting).

Over the weekend, on a whim, I started the ProBlogger Social Media Love-In as a way of linking you as readers of this blog together via social media. In that post I invited you to submit your social media profiles in comments and then to start be-friending one another.

The response was swift and overwhelming with around 700 people participating.

Reports started tricking in of people getting a lot of new friends and making all kinds of useful connections. The ProBlogger community spun out to all kinds of places as people began to connect and start working together on sites like Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Myspace, Pownce, StumbleUpon, Digg and more.

As I began to watch what was happening I began to ask myself how I could make the long and scattered list of profiles more helpful. Some readers were content to surf down the comments list and start adding friends – but could the information be presented better?

I got in touch with Lara and asked her if she wanted a couple of days work to organize the lists. She agreed and today we’re rolling out a group of Twitter users (the most popular profile link left).

Lara has created a page of 538 Twitter profiles here.

Yes – that’s 538 ProBlogger readers who want to connect, work together and learn from one another.

As I was scanning down the list today it struck me that almost everyone on this list has a blog and as a result the collective influence that we have as a group is quite amazing. If on average we connect with 100 people a week each we’re influencing 53,800 people each week. I suspect the number is far greater than that because there’s some pretty significant bloggers on the list.

As I’ve mentioned on the twitter list page – over 500 people is a lot to follow on Twitter so you might not end up following them all – but do try to add as many as you can and see which ones connect with you most to stick with.

In the coming days Lara will compile more of these lists (one for each type of social media and one more miscellaneous list) so if you’re not a twitter user hopefully there will be a great list for you in the days ahead.

Missed Out On Submitting Your Profiles?

If you missed out on the 24 hour window where we allowed people to submit profiles don’t worry. The beauty of this project is that by befriending others who did you’re still going to make some great connections. We might open this up again at some point in the future but in the mean time I’d start with the lists that we’re publishing this week.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Thanks for doing this, Darren (and Lara).

    I just started using Twitter recently, and I found a number of great people to follow from your list, and some interesting new blogs to read.

    (BTW, I’m tweeting at:

  • I put my name on the list, but did not have a twitter…:( Here it is now:

    Great list, thanks!

  • I was wondering where all the Twitter follows were coming from. I even twittered about it. Then I found out :) Thanks Darren and Lara!

  • JSM

    This is great, now I can be in the middle of online media and songwriting discussions all day long. There goes my productivity. :)

    Click on my name to follow me on Twitter if you’d like! ^^

    Thanks Darren!

  • huhu 538 bloggers pretty sweet list ;)

  • I have had many many people adding me to their list because of your site. Thankyou Darren

  • Always enjoy seeing a ProBlogger update in my inbox, but today was especially useful. I indeed found some people “just like me.” Somehow I missed getting to put the Playnormous Twitter name on this list…maybe next time… Thanks, Darren!

  • Alphabetical order? Are you serious? That list took me hours to put together as it is, and it was done pretty much in the order that people commented in.

    If you made it into the comments on the original post, you’re in the list. And if you’re really desperate to find out (ie. “make sure” because you don’t trust me) that you’re on it, go to the page in FireFox, press CTRL-F and type in your username. It’ll highlight for you.

    Geez… can’t please all the people all the time, huh? :(

  • I have 44 followers and I’m following 44 users now: this experiment is really a good idea to connect bloggers together!

    I hope to find some italian ones, like me… ^_^

  • Well – I finally made it to the top of the Love-in mountain. I thought I could just let everyone ‘follow’ me first and then I would ‘follow’ them in return – but I guess everyone else had the same plan…lol – only a couple of people signed up to follow me. So it was up to me to put the work in (and become a Leader…lol.) Once I ‘followed’ then I was ‘followed’.

    I think it is interesting that only a few jumped at the new opportunity to increase their network on twitter. It was easy for everyone (538) to put their twitter link on the problogger list but hard for everyone to ‘activate’ the Love.

    Thanks for the opportunity – I want you to know it wasn’t wasted by me!

  • I’m looking for new twitter friends too! Add me :D