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DISCUSS: Which Social Network Sends Your Blog the Most Traffic?

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of September 2013 Reader Questions, Social Media 0 Comments

At PBEVENT last week I was having lunch with a group of 5 bloggers from quite different niches and for a few minutes the conversation centred around the topic of which social media sites send us the most traffic.

We went around the circle and shared the top sources of social media traffic for our blogs and it was fascinating to hear how for different blogs and niches the answer changed.

I thought it might make an interesting discussion post here on ProBlogger (and might help some of us to work out where to invest more time into social.

Social media traffic

While traffic isn’t the only benefit of engaging on social – I know for many bloggers it’s a big reason to be engaging in social.

So here are my 2 questions for discussion:

  1. what is your blog’s niche/topic?
  2. what social media site/s sends your blog the most traffic?

Let me quickly answer for my two main blogs:

For Digital Photography School

  1. the niche is obviously ‘photography tips’
  2. The top social media source of traffic last month was clearly Facebook with Pinterest coming in at number 2 (but not even close to what Facebook sent).

For ProBlogger

  1. the niche is ‘blogging tips’
  2. The top social media source of traffic last month was again Facebook – but Twitter came in as a closer 2nd.

Aside: I was actually a little surprised by the result for ProBlogger because last time I checked Twitter was the #1 and I do put more effort into building a presence on the ProBlogger Twitter account than on our Facebook Page (we also have a lot more engagement and larger following numbers on Twitter). It looks like I might need to rethink my focus a little!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Zest e-Biz
    1. Business Planning & Business Strategy tips
    2. Facebook

    Intrepid Monkeys
    1. Tips for travel with babies
    2. Facebook

  • My Niche is Web Service – such SEO, Web Design, Web Development, Content Marketing, Web Hosting etc.

    By far the maximum number of traffic I get from Facebook, StumbleUpon and Linkedin

    Twitter and G+ comes – 2nd :)

    • Hi,
      Could you please tell me which source of traffic converts best for you.

  • What is your blog’s niche/topic? Eclectic: everything from rants on current issues to sex to personal stories
    What social media site/s sends your blog the most traffic? By far Facebook, although I share to Twitter and Pinterest. Facebook is the one I work the hardest though.

  • Niche: Coffee Brewing
    I get a whopping average of 8 visits from Facebook a day. Only one month in and got some work to do!

  • I think there is no rule of thumb to say which social media sends more traffic to your blog. Even if two blogs have same niche but they may be getting more traffic from different social media. It all depends upon headline and image of your post. In few social media like Pinterest image is prominent, in few other headlines like Twitter and still a few other both are equally prominent like Facebook and Linkedin. So we need to make our headlines impressive and select impressive images to grab more traffic from every type of social media. Am I right Darren?

  • Google Plus. Although I don’t use Google Plus too much. Just sharing the new post Link. I am getting USA traffic from Google Plus,

  • My niche is (are) SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing.
    My best social media source is, undoubtely, Twitter, being followed at a very long distance by LinkedIn.
    I suppose this is due to my social strategy, where I put almost all my efforts in the little blue bird and LinkedIn.

  • Thank you sir, i appreciate all your contributions to this industry.

  • phoenix

    i work as an seo and i think tumblr is good social network other than facebook…

    for more click here

  • Social media is good when you already have a strong brand. And before that other channels of traffic are preferable to focus on, in my opinion.

  • My answer is Facebook, Facebook traffic needs my efforts putting on outside of blog.

  • My niche is Interiors/lifestyle and wellbeing/green/environment – and I get most from facebook by miles, followed by pinterest, This is a new blog, starting in May this year (and have already grown facebook to 6000+ ) but agree that it depends on which channel you work on the most, as well as what your audience responds to more. Visual blogs like mine where people want to see pictures respond well to pinterest facebook and instagram (which I am new to and growing so expect to see a rise in people from there too), but my readers are also a group who love community and facebook allows me to build that community with them :)

  • From G+ my website is getting huge ammount of traffic.
    Public Relations Agency

  • SearhEgine+Twitter

  • My niche is Classified adverts for France

    It has to be Twitter for me, but I do put a lot of work into that daily. Google+ seems to be showing up more and more in searches. It like most things in life, the more you put in the more you get out, so it looks as though I need to work on my Facebook page for French Classified.

  • Niche is Underwater Diving (Freediving, Scuba Diving and Spearfishing).

    Best social media source is Facebook across our editorial and forums, interestingly Reddit comes up as a close second on the forums and Twitter a long way down 2nd place on our editorial area.

    We do invest a lot of time in Facebook but am surprised by how little we get from Twitter.

  • Hello All!

    My niche is photography (tips and my work)

    Most of my traffic comes from Facebook, by far.
    My goal is to get more referrals from search engines.

  • For me it’s Pinterest by far. It’s because my graphics are full of content.

  • Oh sorry, and my topic is Style

  • My niche is parenting and family matters. At the moment I get most traffic from Facebook with Twitter not far behind. Sometimes it is reversed too..: google plus had not served any great benefit yet , but then again I am not as active there

  • Thanks for the Post, My Nice about Blogging,
    I sue to get most of the traffic from Facebook, Every one demands and accept Facebook now a days,
    Many features with great media to share the info with others,
    I Prefer Facebook…its great for everyone

    Keep Blogging..!!

  • Happily Blended Blog –
    Niche – Parenting, Positive Lifestyle blog
    Traffic – Pinerest (40%) StumbleUpon (34%)

    Moms Vacation Land Blog –
    Niche – Life In General as a parent and individual person
    Traffic – Pinterest (76%) StumbleUpon (16%)

  • Niche, niche? I have never quite mastered the “niche thing” but I write about all things family related. So a family-lifestyle blog… and I have to say my overwhelming traffic comes from Pinterest… I thought more folks here would say Pinterest, I am surprised in fact. There is very little I do about it, I am active on Pinterest, but don’t very often pin my own work, but my readers must!!! So Pinterest is huge for my traffic… my blog would be a lot smaller than it is without Pinterest.

  • my blog niche is technology and most of the referral traffic comes from Facebook and the second one is Google plus.

  • For me its Facebook and Twitter mainly. This is only because I have worked hard to cultivate a great following that is focused on what I write about!

    Although I do get traffic from G+, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon as well. All of these take time to build up followings with. The hardest one to actually break into has been Stumble Upon as it is mainly for those interested in not learning anything but they want to see something different.

  • Hi everyone!

    Our blog niche is about life, love and relationships. Around this house, you never know what these walls will be talking about! We have the greatest traffic from Facebook, followed by Twitter and Pinterest. Our next focus is on G+, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

  • 1. My niche is entrepreneurs – I help them build customer communities.

    2. I just recently launched a free 5 step guide to building a customer community and so far it has been about a tie between Twitter and Facebook.

  • Great one,
    But particularly I feel, when talking about presenting your post in a number of different formats. The leverage you can get from posting this content in numerous places, in varying formats, is great.

    Plus you can learn what kinds of content work well with which kinds of audience. A great way to laser focus content to the audience you’re trying to capture with that particular post.

  • Thank you !! For actually presenting us with a creative and different list of where to get traffic, instead of the same tired, worn out recommendations. This was an great read and I’ll be sharing and utilizing some of these ideas for sure. Awesome work :)

  • Facebook. Stumbleupon never worked for me.

    Create a facebook page and post funny and interesting stuff. Place your link on each post. That’s it.

  • Let me ask 1 question, how to increase the G+ for niche site? Can you tell me the way how to do it ? Thank you very much

  • I would consider Twitter and Google+ to be on the top. I get most out of these social media sites. However, StumbleUpon cannot be considered as a social media site, rather a social bookmarking site. But it does wonders for my blog.

    Showcasing Independent Fashion and Business in the Chicago area

    1. Facebook
    2. Pinterest – FAR behind Facebook’s numbers

  • 1. Crafts and DIY
    2. Pinterest by a huge margin, then Stumbleupon, then Facebook – although I spend most of my time on FB

  • My niche is nyc, travel and food. My top 3 traffic comes from Google, Pinterest and Bloglovin. I am shocked about bloglovin but it seems to be going well on that site as I do link my posts there. I have about 750 likes on facebook but it doesn’t seem they go to the blog directly to check out my posts.

  • i think facebook give much better then twitter because i get more traffic by facebook

  • While social media plays an important role in sending traffic to your blog, there is no denying the fact that the content of your blog is central to the amount of traffic you get. No doubt Facebook is the biggest source of traffic for most blogs.

  • Nowadays social networking is occupying a prominent position in increasing traffic to any blog. It is understood that clients prefer using facebook, twitter and other local social sites as their preferred social media.
    Even Pinterest is helping sending huge traffic if you image or pins gets votes and likes by real people account.

  • Jawbone Up Blog – Fitness niche

    Definitely Pinterest. Place tons of fit and sexy women and men and traffic will come!

  • I get more traffic from Google and Facebook instead of other social networking sites.


  • nice article i learn many things after read your post. for my website i get more traffic from stumbleupon and facebook. thanks for sharing.

  • SearhEgine + G+.
    Almost from G+, i increase amount of followers and traffics from that.

  • Pinterest!

  • for some nice mind boggling facts about everything to anything in this world

  • 1. Men’s Interests, Product Reviews
    2. Pinterest

  • Hi… i want some traffic on my site also

  • i wish some traffic on my blog too

  • Social Media can send a lot of traffic if you know how to use Social websites in the right way.
    I have used Facebook campaigns to get a lot of fans and a lot of traffic :)

  • For me, the answer is Facebook and 2nd is Twitter.

  • My blog is a tech blog so the best traffic source for me is obviously Google.
    But there are other social media sources that too send me great traffic. Facebook sends me regular traffic while Google Plus comes in at second position with Twitter closely following it.