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DISCUSS: Which Social Network Sends Your Blog the Most Traffic?

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of September 2013 Reader Questions, Social Media 0 Comments

At PBEVENT last week I was having lunch with a group of 5 bloggers from quite different niches and for a few minutes the conversation centred around the topic of which social media sites send us the most traffic.

We went around the circle and shared the top sources of social media traffic for our blogs and it was fascinating to hear how for different blogs and niches the answer changed.

I thought it might make an interesting discussion post here on ProBlogger (and might help some of us to work out where to invest more time into social.

Social media traffic

While traffic isn’t the only benefit of engaging on social – I know for many bloggers it’s a big reason to be engaging in social.

So here are my 2 questions for discussion:

  1. what is your blog’s niche/topic?
  2. what social media site/s sends your blog the most traffic?

Let me quickly answer for my two main blogs:

For Digital Photography School

  1. the niche is obviously ‘photography tips’
  2. The top social media source of traffic last month was clearly Facebook with Pinterest coming in at number 2 (but not even close to what Facebook sent).

For ProBlogger

  1. the niche is ‘blogging tips’
  2. The top social media source of traffic last month was again Facebook – but Twitter came in as a closer 2nd.

Aside: I was actually a little surprised by the result for ProBlogger because last time I checked Twitter was the #1 and I do put more effort into building a presence on the ProBlogger Twitter account than on our Facebook Page (we also have a lot more engagement and larger following numbers on Twitter). It looks like I might need to rethink my focus a little!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. My niche is online marketing (teaching people in corporate America how to leave the rat race)

    The top two social media sites that send the most traffic to my blog are Facebook and Twitter. They seem to flip flop positions every week or so.

  2. In my experience, Facebook has been my best. followed by G+, third is twitter. while other fragments comes from pintress.

  3. For InfoNubia, the niche is African Infotainment

    By far, Facebook my # 1 traffic source
    Twitter comes a distant second.

    I’m working on building my social media presence (especially Twitter) among folks with common interests.

  4. Niche: project management. I think I get most traffic from Google searches but Twitter is the social media site I rely on the most for traffic. Having said that, I don’t actually know for certain – this article has made me realise I should make more effort to regularly check!

  5. Hello Darren, how are you? This topic surely is a great one. For me, my niche is “blogger blogging tips” and my most resourceful social network is Facebook.


  6. Hahah, Darren, I love that you were surprised by the shift in traffic (more importantly, personal attention). But, then again, it is so easy to lose track of that type of thing. On one hand, tracking analytics and metrics aren’t really “keeping the main thing the main thing” so it’s good when we don’t focus on it *too much*. But, there is one unintuitive reason that these types of metrics are important: graphs are just visual representations of people.

    e.g. When I was community architect at Zappos, I left this statement up on every whiteboard I touched:
    “We aren’t trying to get more likes, we’re trying to get more people to like us.”

    In other words, paying attention to the *right* numbers is just another way of saying, I want to pay attention to the people.

    One of my customers were basically ignoring LInkedIn, because “We aren’t a b2b business”. But, looking at their clippPR dashboard, they couldn’t deny the fact that tons of people were engaging with their content on LinkedIn. So, then, it was *easy* to decide to build a strategy in that channel to build relationships with the people there.

    If we care about the people, we have to keep the numbers that represent them in front of us.

  7. Niche: Fresh graduates Jobs and Undergraduates & post graduates scholarships.

    I get the most traffic from Facebook , seconded by twitter .

  8. I’m helping with some basic SEO for my wife’s blog Church & State (niche, politics, religion and society commentary). I started posting her articles to G+, but then added reddit. Reddit quickly became our largest traffic generator. While the blog is still fledgeling in its readership, doubling or tripling your traffic is certainly worth a look.

  9. My blog..

    1. the niche is ‘PLC ( Programmable Logic Control )Trainer’
    2. The top social media source of traffic was Facebook
    Twitter came in as a closer 2nd.
    I’d like make backlink to my blog at my facebook

  10. In my case, sometimes Twitter works way better than anything. Actually, I would say Google+ also doing a great job for my tech blogs but only when I am able to get into the “Hot” recommended section. Otherwise, Twitter is best.

    In the meantime, I have checked that Pinterest is also providing awesome traffic to my fashion blog. It really helps me out in reaching the new community of ladies via Pinterest. :-D

  11. What an informative article, just what I was looking for. Your topic is very practical, indeed useful for my everyday living. I will definitely share this with my colleagues abroad. I’d suggest more variety in your topics so more people can enjoy your website. All the very best!

  12. Twitter definitely is the biggest traffic generator. FaceBook is the next biggest traffic source.


  13. I know that most popular ones are Facebook and twitter. But when it comes to getting a lot of traffic there is no comparison with reddit. I get hundreds of visitors at the same time after posting on reddit.

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