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Comment on a Blog that you’ve never Commented on Before

Building-A-Better-Blog-2Today your task in the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Project is as simple as they come. In fact it’s a tip that gets included in almost every post ever written on how to grow a blog’s traffic – comment on a blog that you’ve never commented on before.

Sometimes as bloggers it is easy to get in a rut both in your writing and in your reading of others blogs.

Go on a blog hunt today to see how many new blogs you can find in your niche. Add to the conversations on these blogs as you surf by adding useful comments and add to your feed reader with their RSS feeds so you can keep following them.

While this tip is another of those tips that we might classify as pretty basic and not that spectacular – many many successful blogs have been built on the back of it.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Great tip. But know one seems to be discussing how to find blogs to comment on in your specific niche. Anyone care to comment?

  2. Visit other sites in your niche and visit their Blogroll and the blogs they link to in posts.

  3. I do this every day. Eric, try browsing blog directories, social networks or why not blog hop?

  4. I am having a blogger of the day linked to every day on my site. If you are looking for a new site to read, I would love if you checked them out. I try to bring huge variety in with the sites I choose. I am blog addicted though and read well over 500 sites daily.

  5. Commenting is also a good way of generating new ideas that you can elaborate on when writing your own blog.

  6. Hi.
    I am totally agree with your statement.Great tips.
    I admit Commenting on blog is a very easy way to drive more traffic on your site.

  7. It’s a very good point, and it is all too easy to get stuck in the rut of reading the same blogs over and over.

    I make a point of asking my readers to nominate some new blogs to me (including their own) so I can find something new. It’s often the person who’s been with me for months, but only lurking, who has the best blog.

    De-lurk! What’s the worst that can happen?

    Additionally, I’m currently asking people to ‘Give me their best shot’, ie let me know what their best post is, and I promise to come read it, and give it a linkback. Hopefully I’ll also find some cool blogs that I can keep returning too as well.

  8. mission complete.
    Thanks for the tip!

  9. Great tip. I have just recently started my blog and am really enjoying leaving comments on other blogs. I do like your 31 days tip and have put on a post it note. You will see me all over the place now.

  10. Thanks, I have been trying to do this by leaving comments on 3 new sites a day. I can’t say I have seen overwhelming success in having them return to my blog, but I am not giving up!

  11. Hi Darren – I just started blogging in the past few days and have been referencing your site extensively. It’s a great resource. I’ve never commented on your site before, so I think it’s a good place to follow the instructions you gave in this post :)

  12. This is a great start for me as a new blogger. I started switching my 2 sites to blog 3 months ago and didn’t get much traffic. This tip will work on me, it is like exchanging link from the blog you commented on and to your site. Let’s see if I get more visits to my site using this tip. Thanks again Darren. I watched your videos on the front page talking about more on blogging and its awesome — you’re the man! Keep it up.

  13. Just when I found this blog I saw the post – comment on a blog you’ve never commented on before – so here it is – my comment on a new blog.
    I think I will follow this blog though, to see what it may offer me for my blogging. Thanks for this site!

  14. I do this when I have free time,,, maybe I have to comment more. Or maybe I have to make more useful comment

  15. Today I found Nate Whitall’s PowerPosts (natewhitall.com) for July. I followed them to see where they lead and what his taste in blogging is. I’m impressed! I subscribed to nearly every one and commented on many.

    Great tip. I schedule this so it isn’t an afterthought, but truly part of my marketing.l

  16. Might as well start off with Problogger. :) Great idea Darren, you may not always get a backlink out of commenting, but you may nab some visitors or even a friend.

  17. Ok then here I am posting on a blog I’ve never posted on before!


  18. How about inviting commenters to come visit your blog and leave a witty comment ?

  19. Darren,

    Do you have a top 10 list for best blogs and best forums to post to?

    Also, do you recommend newsletters still as a traffic means, and is there some kind of blog plugin that auto sends a blog post to subscribers?

    Thanks in advance for the quality tip!

    – Michael Erik, MBA
    Quality Blog Critic
    “The Best Things In Life Are Free”

  20. Michael Erik – which blogs and forums to post to will depend completely upon your blog’s topic. Choose blogs that align with yours topic wise.

    In terms of newsletters – there are a few that will do it. I use Feedburner here at problogger which gives readers an option to get daily updates with my posts in them via email.

    Zookoda (free) and Aweber (costs) offer similar services.

  21. Found blogs on my niche, about scented candles and about burning candles.

  22. I have found posting on new blogs are fun. But so far I haven’t seen any responses from it. Maybe I need to keep doing it.

  23. Good tips, thanx. I’ll start hunting blogs

  24. When i do research for my blogs I make sure to interact with blogs I find interesting… It’s a;ways good to have friends out there :)

  25. Not to take it too far afield, but I think good comment threads are also good fodder for new ideas and new articles on the topic you’re interested in. Maybe an interview idea or two as well.

    Oh! Listen to me! I’ve become a Darrenite.

  26. I agree that commenting on a new blog will make a good impression on the readers as well as the blog owner if the comment is a quality one. Secondly, it helps you make a social network which may be useful if you yourself are a blog owner.

  27. Well, I’m taking your advice and commenting on this blog, on which I have never commented before.

  28. nice tips man!

  29. I do comment on other blogs a lot mostly positive comments and some times criticism.

  30. I always comment on other blogs mostly congratulate them but also some times suggest but rarely criticize. I just don’t comment instead of bad mouthing a blogger

  31. How does one find blogs to comment on? It isn’t easy to google new blogs. It would be helpful to list a way if there is an easy way!


  32. I love comments on my blogs. I feel like it validates some of my writing, and if nothing else, it at least shows me people are reading it. But, I find several of my websites inudated by comment spammers. I feel the least I can do is at least read a blog entry before leaving a comment – but these spammers read nothing. The comments they leave mean nothing and many are strung with hundreds of links along side the nonsense comment. I wish we could hold everyone to a sense of ethical behavior but on the internet, anonymity means no law, no rules. Thanks for allowing me to post. If you’d like to check out my blog and leave a worthy comment, it’s at http://mistresslila.blogspot.com (Adults Only, Please). Sincerely, Mistress Lila

  33. I love comments on my blogs. I feel like it validates some of my writing, and if nothing else, it at least shows me people are reading it. But, I find several of my websites inudated by comment spammers. I feel the least I can do is at least read a blog entry before leaving a comment – but these

  34. Yes, agreed. Blogging can really help and you never know who it reaches and what feedback to expect. There are many avenues out there however, posting on a new blog has multiple benefits!!!

  35. Sometimes – a comment doesn’t amount to jack ripply poo. There is nothing more frustrating that working your tail off on a post to have some wacko send a spam comment!

    The key is to leave real, distinct, unique comments. None of this rolly polly crap!

  36. I’ve been reading these pages for a while now, that’s why i’m back to 2007 posts!!!!

    There’s some awesome information, and a few blog comments here and there just helps people know your there i guess!

  37. I have never beaten the internet. Although I hear the end guy is a bitch. I am willing to bet that there is an endless number of blogs available to comment on. So get your byut out there and get to work.

  38. Hi Darren
    New reader today, never commented here before. I do not worry about follow, nofollow, someone may visit my site, I may or may not get a link back, thats not really why i am here but if I do that is a bonus.

  39. I just read thru the whole post. Yes, it’s very good for you to comment on other’s blog. Nice networking way. However, as @ming says, how to find niche? I got the idea thru google, but need to manually re-check. Could you let me know any method?

  40. I like commenting, although am very new to the idea, I guess if I had a blog I would like to see people say nice and/or constructive things about my blog.

  41. Well, let me start ‘commenting’ here :]] – I’m one of those people who like to read other people’s blogs, laugh, get mad, then move on!

    But now that I have my own blog, I find myself asking the same question other rookie blogger ask – “how can I promote by blog?” – then I stumble on your site :]

    Thank you for the much needed tips!

  42. Hi Darren,

    Thank you for confirming this. As a new blogger, sometimes I do feel timid in posting a comment on an another blog.

    Daniel John

  43. I want to thank you for the sharing, very useful for us, I’m learning blog making so many thanks for gr8 tip.

  44. Great Post, I’m going to do this daily. I’m sure it will help me get ideas for blogs as well.

  45. Great Post. I have been an avid comment poster for links for the last year. I have gotten several thousand. Often while I am commenting I will pick up something to write about also.


  46. Commenting on blogs that we’ve never commented is a very good way of expanding our audience and get our blog or website to become more known among people.

  47. It is very interesting to see the need and power in leaving comments on other blogs. I started doing this way before reading this blog. I do this only if the post makes meaning to me and is really provoking in content.
    I guess I will have to this more often.

  48. Thanks for the advice, I’m going to start commenting more often. Starting with right here!

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