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31st of May 2017 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

How to Personalise Your Blog Like These 10 Top Bloggers

Lots of bloggers seem to do everything right, yet they don’t see much success. They write well-structured posts, they pay attention to SEO, they know the ins and outs of their blogging software … but something’s lacking. That missing “something” can often be personality. It’s the difference between a blog ...more
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19th of April 2017 Ellen Jackson 0 Comments

5 Ways to Write Faster

Running a business is a time suck of epic proportion. Planning, administration, product development, sales, delivery, email, bookkeeping, social media, marketing. It takes time. Throw in a family and you flit from demand to crisis without a moment to reheat that cup of tea you made three hours ago. Your blog post – that important but ...more
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blogging tips from a social entrepreneur
6th of April 2017 Guest Blogger 0 Comments

5 Blogging Tips From A Social Entrepreneur

This is a guest contribution from James Aschehoug. While the modern social entrepreneur may be heavily focused on ideals — whether they be ideological, concrete, or hopefully a mixture of both — it is necessary to use all of the relevant tools and technologies available to help your dream become a ...more
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The One Type Of Blog Post The Will Transform Your Blog Immediately
30th of March 2017 Guest Blogger 0 Comments

The One Type Of Blog Post That Will Transform Your Blog Immediately

This is a guest contribution from Joe Elliott. How hard can it be when you start a new blog, you create crazy amounts of content and then you need to start generating traffic? You bust your butt off to get 20 posts so that you can say you are good ...more
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Irresistible reading: Psychology’s 6 tip guide to great writing | ProBlogger
16th of March 2017 Ellen Jackson 0 Comments

Irresistible Reading: Psychology’s 6-Tip Guide to Great Writing

There is plenty of great advice around for creating compelling blog content. We read it, but knowing something and doing it are two different things. The missing link is often understanding the why. Why is great writing irresistible to your reader? And how to you do more of it? Here’s ...more
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Ten Simple Ways to Improve Any Blog Post in Minutes | ProBlogger
9th of March 2017 Ali Luke 0 Comments

Ten Simple Ways to Improve Any Blog Post in Minutes

Are your blog posts as good as you want them to be? Perhaps you don’t seem to get many comments or shares. Or maybe your recent posts are great, but you feel like your older ones are lacking something. You don’t need to rewrite each post from scratch to improve ...more
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7 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid in 2017 | ProBlogger
7th of March 2017 Jerry Low 0 Comments

7 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

Everybody makes mistakes. This is something that can’t be avoided all of the time. In fact, some of those errors can turn into some of your greatest learning experiences. However, one of the best ways to save time and money in your blogging is to learn from the mistakes of ...more
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Not all editors are the same, so which do you need? on ProBlogger
14th of February 2017 Kelly Exeter 0 Comments

All Editors are Not the Same, so Which do You Need?

A question that frequently comes up in writing and blogging groups I’m part of is: ‘anyone know a good editor?’ This is usually followed by comments of ‘I used this guy once but it was a frustrating process’, or ‘mine was ok, but I’m not sure I’d recommend them.’ I’ve ...more
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You have so many posts to write on your blog every year - but where will those ideas come from? How can we shake up our inspiration? | ProBlogger
8th of February 2017 Ellen Jackson 0 Comments

Where Will Your Great Ideas Come From?

By ProBlogger expert Ellen Jackson of Potential Psychology. I have big plans for 2017, blog-wise and business-wise. I bet you do too. My word for this year is ‘bigger.’ I’m going to think bigger, to play bigger. After a year of hard work and incremental improvement it’s time for a ...more
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