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9 Tips to Help you Post More Frequently On Your Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of September 2021 Writing Content 0 Comments
9 Tips to Help you Post  More Frequently On Your Blog

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Updated post first published Jun 17, 2008 

Letting Your Blog Go #1


Perhaps the fastest way to let your blog go is to stop posting to it. It can happen for many reasons whether it be your life getting busy, suffering from a bout of bloggers block or becoming distracted by another project.

Most bloggers go through one or all of these issues at one point or another and as a result posting frequency can drop, if not stall completely.


The solution is pretty obvious – if you want a vibrant blog – you do need to post to it.

While your archives might contain a lot of great content and people will find them via search engines – if you’re wanting to grow your blog you will only be able to do that if you add fresh content on a regular basis.

I know it’s not easy – all successful bloggers go through patches where it’s challenging to keep things rolling – however if you put your mind to it you can definitely get things back on track. It is never too late to get your blog rolling again!

9 Tips to Get Posting Frequency Higher On Your Blog:

1. Set Goals and Deadlines – If you’ve let your blog go through lack of posting – set yourself some goals this week to pull yourself out of your rut. Don’t be too ambitious – but set yourself some achievable goals to get yourself going again. Perhaps your goal will be simply to post once this next week. The week after ramp it up to twice, the week after aim for three times….

2. Try Something New – one of the tactics that I find most helpful in getting my posting frequency back up is to try something new on my blog. Whether it be tackling a topic I’ve not looked at before, starting some kind of project or competition, starting a series of posts or writing in a different style or voice – sometimes doing something ‘new’ can not only give you energy but your readers also.

3. If you’re suffering from Bloggers Block – I’ve written a series of posts on how to battle bloggers block and have compiled it all into one page here. One of the tips in that series is to try a new blogging environment. I regularly get out of the house to do some blogging (cafes are my favorite place) but really any change can be helpful. If you’re not able to actually take your computer out of the house (you don’t have a laptop) then grab a notebook and head out with that to brainstorm topics, write or do some planning of your blog.

4. If you’re simply feeling apathy towards Blogging – I’ve written a post on Declaring War on Blogger Apathy which has a few practical suggestions on how to get through that challenge. One thing that I mention in that post is to try writing shorter posts. I find that sometimes I get quite uninspired if I set myself the task to write a long post. It all can seem a little overwhelming and a little too much like hard work. So why not break down the topic into something more bite sized? I find that when I do this I can get a post written quite quickly and also find that readers sometimes appreciate something a little more focused and able to be read quickly.

5. Develop a Points System – Last year I posted about a points system that one blogger developed to keep their blogging moving along. While it might not be perfect for you – I like the idea of it and it can easily be adapted to suit your situation.

6. Set Rewards – some people respond well to rewards and incentives (I know I do). Once you’ve set some goals or made your points system – set yourself a few rewards that you’ll give yourself when you reach certain milestones.

7. Find a Blog Buddy – I mention in a couple of the links above about how I find it motivating to work with another person in my blogging. Share your goals with another blogger (or non blogger if you want) and ask them to keep you accountable to them. If you’re looking for a blog buddy you might even like to ‘advertise’ for one in the comments below this post. Pair up with another ProBlogger reader for a week or two and see what you could achieve together.

8. Repurpose Something from Your Daily Life as a Post – a few weeks ago I shared how one great way to come up with new content is to look at something you already do in your daily life and work out how to capture it and repurpose it as a post. Video yourself doing something, record a conversation, use an email interaction etc. So many things that you do each day are potential content for your blog – the key is to be aware of them and find a way to collect and use them.

9. Start Blogging

OK – I could talk about how to get yourself going for paragraphs and paragraphs – but in doing so I’m probably just distracting you from the task at hand. So now it’s time to go and do it. Step away from the distractions that might be stopping you from blogging and go and do it. Go on – I know you can!!!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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