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BlogNetworkWatch Launches

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of October 2005 Blog Networks 0 Comments

Martin has decided to start a blog on Blog Networks over at BlogNetworkWatch. It’s definitely a popular topic at the moment so should be an interesting one to watch.

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  • Thanks for the write-up Darren. Although with my latest post (this is only day one) I think I may have offended Scrivs just a little :-)

  • Scrivs is a big boy and can handle a critique.

    Of course he’s got some good points in his reply to your posts. You do seem to have a way of ruffling a few feathers with some of your statements I’d have to say. I know your statement that ProBlogger was running out of steam made me look twice!

  • Hmmm … okay fair point about ruffling feathers – that’s your opinion, would like to know other instances though. I try to write it like I see it.

    The statement about ProBlogger running out of steam: the day before you launched b5 you posted this – now reading that gave me a certain impression, which I wrote about.

  • Haha, I sure can handle critiques, when they are “critiques”. This was a “Scrivs thinks everyone else sucks” type of post which doesn’t help me out at all with showing me what my flaws are in my article. I saw this more as a gossip spin of things, which is unlike the great article you wrote on your other site Martin covering blog network revenue models.

    But hey, traffic is traffic and links are links right?

  • “…with showing me what my flaws are in my article” should read:

    “…without showing me what my flaws are…”

  • You mean that other “great” article that questions b5 and is positive about 9rules ;-)

  • If you want to put it like that then sure, but that article had your opinion and was truly a critique. If I wanted a blog tabloid I would go read Blogebrity…wait I already do, nevermind. What I am saying is that with your new site you have the opportunity to offer a great outside analysis of this budding mini-industry and the more you stick to making everything insightful, the bigger of a success you will be.

    If you think I am wrong about something please let me know, but just make sure to explain your reasoning instead of painting it a different way. If I couldn’t handle criticism I wouldn’t throw it out myself.

  • I just read through both posts, and I have to say that the piece by Scrivs sounded incredibly civil to me, though it was certainly to-the-point. Not sure where the idea that it was a “mini-attack” came from.

    Just my 2 cents, though.

  • Looks like a blog to watch!


  • Jon

    It is a good idea for blog, and personally I think the gossip angle is a good one – even if you didn’t intend it. If Mr. Scrivs is going to give that much airtime for a couple innocent comments…well pretty soon everyone will be doing it :)

    Don’t see much in the way of earning potential however.

  • This just has me full of questions about this whole network thing…

    What constitutes a blog network anyway? When does having 7 or 8 blogs go from “unhealthy obsession” to the much classier sounding “blog network”? Does a blog network require a network of different bloggers or just a network of different blogs? What if a network of websites isn’t “all blog, all the time”? Does being in a “network” give blogs instant credibility or is it just an SEO and advertising thing? Anybody have a cool name for my “new” network?

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