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Posted By Darren Rowse 14th of May 2005 Blog Networks 0 Comments

Sad news tonight – Paul from the Blog Logic looks like he’s calling it quits with his emerging network due to some pretty full on financial problems.

He’s hoping to raise some cash by selling his blogs (,,,,, and – his starting price is $55,000 ($US) – but I suspect he’ll be willing to negotiate. He does have some conditions (wants to keep the blogs together and ensure Kevin who blogs for him at Turboblogger continues to have a job).

I am saddened by this – Paul was taking a long term view with these blogs and was slowly building up his network but is forced to sell it. Hopefully he’ll find another way or get a decent price for it – either way – all the best Paul.

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  • There are always downs as well as ups. In blogging we’ve become used to the good times. Friday’s report from (I think) MarketWatch that blogging is past its peak, plus warnings not to invest in blogs, take us inveterate bloggers into new territory.

  • tom

    why quit? persistence is the key attribute for long term success.. no matter how difficult things get, persistence will get you through eventually..

    if the reason for quitting is also related to the hosting costs, then I would recommend using a low cost web host that is only 15.00 usd per year for web hosting:



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  • Why quit? Sometimes in life you have no choice. Sometimes you don’t have the time to keep things going. Sometimes you just need money now, not in 2 years time.

    Might I suggest Tom that before offering platitiudes about the “key to success” you take the time to read and find out why he is “quitting” in the first place?

  • Andre

    If you read Arnold Klings book, Under the Radar, he makes mention of Pioneer Time, that period in the beginning before you see any results and may seem to last forever. (And from what I’ve read about your experience Darren you know all about Pioneer Time).

    In 2001 I gave up on my free web hosting business. The .coms had just crashed and I saw no hope for the future. If only I had held onto it for another year or two and I would be smiling today. Adsense would have been my savior.

    Internet Entrepreneurs should do themselves a favour and read the book. Just search for “Under the Radar” at Amazon or wherever. Some of the technical aspects int the book are way out of date but the inspiration and good solid business advice is well worth it.