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Blogger Sells blog for $95,000 and turns a Family Crisis Around

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of November 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

I’ve not really promoted ProBlogger the Book as heavily as I could have here on the ProBlogger blog but every now and again a story hits my inbox from a reader that makes me smile and reminds me that it’s being read by people and helping them to achieve their dreams.

A few weeks I got an email from one of b5media’s bloggers and channel editors – Gayla Baer who told me a story about how after reading the ProBlogger book she managed to sell her blog for over $90,000. What made the story even more inspiring was the hardship that she faced at the time of the sale and how it changed her life.

Today she published the story on her blog.

Now I’m not going to take credit for the sale (Gayla writes a great blog and obviously had built up a property that was attractive to buyers) but it’s a story that reminds me that blogging is changing people’s lives.

PS: Gayla tells me that part of her deal with the buyer of her blog was a clause meaning she can’t say what blog it was or who the buyer was.

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  • JB

    MomGadget really isn’t my cup o’ tea, but congrats to Gayla on her newly published book and for her successes in the world of blogging.

  • So.. when you sell a blog, what exactly does that mean? Are you still the writer for the blog, and “they” just own the name?

  • Well, put me down for a copy. I could stand to sell a blog or two. I’m not a single mom, but a mom of 9. I’d love to be able to share an inspirational story like Gayla’s. ;)

  • I’m a firm believer of what folks now call the Law of Attraction. Perhaps chance isn’t as random as the word would have you think. Tip of the hat for sharing your story with everyone.

  • What is wonderful about blogging is that it is low on set up cost and can even be made as a sideline.

  • so from now and on we must work harder on blog to reach that value

  • dev

    Oh my god , sell a blog and earn $90,000 , 0_0 , hope someday one of my blog also can sell this value

  • Congratulations, guys! After reading this story, I looked up your book on Amazon. You are the top-seller for blogging books. Keep up the good work!

  • Herm, I think that your ebook about problogger might be great as she could prove it..I think I dont want miss a chance to buy the book. ;p

  • I love to read about success stories as these!
    Problogger- your blog is like an addiction; I find myself clicking a story then back to read another that i cannt wait to get to. The #1 sign of great content!

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  • PS- after reading the rest of comments here and visiting websites of people pushing the sale of their site, I find some people are really just “clueless” selling sites for $25,000 w/ alexa rank of 7.5Mil , but remember its a LOW LOW price and it DOES come with 3 posts that are only 3 months old! haha ;)

  • This story goes to show that the Ineternet is LOADED with opportunity, and no matter what anyone has to go through to become a “master internet marketer”, it will be well worth it. I know that MANY of the “master bloggers” who use blogging as a means to create six figure income online…will develope a blog, and then sell it off. It is the same idea that some business owner use in the corporate world.

    To Everyone’s MASSIVE SUCCESS!

    Antonio Easter

  • Inspirational! I quickly headed on over and took a read of her post, I’m so unbelievably happy that she made it though, well done Darren, I hope you sell millions more :)

  • wow thats amazing, it will absolutely inspired most blogger to follow her path but hopefully this doesn’t turn somebody into ‘criminal’ like stealing your story without linking back only to make your blog more valuable

  • I have been reading her blog for a while its truely amazing what has happened and sold the blog ;) Life Changing moments happen on the Internet and will intend to in the future. I also have a blog at

  • Ari Lestariono

    Can anyone tell me where to sell blog and the right place for trading?I am curious about this blog selling.Thanks in advance

  • rabail

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