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Blogger Appreciation Day Rolls On

Posted By Darren Rowse 14th of April 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

On the spur of the moment this morning I declared it Blogger Appreciation day and asked readers to email another blogger to let them know that you appreciate something about them. I also suggested that you could also write a post with your words of appreciation.

Well today has been a pretty amazing day here – not just because I got a couple more nice emails of my own but because of all of the amazing appreciation I’ve witnessed today. Here’s the ‘appreciation posts’ (and those announcing it) that I’ve seen so far. I’m posting them because I appreciate your appreciation.

I’m certain that there are more out there that I’ve not seen – feel free to leave your links in comments below.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks for bringing the list out..
    Lets read and see how many good bloggers are being appreciated by everyone :D

  2. Gee thanks Darren for mentioning my site! Much appreciated and enjoy the rest of the day!

  3. First time commenting here (if I’m not mistaken), want to convey my appreciation to all the bloggers commenting and of course you Darren.

    Have been learning a lot about blogging here, especially from the comment left. Thank you..

  4. Great idea Darren,I like ChrisG’s new world holiday idea!
    Thanks for the link,
    I hope lots of unknown bloggers get appreciated today so they
    can celebrate being part of this wonderful blog world,

    I am off to see what I can invent

  5. Happy blogger appreciation day! I just found your site a couple days ago, but it’s been a great resource for learning. Thanks to your idea, I wrote my own appreciation post. Keep it up, and I look forward to future posts.

  6. I heard about it first on a LinkedIn bloggers listserv and responded here


  7. From next year, this should be a blogger’s holiday :p
    No blog posts to be done this day in 2009, and lets see how the blogosphere goes haha!!!

  8. I wrote the post last night Darren. It was late so I didn’t comment. I just commented on your last post and saw this one.

    I hope you will include Balkhis like always :)


  9. I haven’t sent emails. Instead, I published this post, which I think is a better way to do it, by expressing publicly the appreciation I have for my favorite blogger. Darren included, of course.
    So, thanks again!


  10. I appreciate blogging in general, and the outlet it has given me to express myself. Thanks Darren for all the great tips!

  11. I blog in a vastly different field from you, yet I have found so many valuable tips here and I keep coming back for more. Thank you for your contribution to my blogging pleasure. I have also done a post about Blogger Appreciation Day.

  12. Great Idea Darren. I’ve already posted for the day. I got your feed to late. I post pretty early in the am usually. I do appreciate all the other bloggers out there. It is an awesome community.Thanks for all the great content..

  13. A nice opportunity to convey best wishes to all bloggers for their time spared in making the respective blogs successful.

    Behind every blog there is definitely a great time spared by the authors leaving the family behind and the share of knowledge in respective areas of authors making some other people life some ware on the globe easy and more comfortable.

    Let us cheer up all bloggers.

  14. I love Free Money Finance. The author posts many times per day and always has something of interest. http://www.freemoneyfinance.com/

  15. I would never be blogging if it were not for Reggie Nicolay’s persistence and dedication. Thanks babe! You rock! I’m so addicted…there’s no turning back now. Reggie created and maintains his innovative spirit at…http://www.MyTechOpinion.com! Happy Blog Dedication Day!

  16. Because of Darren I have a blog. He’s my blogging guru who has taught me everything I know!

  17. Great idea Darren!

    One can never learn enough on ones own, which is why I read your blog. But this idea of promoting other bloggers is a great idea and I hope it catches on.

    I have shown my appreciation to the bloggers I read at:

  18. I appreciate your blog! It is very important to my every day process!!

  19. Thank you Darren.
    I read your blog everyday. Great work.
    Below is link to my Appreciation Post, check it out:

  20. I posted announcements ABOUT Appreciation Day on both my blogs (www.chappysmom.com and http://www.punctualityrules.com) and have been spreading some extra comment-love around to my blogging friends today. I still need to write a more-specific post on both blogs, though. I read your post after 11:00 last night and I needed to go to SLEEP, so the quickie announcements were the best I could do at that point (grin).

  21. I wouldn’t miss this great day at all, chetan, amit, darren, shoemoney, juggler :) Thanks to you all via here : http://www.davcheong.com/honor/unofficial-blogger-appreciation-day-a-day-to-remember.htm

  22. hi darren,

    as mention in your other post, please find the link below where i posted the announcement of BLOGGER APPRECIATION DAY. Do include it in your list.


    me going to post thanks to all my favorite bloggers.


  23. Thanks for posting my link! This was a great idea, and congratulations on creating a new “holiday” !!

  24. I’ve updated my post with a round up of all the blogs I’ve found that have taken part so far.


    Feel free to re-publish and add to the list anybody.

    “Linking out is the new linking in!”

  25. To show appreciation I posted a short description and a permanent link to this article that is displayed at the top of my website (above everything else) at http://www.techdata.phinxfx.com

    That link will stay there until 12:00 AM (midnight tonight), or maybe Blogger Appreciation Day should roll on till tomorrow? That would be interesting/cool.

    I also posted this article to Digg. Thats for all of you bloggers, especially Problogger.net who gives great tips and pointers for bloggers.

    Thanks to all you bloggers out there!
    -Mike Lierman

  26. I’m a mommyblogger (I hate that label but I guess the shoe fits). I’m only a few months into the blogging game and your site has helped me tremendously on many occasions. Thank you and much appreciation for you and ProBlogger.

  27. Darren, thanks for this wonderful idea! I loved participating in it. Is there an “unofficial” reader’s appreciation day?? :) I subscribe to the ProBlogger feed, and as a novice blogger, I have enjoyed and benefited from your posts. Thank you!


  28. This is a great idea! As I thought over all the bloggers I admire and who have added to my knowledge and enjoyment, I realized I wanted to write my words of encouragement to a lovely blogger who no long blogs.

    As she has withdrawn from the online community I had to write a post in hopes it will encourage her to return when circumstances in her life again permits.

  29. Hey Darren,

    Thanks for mentioning me on the list.

    Such a great idea for a day of yours.

    Let’s work to make it internationally recognised and official?

    Have a great day.


  30. Great idea, Darren. I always have been reading your blog but hardly have ever been actively commenting.

  31. Great side, enjoying my subscription and thanks for the inspiration.

  32. I made a post about it too. You could check it out at… http://www.pinoyblogero.com/another-late-pinoy-blogosphere-weekend-recap-041408/2008/04/14/

    Happy blogger appreciation day!

  33. I appreciated Steve who wrote the blog software I’m now using at http://mjr.towers.org.uk/writing/reflections/I_Can_t_Dance.html – I tried to send a Pingback to problogger, but the server said the post wasn’t pingback-enabled.

  34. just did a sum up on the post i could find on “Unofficial Blogger’s Appreciation Day” at the following link. Feel free to comment and add to it.


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