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Becoming a Multi-Dimensional Blogger

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of July 2005 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Robert’s latest Corporate Blog Tip (#10) is simple but well worth taking note of:

‘If the only way people know you is through your blog you’ll be seen as a pretty one-dimensional person.

Blogging does have lots of advantages: lots of people can get to know you with a minimal amount of effort. But, when push comes to shove it’s not a way to build a really deep relationship.

There’s a reason why conferences are still very well attended: meeting someone face-to-face still is better than meeting them through a grid of pixels on the screen…’

He goes on to suggest a few ways to add another dimension to your blogging including podcasting, video blogs, hosting dinners, attending industry events etc.

I totally agree with what he’s saying.

I have a suspicion that the more places that your readers bump into you that the more chance you’ll have of making a good impression upon them and showing them that you’re multidimensional and no ordinary blogger.

An example of this is the numerous comments I’ve gotten from readers since starting to allow some of my posts to be republished at Web Pro News. Whilst I don’t get a lot of direct traffic from it, having my posts appear on another reasonably well respected and trafficked site puts my name, face (via a photo) and content in front of more people. Not only is it new people – but sometimes its the same people that see me here – which just reinforces my message.

I know a number of readers who became regular readers of my blog when they realized I was also a regular on Web Pro News. The same story is true after the last article that I featured in on my blogging in a newspaper. People who had previously seen my blog and had never returned came back for a second look (and stayed as regulars) after seeing the article.

So I echo Robert’s thoughts – let yourself enter new and even unexpected spheres.

Like he says this might include conferences or meeting people face to face, but it also might be as simple as a new blog, guest blogging for someone, writing a book or email newsletter, accepting an interview opportunity or letting some of your posts appear on another site from time to time. The more places you show up (in real life and online) the more chances you have to reinforce who you are to potential readers.

About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Darren Rowse you are a brand. I agree that if a reader sees you in other contexts then that will build your brand and your standing with that person. If I see a person stacking shelves and and then bump into them at a blogging conference then my perception of them is going to change.

    The more you are see about with other respected members of the web/niche community the better this will be for you.

    Its all about branding and perception.

  • Hello Darren,

    Interesting. However, the question is: is blogging my primary activity or a satellite activity? I mean, personally, blogging is only a hobby; it is another way to make contact with people of interest. I think it is the same for Robert, because he is in reality a Microsoft Evangelist and his blog is a satellite activity to expend his social network. He does not use his blog to evangelize Microsoft, no, he use it as hobby to extend his social network (and I think that it works really well!). But in your case, it is deferent because you are a pro blogger. So it is sure that blogging is your primary activity and other activities like participating to Gnomedex ,or any other conferences, or hosting blogging diner at your house, will be your satellite activities to expend your blogs’ activity.

    I think that this corporate blog tip depend of what you is your primary activity.



  • Nice summary of my post – wish I’d said it that susinctly Allan.

    Fred – you’re onto something there. It’s an interesting distinction actually.

  • My only point on this is something that I’ve always had to struggle with and thats the balance between myself and the blog as the brand and with the Blog Herald I’ve always gone for the blog itself as the brand as opposed to me personally, where as the opposite is true here at Problogger.

    Whilst it would be nice to meet interesting people and attend conferences its not always possible due to various reasons, time, distance and money (or in my case all three), and whilst I can see the tip making sense its important to also recognise though that blogs don’t have to be personal in their branding to be successful, look at the Weblogs Inc., blogs for example, the branding of the blogs comes before the writers, and although some of the writers are well known many are not, and may not even wish to be so. Success can be built on a relationship of quality and is not dependent on 3D as suggested, quality can build depth in its own right.

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