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b5media Seeking Business Bloggers

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of August 2006 Blog Networks 0 Comments

Just a quick announcement for those of you that are looking for an opportunity to blog as part of an established blog network – and get paid for doing it.

b5media is currently seeking business bloggers to join its new business channel.

We’re open to being pitched ideas for the channel but have a list of suggested topics that might get your juices flowing a little:

  • Giving Back & Community Involvement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Recruiting/Interviewing
  • Venture Capital
  • Taxes
  • Small Business Advertising/Marketing
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Press Releases & Business Writing
  • Law
  • Office space (Leasing, Real Estate, Scouting Property, etc.)
  • Web Hosting
  • Home Businesses
  • Freelancers (Business of, getting clients, etc.)
  • Business of Blogging/Blog Marketing

As Jeremy writes in his post calling for bloggers – we’re more than interested to hear your own ideas for business blogging topics also as it’s a large field with plenty of potential.

Jeremy’s written full details of who b5 is, how we operate, what we’re looking for and how to apply at b5’s home page.

Disclaimer – I’m one of the co-owners of b5 and ProBlogger.net is part of the network.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Interesting move by you guys – a long time coming, but I expected it to come eventually – you’ve given away a decent lead for Know More Media to take a good hold of the business market in a blog network sense.

    Will be watching with keen interest.

    And geez, another bunch of rss feeds I’ll have to subscribe to…

    For a good price I’ll sell ya HomeOfficeVoice.com :-)

  2. Come join us Martin! :-)

    Know More Media and b5 have a good relationship and I’m pretty confident that there’s enough room in the market for all of us – in fact I suspect our bloggers will get along pretty well and we’ll help each other grow.

  3. Darren … really, really thinking about it – I have left a comment over at the b5 announcement post for Jeremy.

    I’m gonna ask my best blog friend, Liz, what she thinks. I think she knows me and I trust her judgement.

    I’ve always liked b5 (esp. cause the Aussie flavour) but always thought: Why aren’t these people doing business? Now you are. Good.

    BTW, are there any guidelines available about what’s expected of a b5 blogger – eg: number of posts etc.,

  4. I have always been curious. I am currently part of a mildly successful blog but when you say, “get paid for doing it”, what are we talking here?



  5. Mark – I think Jeremy talks about this in his post (or in the comments of it) – its a revenue share basis at present. The more the blog earns the more you earn as a blogger. The network looks after design, finding advertisers, a bit of promotion etc and splits the income with the blogger.

    Obviously with this model our bloggers are earnings a wide variety of levels of income depending upon the age of their blogs, their ability to generate traffic etc. In the early days most bloggers are not earning much per month as you’d expect but as things grow so do earnings.

  6. C’mon Martin, we would love to have you!! ;)

  7. Hey Christina – seriously thinking about it, trust me. But then remember, it’s not me choosing to join b5 (it’s like I’m saying I’m already in), I have to apply and be accepted by b5 first.

    Darren – I’m trying to reply to your email (thanks btw) but it keeps bouncing back – might have email/server issues.

  8. Darren – I put the word out to the BlogJolt group (I’m really making an assumption here that you have actually heard about it!!) Maricar, Kerri and Kelly have all been raving about writing for b5media. I know at least one new talented blogger is heading your way… :) Good luck and let me know how I can continue to help.

  9. Darren, what is exactly the benefit for an existing succesful blog to join b5media ? How do you make that a well visited blog gets even more visitors? Thanks for the feedback.

  10. You probably should ask one of the bloggers that have brought blogs in bernard (aaron at technosailor, liz at successful blog or Darren at Geeky Blog are three.

    I guess the main benefits – you appear on the sidebar of 150 or so other blogs. You get to join our community life, we have some expertise and increasing success in finding advertising for blogs etc.

  11. Great news, Darren. Jeremy talks to me on a regular basis and I think Know More Media will appreciate having more b5 blogs that we can network with and converse with. At first glance, you’ve chosen several topics that we do have blogs about, but also several that we haven’t explored yet. It’s a big world and there are more people using the Web every day. I wish you the best with this as you move forward with your fine network.

  12. I have always been curious. I am currently part of a mildly successful blog but when you say, “get paid for doing it”, what are we talking here?



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