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Award for Best Blog Awards – Nominations Open

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of January 2006 Blog Networks 0 Comments


It’s that time of the year when every second day there seems to be a new blog award announced for people to nominate blogs for and then to vote for.

So I thought maybe it was time for someone to run a ‘blog award award’.

I’m going to do it next week – it’ll be kept really simple. There will be one category:

‘The Award for Best Blog Awards’

In order to run such an auspicious award we do need some blog awards to vote on and so I now hereby formally open nominations. What’s your favorite blog awards? It could be a big general one with multiple categories, it could be a small one which focuses on a particular industry. Pretty much anything goes.

When I get back from the weekend I’ll compile a top 10 and we’ll start the voting process. Of course there will be a category for ‘I hate blog awards’ so that those of you who detest them can get it off your chest. Otherwise it’ll be a bit of fun – nothing too serious – if anything we can do it with a bit of tounge in cheek attitude. ;-)

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  1. […] Thankfully Darren Rowse’s Award for Best Blog Awards is a tongue in cheek shot at all the blog awards that are going around lately. I suppose this is something we can look forward to every year along with the copious lists of predictions for the next year. […]

  2. I’d like a “discovery award” category, it’d be given to one of those formally anonymous that succeeded into making a little buzz and have potential to make alot :P


  3. Too funny.

    I did something similar (though a little less tongue in cheek) with automotive awards last month:


  4. The Search Engine Journal’s 2005 Search Blogs Awards :

  5. Convenient of you, Loren…

  6. Bloggies hands down.

  7. Ooooh! Ooooh!
    Vote for MY Blog Awards! LOL
    Does this have anything to do with my inclusion of your Digital Photography blog in our Awards Darren? You must receive many nominations, I presume? ; )


  8. The bloggies are the only game in town.


  9. If I could earn money from all the emails I’ve had regarding blog awards, usually from other bloggers fishing for nominations, I’d make a fortune.

  10. See Anil Dash’s post on how blogging awards work: http://www.dashes.com/anil/2005/12/19/how_blogging_

  11. The fact of the matter is this…..
    When somebody decides to “host” some type of Awards on their site, and puts the voting mechanism there, naturally the traffic is absorbed the most by the host.
    This is simply an innovative marketing ploy in my opinion, as the awards presenting site is counting on others to go out and drum up traffic for them.
    I used this idea myself, and caught lightning in a bottle like I never could have imagined.
    Participants went so far as to get entire classrooms involved by following the voting on their class computers…folks were so tenacious and rabid to get their blog an award that they went as far as putting ads in the newspaper and contacted local writers in their niche to print blurbs.
    Discussion forums starting exploding with “Vote For My Blog” threads that went on for many many pages.
    I had no idea it would work for me THAT well, I really didn’t.
    Is this unethical?
    How could it be considered that? It’s pure marketing genius, to be frank.
    Sure, everyone else gets some traffic by the mere fact that they are being linked to in the voting process, right?
    In the end however, the whole networking concept comes full circle and there are many winners, as it does bring fresh visitors that may not have seen a given blog listed in the awards, and stick it in their favorites.
    Everybody wins.

  12. I like the Bloggies.

    Newspapers & writers have the Pulitzer.
    Peace Activists & Scientists have the Nobel prise
    Television has the Emmies.
    Film has the Oscars.

    A Blog Award is a great idea… but right now the market is saturated with them. In time, I think a definitive blog award will rise above the rest.

    On that day, bloggers should show up for the banquet in our pajamas. :)

    Newspapers and writers have the Pulitzer.
    Peace Activists & Scientists have the Nobel prise
    Television has the Emmies.
    Film has Oscars.

  13. […] Award for Best Blog Awards – Nominations Open: Blog Tips at ProBlogger I nominate the ProBlogger “Award for Best Blog Awards” for inclusion in the ProBlogger “Award for Best Blog Awards” competition. And I don’t see any problem with that. (tags: 2005 awards blogs tounge_in_cheek) […]

  14. […] Ok – time for a little fun. I asked over the weekend for your nominations for the Best Blog Award Award (tounge firmly planted in cheek) and received 9 nominations via comment and email. […]

  15. can i participate with my blog http://world-amazing-facts.blogspot.com

    Please send me your suggestion

  16. This is a decent political blog :)

  17. Most Humourous Blog
    Most EMO Blog

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